WWIII? Is it really going to happen? What are your thoughts on it?


Welp, it seems like this is no longer a figment of imagination. Not after the attack in France at least. I’ve read a few reports on this, and they all agree in one thing: WWIII is coming.

Who though this was possible? Luckily, unlike the last two, there aren’t two “teams” fighting, it’s just one team fighting against a single enemy (They aren’t bad or good, you can define that by yourself.), which means that there’s not going to be the same consequences as in the last ones (I hope).

Anyway, what I really want to ask is your opinion, what do you think about the recent developments there have been concerning this? Do you think WWIII is still a very far away dream, or do you think that it’s going to happen no matter what? Do you think the “team’s” actions are justified, or are they jumping the gun?


Just out of interest what are your sources for WW3 occuring and who is this single enemy?

I’d your talking about ISIS then I guess that is a growing movement that may spark some wars but isn’t a World War, it has very few allies and it’s resorces are minimal. A war against ISIS wouldn’t impact those at home in the UK, USA or China beyond small terror attacks (200 dead is minor on a world war scale - 40,000 died in the blitz). Those living closer to Serbia would unfortunately suffer greatly but this isnt WORLD war, just War.

If your talking about NATO and Russia then that could be different but Ii believe we live in an age where it’s just not profitable to go to war against another superpower. They all have too much invested in eachother


I feel like it depends on what you consider WW3 to be, currently ISIS is already an almost worldwide issue, but it’s basically a whole other kind of war. currently the bigger conflict is probly the online fighting between the group anonymous and ISIS. (and no it’s not just insults or something. anonymous has been finding secret ISIS supporting companies by DDoSing their servers and somehow receiving info from it, then they point them out. however, we don’t exactly know which people are actually ISIS supporters, or just people that anonymous doesn’t like. plus If this continues, ISIS will most likely attempt to retaliate somehow, so it might get interesting.) but currently in real life I think the only reason ISIS is doing so well is because they have the element of surprise, mixed with soldiers who have lots of spirit.

but yeah, basically its less worldwide, and more just highly prioritized and different in a way, or for now at least.


It hasn’t been stated that the war is going to happen, it’s just the common belief after all the countries that have declared war against ISIS.

The definition of World War is when 5 or more countries are in war, something the current conflict with ISIS has.


Yeah, wars aren’t exactly fought in the same way as they did before. But the fact that ISIS is looking for a way to retaliate against Anonymus is something… unexpected, after all, what can they do?


Not a war on a world-wide scale? That’s a misleading name.


That it is, I was shocked when I found out about it, but, before people bring dictionaries to prove me wrong, that’s the definition the ONU has for World War.


Plus most involved against ISIS are not able to combat it effectively. Canada has withdrawn jets and are training troops, which takes time. USA is attacking ISIS but trying not to help Syria’s prime minister, both of which is not working well. Most countries involved in fighting are delayed because of implementation of security measures, and Russia doesn’t have the intel to perform an attack that will do major damage to ISIS.


The conflict against ISIS is, fundamentally, a local rebellion in the Middle East. If the US were to be drawn into it to the point of sending ground troops, then IS would be annihilated in short order - the reason IS is doing so well is because none of the world’s great powers are willing to commit the level of resources needed to destroy them. So no, not WWIII.

A conventional World War III on the scale of the prior World Wars is highly unlikely for the simple reason that there are precisely three countries in the world capable of projecting military force on a worldwide scale: the United States, the United Kingdom and France. These three countries are military allies - hence, will not be fighting each other. Individual brushfire conflicts are likely, but world-scale fighting is not.


The Oxford dictionary states a World war is multiple large countries fighting across different parts of the world.

Wikipedia states something similar but the main theme is that it requires multiple theatres of war occurin similtaniously. If 5 countries all invade 1 state that’s not a world war, that’s a combined effort.

If Africa invaded Spain at the same time to assist IS or America jumped in and grabbed Mexico while everyone was focused on IS then I’d consider it bordering a World war. Until there’s other battles occurring outside of the ISIS region (with military involvement rather than isolated terror attacks) it’s just a war


The closest thing we’ve had to WW3 was the Cold War, which has pretty much ended. The only reason that didn’t lead anywhere was the threat of total atomic annihilation.


NATO vs Russia would be a world war and it’s been reasonably close apparently but similar to the cold war the loss to all those involved would never make it worth the effort. The superpowers that exist only exist because they won the last world war, why risk a 2nd with nothing further to gain.


You see? I knew people would bring dictionaries! The definition I gave is the one ONU uses, as I stated above. Sorry for the confusion.

Because the human race is stupid. We’re constructing a path of self annihilation just because of the pragmatic choices of a powerful few and the bliss ignorance of the majority.


well to be fair, I’m just assuming that ISIS wants to do something, there haven’t been any forms of announcements about it as far as I know of. but considering that ISIS is also a worldwide organization, they might find a way easier than it seems…


NATO vs. Russia would not be a world war. Russia no longer has the capability to operate on that sort of scale.


If I remember right, there was an entire war over a farm of goats once (I forget where exactly but I wanna say it was in Australia(?)). So yeah, people don’t always think smart about consequences.


There was a war declared over a pig.

Of course, the soldiers on the ground completely refused to fight.


Apologies, I misread that post as “people bring dictionary’s”.

I would be interested in reading the UNO definition though, im stuggling to locate it and it seems a little too open of a definition. The world is constantly in a state of world war if that’s the case, theres currently at least 9 major conflicts going on involving around 18 different countries before you even include the war on ISIS.


Maybe that’s what I was thinking of, either way, wars aren’t always made for smart reasons


True, but wars between big countries are either due to a clash of cultures or a bid for power. We don’t have one king sitting on the throne declaring war on those who look at him funny.

There’s too much beurocracy to let a war occur because they took our sheep, it has to have built up over lots of things and as it does its way easier to send a bunch of people to go talk it out that it is to explain why your tanks are crossing the boarder to the rest of the world.

It’s easy if your small, no ones watching you as closely. But the big countries are constantly monitored by each other to ensure no one is getting too upset.


War in the Middle East with Western Powers heavily involved is certainly something to expect in the future, but a World War is significantly less likely.

For one, Daesh is almost universally hated around the world. They have no major allies anywhere, and one terror group being attacked by a joint West-Middle East force is not a World War, it’s basically a cleanup.

Two, the major powers that would be behind any world war are the EU, US, China, and Russia. While Russia and the US aren’t exactly best friends, we are nowhere near even returning to Cold War status. China is around, but they are at least decades from being willing to be the major power of a world war on their own.

In short, we’ll go back to Iraq, fix our mistakes, and that’s that. It won’t be a world war.