WW2: The Air War roleplay


Thanks to @RRR for the idea.

Name: Ryan Campbell
Callsign: Pappa Wolf, Wolf 1, Wolf Lead
Rank: Liutenant
Plane(Must be a fighter): P-51D Mustang
(All people who join this are joining Ryan’s squad known as wolf squad)


Name: Dutch o’connor
callsign: red wolf, wolf 2
age: 23
Rank: Pilot Officer
plane: Hawker Tempest V
from Britain but was assigned to wolf squad.


(Beautiful plane @paul)


salute’s ,sir




“at ease”(lets wait till we have at least 5 people)


Name:Aedan Marshall
Callsign: Wolf 3
Age: 20
Rank: 2nd LT
Plane: P-51D Mustang


(what year is this and were are we?)


(Year is 1944, we’re in germany)


sounds good


2 more people and we can start


Name:Simon Grey
Callsign:knight 6
Plane:F4U corsair


It’s 1944, a week before D-day. pilots are being transfered to help take part in the invasion. Ryan Campbell is awaiting the arrival of his new squad members


Name:Joey “Fender” Marston
Callsign:Fox 5
Plane:P-47 Thunderbolt


(alright we’ve got enough people to start, on your go)


Lt. Campbell stands just off the airfield as the C-47 carrying his new pilots comes into view and decends for landing


Lt.Simon steps out the C-47 glad to be out of the cramped plane full of his new squadmates, Hoping that they had gotten his F4U corsair "Knight"to the airbase without a scratch


*watches him get off before adjusig his sunglasses* “Lt. Simon Grey”


“You must be my new squadmate,Campbell I think they said your name was?”


“Ryan Campbell, leader of Wolf Squadron, at your service”