ww2 roleplay


First, make your soldier. This needs to be in the description of your character-
Rank: (Enlisted for most; officer if I know you well and you contribute to the RP)
Weapon: (Must be WW2 era)
I will approve of your character and if I see that you contribute to the RP, you will rise the ranks quickly.
Ok, my character is-
Name: Christian Garcia
Rank: Captain
Weapon: Tommy gun


Do we have to pick a side?If so I pick my father land(germany)


Ummmm…to lessen complications, I think we’ll stick to the U.S.


Ok then atleast I will not be call a nazety(yes I know that is spelled wrong)


Are you gonna RP?


Why ww2 why not ww1


Name:Alexander Grace
Weapon:Tommy Gun
Side-arm:colt pistol


I am more familer with WW2
@Azreal Accepted.


@rrr Thank you Sir
So will we be waiting for more soldiers or will we keep going as more come along?


I might but I might not(First I need to look up WW2 Weapons-and for anyone that is going to ask why people think I hate jews it is becouse I am german(Not everyone is smart))


Name:Simon Grey
weapon:M1 garand
side arm:Colt M1911


Ok if I am going to play I will still be german and also I will have a german gun(as soon as I find one)


When are we starting(D day or something like that)?


@TwilightSamurai Approved.
@Zach Yup. Omaha Beach. Let’s wait for more recruits.


Its going to get confusing if we have too many people on too many different sides and roles


There is only one side which is the U.S.


USA. That’s all.


Can we have a backround?


You can talk about your backround during slow times, like resting or eating when you talk to other soldiers.


Name:Abelard Bahlsen
Sidearm:The “broomhandle” C96
Main arm:The Gewehr 1898 rifle