WW2 Armored Warfare - Demo Testing

@AllenGies, a few things to report:

  1. An error when trading with Sgt. Ray: if our rations are C-rations, and we have enough invasion script, we can’t purchase anything else?

  2. At the end of Chapter 5, when looting the Panzer, we should only get one option, right? Because if we choose the option to get the German rations, we may also select the options to get radio parts or the manual; but if we choose the option to get the radio parts or the manual, then we can’t select anything else.

  3. I found an error in Chapter 1, when trading with Abdallah: only the option “Swap K-rations for fresh food.” changes the rations to fresh food. The other options, the ones which we can tell Lt. Knox later, don’t change our rations.

  4. I’m not sure if this is part of the plot or story, but what’s the connection between Nelson and wine? I noticed that whenever we get a bottle of wine, it seems as if it goes to Nelson?

  5. I found this bug while stealing a gyrostabilizer from the British:

Alone, you feel a wave of relief sweep through you. It doesn’t take long to gather up your loot. Alone, more or less, you feel a wave of relief sweep through you. It doesn’t take long for the two of you to gather up your loot.

My MC was alone during this, so the bolded text shouldn’t appear.

  1. At the crossroads, I noticed that if we don’t choose to report to Lt. Driscoll, we get the scene where we report to him regardless; however, after this, we can still choose to report to him, and the MC and Driscoll act like they haven’t met each other. The option to report to whoever is in charge should be removed, in this case.

  2. Since the MC may be awarded medals and decorations, I don’t suppose having a high level of Baume trust would have the French government award the MC (or maybe our tank crew as a whole) with a decoration?


  1. The text in this scene is confusing. This is the scene in Chapter 5, where the MC makes it to Chuigui Pass in time and becomes part of the flanking force. I selected the option for the crew to eat their K-rations:

Owens opens a tin reluctantly and, after a brief sniff, let’s it rest a moment. Apparently hunger isn’t high on his list.

“Hey, tomorrow’s Thanksgiving,” Owens says between bites. “Think they’ll be turkey, sarge?”

The text here is confusing: Owens seems to not eat, but then he eats?

  1. May I suggest that, if we have the desert camouflage, this be reflected in the stats? Something like, “Desert camouflage: Enabled.”?

That’s a good list. I’ll check it twice and find out where I’ve been naughty. That’ll be nice.

Hmm. You’ve spotted several subtle errors too. Well done.


I hoped that in the future we acn get a chance of changing to a different tank. like sherman or m10 because we lack fire power to penetrate the armor of the tank so far.

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The Sherman would certainly be a consideration. It’s versatile and powerful, but not overwhelmingly so. There is a lot of trouble, good and bad, that a player could get up to in one of those. :slight_smile:


it would be funny if we can hi-jack a german tank and used it. a lot of officer would probably be pretty mad about that hahaha


Maybe having the Player Character using the Sherman can be combine with the idea of being forced to sell war bonds back home. If they too good with their job then they will be brought back home for PR purpose. When the war become worse and the country need more manpower their CO would ask if the player characters like to come back to the battlefield or not. If they decided to return then they will be issued with the new tank and possibly a new crew member


Though my mc would at least try to bring his boys back.

Hope there is more to the career stat than that. One of the blurbs seems to imply the possibility of a battlefield commission.


The MC would still have his boys back, i meant a new crew member that came along with the Sherman, as an M3 stuart tank only need 4 crew members, while a Sherman need 5 member to operate it


Give them an M10.

Then give them six straight weeks of Italian rain.


Noticed a double “their” right at the beginning:

Also, this weird gap:

Uncapitalized names:
This code:


Those are definitely some bugs. Thank you for taking the time to note and relate them. I try to hunt for word doubling, but the code sometimes defeats that. Will looking into all of it, of course.

@sassy_brah - Having the PC come back from selling War Bonds would be a good way to kick off a sequel. Or at least provide the option of doing so for players. It’d be a little like John Basilone, who earned the Medal of Honor on Guadalcanal, had to do the War Bond thing, and then insisted on returning to active combat for the invasion of Iwo Jima. So, a good idea that I’ll write down.

@Cataphrak - They are certainly going to get a period of North African mud. And it really isn’t any more tolerable in a Stuart than an M10. :slight_smile: