WW2 Armored Warfare - Demo Testing

Most of it is headcanon anyway, but it is more that a gay guy in that era would be guarded too, which only really means my mc is unlikely to volunteer much details, which in this case just makes him as unlikely to “open up” as the rest of them, so in that way I guess he fits in perfectly with the rest of the crew.
But, again, as long as there is the choice for gay mc’s in particular to be justifiably guarded and redirect or deflect any girl talk in particular I’d be happy.

I do suppose that his life experiences, in my headcanon, do make my mc here more fond of looking forward than back and that would be reflected in what he asks the boys about in that he would be much more likely to asks them about hopes, dreams, desires, aspirations or ambition for their future than delve deep into their pasts. :thinking:

Well…I suppose that is where the “career” stat might come in handy, eh? :sweat_smile:

@AllenGies, got some stuff to report:

  1. A bug: after we gain control of the control tower, we select two of the three choices: cannibalize the wrecked M3A1 Stuart, repair our tank, or search the French tower. Choosing to repair the tank as your second choice does not advance time; you can still select to repair your tank (which still doesn’t advance time) or you the other option you didn’t select at first.

  2. In upgrading the radio, could we get the option to send transmissions right away? I had a playthrough with a single radio part, and I think the ability to send transmissions is more valuable than the others (also, I find it strange if, for example, aircraft can send us messages but we can’t reply. That would make requesting air support challenging). Here’s a screenshot of the available options:

  1. When trading medical supplies, I had the option to purchase the company medical kit even if I have 0 invasion script. (my current medical supply is the standard tank kit). Here’s a screenshot:

I was able to buy that, and Sgt. Ray acts normally. I think this is a bug, and this scene shouldn’t happen.

  1. When making trades, we can only ask our fellow crew members for their invasion script once, right? Because I selected the option to make trades, and asked the crew to pool scripts, then I spent it all; then, I reported to Lt. Driscoll, and I was able to ask the crew to pool scripts again.

  2. In our rations, do French rations also refer to actual, fresh food (like what Abdallah sells)? I traded K rations with him, and the stats page show me French rations now.

I think I may be overthinking this, but Abdallah sells eggs, chicken meat, and camel meat, right? Because after I traded with him, the text says this:

Dinner is a delicious assortment courtesy of the French. Relatively fresh bread, doughty sausages, dried lentils and a bit of rice that Nelson takes to cooking with gusto. The only questionable item is a can of ‘Madagascar’ meat. ‘Monkey meat’, Owens suggests and by common acclaim, the can remains unopened.

  1. I got this text just before we moved out with Driscoll’s platoon:

However, there is one bright spot. A private slips you a report that lists suspected German units in and around Tunis. There’s a lot of tanks, most of them labeled medium but some are indicated to be ‘heavy’.

My MC did not ask for a report of German tanks.

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@NJG That is some fine playtesting work. Wow.

  1. Yep, didn’t advance time on properly there.

  2. Lowered the entry cost on sending transmissions. It was two parts, but now it is one.

As an aside note on send/receive capability; yeah, it was strange to read the accounts and flip through the manuals concerning the radios of that era and find that most sets could not transmit. Or that the frequencies were so limited. There thinking was that, firstly, it was expensive to equip every tank with it. Secondly, undisciplined units would jam up the channels with chatter. Thirdly, that crews would have to undertake additional training for maintaining the expanded units and using the radio. Fourthly, well, you get the idea.

So, a tank unit couldn’t radio an infantry platoon or company directly. Only forward observers could contact airplanes and that was later in the war. Usually you’d have to send a message to battalion and battalion might be able to contact the tank units. If not, they’d send to regiment or try the armored force’s HQ, which would then send a message back down to the tank platoon.

It was worse with the Army Air-Force, and a lot worse with the American navy (To say nothing of the British radio nets).

Which tells me that we need at least one scene where the crew bitches about what you just indicated, that the radio situation sucks.

  1. Medical supplies. Yep, totally didn’t attach a script minimum to that. Good catch.

  2. Excellent catch here too. Yes, I forgot the needed divert here to lock out the first-time-through gosub.

  3. Yep, I coded in two “french_rations” variables by accident. This has since been corrected.

  4. Another good catch. Accidentally set the variable check to =0 rather than =1.

Thanks again for this hard work. That’s six I missed and might not have caught those until the second or third edit, if at all. :slight_smile:


If you’re interested I can help you with Casablanca
I’m Moroccan
And also a quick note in WW2 Casablanca wasn’t really called that, most of the inhabitants called it Anfa under the protectorate of France

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The pleasure’s mine; it was enjoyable playing through the game (to clarify: I’m not saying war is enjoyable, but rather I like how we can do a lot of things and how there’s different ways/choices to follow your orders and to get tank equipment and how each of us has unique skills).

That was informative, on the radio. Thank you. Standard doctrine on the radio would make it difficult to coordinate with nearby units (like how, when attacking the airfield with Driscoll, nobody noticed if you put up signal flags).

As for the crew bitching on the radio, maybe it could be in the optional technical scene? Maybe Nelson could explain it there? (This is subjective, but I love that scene. It tells the players about the tank and its equipment. That was also where I began to actively be on the lookout for tank gear; that scene makes you realize that while the M3 Stuart is good, you could always look for things to make it better).

Alternatively, how about the scene where the bomber crashes, just before we decide to investigate or not? Maybe the MC could lament how it would be nice to have air support, then Nelson would explain how the radio can’t do that and needs upgrades first?

On to more feedback:

  1. My tank ran out of gas after destroying the FT17, and the MC and the crew abandoned the tank. Then an R35 and Lt. Knox’s tank killed each other. Did we recover our tank? Because on the next chapter, there was not really a mention of the MC getting a new tank. And our stats carry over.

  2. Not sure if this is a bug, but if the MC gets wounded in the first chapter, we don’t heal up in time for the second chapter. Our health is still reduced; but any wounded crew gets back to perfect health.

  3. If your tank gets destroyed in the first chapter, the stats show “Tank: Destroyed,” yet in the next chapter, even if we get a new tank, our stats still show it to be destroyed.

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@Adil_Saidi - Definitely interested in what you know. Will send a personal message. Thanks.


@NJG - Those are some interesting ideas. Bringing up the subject organically at the bomber site would certainly fit. In fact, it makes a good prelude to upgrading the radio.

The three bugs you indicated were all excellent ones that needed attention. My attempts to playthrough have been more focused on tempo and text over detailed content. All too easy for me to miss a variable or two. Sigh. :slight_smile:


Where can I find the update log for this WIP if any at all? Thanks in advance

I have no idea what I’m doing, but I like it

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