WW2 Armored Warfare - Demo Testing

Chapter four was great! I enjoyed the crossroads and having so many different options, since it was a interesting contrast to the previous chapters where the MC was scavenging for supplies. I also liked Lt. Driscoll – my MC has gotten along well with the others, so it was fun to interact with a character with a more belligerent personality. What I really loved, though, was facing the Panzer – I knew it was a bad idea to confront it directly from the start, and the rising tension from Owen’s shock, Staudenmaier’s conversation, and then Nelson being wounded added to the sense that this wasn’t going to end well. Baume owes the crew after this!

There were two things that was confusing, though – one was the invasion script, since there was no way to tell how much I had. The second was that the Driscoll intro scene occurred twice. The first time it happened, I went to ask about something for the tank and didn’t have enough to buy anything, and it acted as though I had decided to stop shopping entirely instead of returning to the first set of questions. The second time I had listened to the gossip and then the Driscoll scene happened again.


Chapter One
“Real low on gas, Fine on ammo.”
“Fine” should be lowercase.

Sadly, my ‘Principale’ did not survive, You must know this."
“You” should be lowercase.

Chapter Three
The Ironsides was never in good shape, though it is unlikely to stay that way.
You may want to reword this sentence, since it reads as if the tank will be repaired during the fight instead of being further damaged.

Chapter Four
This is when the MC is listening to the gossip – it should be capitalized.

I’m Ray. Sergeant in charge of the damn crossroads,
There are a few cases where it says “Ray”, but elsewhere it says “Raymond”. If Ray is just a nickname for Raymond, then the only time the MC is told that is his name is when Driscoll brings it up – and if Driscoll is met after Raymond, there’s no way for the MC to know that while speaking to Raymond.

“I’m Lieutenant Drisocole,” he says, holding up a hand to interrupt.
There are a few cases where it says “Drisocole”, but elsewhere it says “Driscoll”.

Is this going to take long?"
Add a quotation mark at the beginning.

"It must be done.
Add a quotation mark at the end.

This is war, Lt. Staudenmaier says.
Add a quotation mark after “war”.

Stats Screen
(Story stars enabled); (Numeric stars enabled)
Are “stars” supposed to be “stats” here?

When enabling the numeric stats, (Numeric stars enabled) is on the same line as the Sergeant’s name – perhaps add a line of space after *label stat_and_name.

Once the player switches to story stats, the main stats page will always open with story stats even after the player then chooses to return to numeric. Meaning if the player chooses the option to return to numeric, the stats will initially show as numbers – but if they go to the review pages or return to the game, the main stats page will then be back to story stats and the last option will be “Change the statistics to a story-based format”. I think this is because of *if stat_choice <2 while the numeric option sets it to 2.

Looking forward to chapter five! :relaxed:

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Hey @AllenGies save features are not working.

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@expectedoperator - Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. Your critique was very helpful too. The typos you so masterfully pointed out (Your set up made it very easy to track them down) have been fixed and I’ll look into what to do with the invasion script… probably with the periodic entry of #Check how much script I have.

Driscoll’s repeating scene will take a little more work, but it too will eventually be resolved.

The story to numeric stat issue was exactly where you noted, and it has been overlooked for a long time. Feels good to resolve that.

Work on Chapter 5 continues!

@Empress_Nightmare - Whoops. Yeah, the save feature has to be hidden in order to test the program and it wasn’t cleared before upload. My mistake. Fixed with latest upload. Hope it didn’t cause too much of a problem. How far did you play before it became an issue?


Nice to see an update!

General Comments

I might have missed some of it in earlier playthroughs (or just forgot about it since), but this time around I felt the earlier chapters were a bit more fleshed out for the better, especially in C1 where you can establish your opinion of the French, and the variations in the Casablanca attack depending on which lieutenant’s involved, which adds a bit to replayability. There also seemed to be a few more choices too where you could think about the war, which was nice.

I didn’t have the time to comment for the previous build, but I liked the encounter with the Italian infantry in that version (not only because I had a role in suggesting it!). It was quite tense and made a change compared to the previous fights, and also filled out the chapter a bit. However in this build I can’t trigger it no matter what (see below).

Chapter 4 seems very promising, but it also seems quite buggy. There are things that don’t seem to trigger properly which leads to a rather disjointed experience particularly in the earlier hub scene which gave us a proper look at army life outside of combat. For instance, I can’t report to whoever’s in charge and get rid of my prisoners, I can’t meet Driscoll, and I don’t know what “Blade Force” is as that’s not explained. The game’s very complex and branching, and it seems like Chapter 4’s the most complex of the lot. It works as it is, but the bugs are a bit hard to ignore.

I liked the engagement at the farmhouse. I couldn’t get the assault gun there – I don’t know if it’s actually possible to kill it – but it certainly left me with a sense of frustration. Sure they could have mortared it and gone in, but I think that gets across the reality of combat, that everything always won’t go your way even if you’ve had a smooth run so far. And it also shows that the Italians aren’t just walk overs, which is a bonus.

The airfield fight was a nice foil to that: where the Italians can’t be moved, the Germans are simply overrun with ease, but of course there’s the Panzer III to deal with at the end of the chapter. Kind of hope Staudenmeier becomes an antagonist. Perhaps a bit stereotypical being a bombastic German tank commander but hey, it adds some more emotional attachment to fighting beside trying to get yourself and your crew out alive.

But what Baume’s looking for is the most intriguing part of the chapter. Given the Ju 52s and the location, I’m guessing it’s gold reserves? I faintly recall some of the French or Belgian gold reserves being diverted to Dakar, so it’s part of that? It would certainly explain the letter by Ike. That said, I think it’s entirely possible that the letter is actually be a forgery. Certainly, whoever gets hold of what Baume’s looking for – especially if it is French gold reserves – would become very influential indeed. Henri Giraud seems like the most plausible candidate, though in that instance the letter from Ike could still be genuine, given that the Americans seemed to like him over De Gaulle.

And of course, if it turns out to be gold, it would be rather interesting if the PC got an opportunity to pocket a few bars for themselves…

Bugs and Typos

Chapter 1

Around a bend you spy an attack already underway, four tanks and at least a company of infantry advancing against stern resistance.

He pats your tank affectionately, then clambers down and hurries off to a knot of men struggling to set up a machine gun. The tank commanders scramble aboard their vehicles and clamber into the cupolas.

Continuity error. If you arrive late to the attack on the fire control centre due to helping out the infantry, it says that the attack is already underway. However, it’s later mentioned that the tanks are only getting underway after you’ve arrived.

I also looked at the code – the option “Listen to the radio to determine if Colonel Wilbur has issued any orders.” has a *disable_reuse, so the variants which are coded to appear if you repeatedly listen to the radio don’t show up.

The medics, their white armbands crossed by red, as they set to work while greasy black disperses into a gray haze above the battlefield.

Grammatically incorrect?

“You Lieutenant Stern?”

If the PC has no gas and suggests siphoning the fuel out of the other tanks, Knox doesn’t tell them about Stern, so the PC shouldn’t know of Stern to ask this question.

Chapter 3

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not, but I got Piazza as my mechanic even though Nelson survived Casablanca. I still got “Nelson sleeps beneath the tank, happy enough to be dry and out of the rain” so he’s around apparently. It feels like a bug – is it intentional?

Taking a look at the code, it looks like there’s a *if mechanic_status = “okay” which leads to the above text. Then there’s a *if mechanic_status = “wounded” and an *else, the *else introducing Piazza. If it is a bug, is the *if mechanic_status = “wounded” meant to be an *elseif?

hey are Triallers, riflemen from Morocco

Tirailleurs? Of the Tirailleurs Marocains, I’m guessing?

The survivors are all staring your way when Sergeant Baume’s men surge out of cover and surround them. They offer no resistence. It doesn’t seem like they’re even armed.

no resistance

You call out the range. Close.

Mendoza has already lined up the shot. He pulls the trigger. The cannon cracks out. The enemy erupts in smoke, then flame. Burning figures spill out the back and fall to the ground, rolling in agony until, mercifully, they stop. The accompanying trucks wisely reverse and motor off, the sound of their engines diminishing until the steady crackle of flames from the assault gun takes over.

With nothing more to accomplish, you order Owens to head out.

Suddenly there is a gray ribbon of road ahead. The treads bite in and you clatter right along.

A thump on the turret draws your attention.

“Well done, my friend,” Sergeant Baume says as he leans against the cupola machine gun. With a practiced flick of fingers, he offers you a cigarette from a badly crumple pack. With the tank in motion, lighting up for either of you will have to wait though. “Except for leaving the bomber, but no one is perfect. Indeed, I am happy that this is one less foe, and one more step to liberation.”

I got this. I drove to the bomber, right up to it and gave first aid to the Luftwaffe pilot and scavenged the bomber for padding. Afterwards, I then decided to fight and looked for a hiding spot. I then took aim instead of firing. The text implies that I didn’t go the bomber crash site?

Also, no matter what, I can’t get the Italian infantry to show up no matter how I play, including hitting it with the first shot and letting it hit me in turn. In the previous version I think it triggered when I hit and killed it with the first round.

Chapter 4

with a soft kick, you have Owens bring the Sugar Pie to a halt. The moment the treads cease to clatter, a sergeant carrying a crate under his arm approaches.

Missing capitalisation for With a soft kick

Report to whoever is in charge

This didn’t trigger a scene with whoever’s in charge for me. I got the scene which begins “As you prepare to set out” about the script, but when that finishes it drops you back at the hub. If you don’t do this, it also seems like you have zero script to play with.

Go gambling. Toss dice.

"Back again?" Sergeant Hawser says to you with a raised eyebrow. “Hope you’ve got more than a few bits to rub together this time.”

I got this when going gambling as the first option at the C4 hub despite it being the first option.

You give the order and Owens accelerates through the plane wreckage and maneuvers the %!{tank_nickname} beyond the airbase perimeter.

%!{tank_nickname} appears in the text

Looking forward to more!


@Thfphen110 - Good comments, good critique.

There are, and hopefully will be, more fleshing out of the characters involved. Especially the crew. But Baume and Driscoll will have their time too.

Chapter 4 is indeed buggy, but less so after fixing what you noted. The Italian Assault Gun is indeed unkillable at present, mainly because it will withdraw rather than face defeat. The only question is when and how much damage it does. (This is based on a historical action)

And yes, Staudenmeier will be a recurring antagonist. And yes, he sounds a little bombastic over the radio, but that’s partly because he’s German, driving an impressive tank, and trying to scare the PC into leaving.

The reference to gold you make in regards to Baume’s mission is interesting. The Dakar mission had slipped my mind, but now that you mention it… And yes, the letter could be a forgery. Always possible, and that possibility will be in doubt until resolved later.

Could the PC pocket a bar or two of gold? Other spoils of war? Yeah, I like the sound of that. Will use it later.

The Typos you indicated were excellent to fix. Especially the Chapter 3 bug where, if Nelson didn’t get a bottle of wine, he’d automatically be replaced by Piazza. Funny, but not what was wanted.

Especially true was how the misuse of the *disable_reuse command and *allow_reuse in the programming is now resolved. Will use *hide_reuse instead so that some choices will be revealed when called for. Thank you very much for pointing out this flaw in my coding. This has probably been going on for a long time and would continue to do so if not for you.

And yes, the Italian Infantry only shows up if the Italian Assault gun is killed quickly. That’s by design. Exceptional work reveals special rewards. Also, the pacing remains steady. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply!

The thing is, I think there’s an error in the scripting such that it’s impossible to get the Italian infantry even if you ambush-kill the Italian assault gun with the opening attack, at least in the build I did.

Looking at the code

When you fire first at the assault gun (#Open fire on that Italian assault gun.), there’s a:

*gosub you_fire_at_assault_gun

Under *label you_fire_at_the_assault_gun, if you pass the check and kill the assault gun (*if take_the_shot >3) there is the following command:

*goto chapter_three_the_downed_bomber_complete_wrap_up

The label chapter_three_the_downed_bomber_complete_wrap_up is after the check for the Italian infantry:

*label the_downed_bomber_intercept_the_italians_the_duel_victory
*set killed_the_italian_assault_gun_chapter_3 "yes"
*if prisoners_downed_bomber != "not_killed"
	*gosub the_skirmish_with_the_italian_infantry
*comment start here. Fix this. If you killed thetrucks, no trucks.
The accompanying trucks wisely reverse and motor off, the sound of their engines diminishing until the steady crackle of flames from the assault gun takes over.

*if prisoners_downed_bomber = "not_met"
	With the threat dispatched, you order $!{current_driver} to head to the downed bomber.
	*goto the_downed_bomber_prisoners
	With nothing more to accomplish, you order $!{current_driver} to head out.
	*goto the_downed_bomber_intercept_the_italians_you_fight_wrap_up

*label the_downed_bomber_intercept_the_italians_you_fight_wrap_up
*goto chapter_three_the_downed_bomber_complete_wrap_up

*label chapter_three_the_downed_bomber_complete_wrap_up

Of course I could just be misunderstanding!

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@Thfphen110 - You understand quite well. Thank you for pointing out the error.

The infantry encounter was added on after the chapter was finished and that shows. At some point the writing will need another editing pass to check for this, that is just how things are, but this is now one less issue to deal with. :slight_smile:

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Is there any way to actually loot the bomber at present, if you win against the Italians? I was hoping for at least some radio parts and a pilfered souvenir possibly from the German crew’s personal stuff…you know compensation for saving their lives. That’s assuming the French don’t beat us to it, though they would have less use for the radio parts.

We could also destroy the wreck at our leisure if we are victorious, so no more berating by the French that we left the bomber wreckage too intact. :unamused:

Flat out. Got there a bit before the Italians, but that time is apparently spent just bandaging up the German officer. Do you need to let him die to loot? Kinda seems silly since he’s probably just a kid too.
Anyway, like I said drove the Italians off, immediate threat past, so logically we should be able to get back to looting the bomber and then destroying the wreck.

About the German prisoners, are they taken off our hands at Driscoll’s outpost? Because I don’t think I saw a mention of them being taken or us delivering them to the MP’s.
I mean if I go to all that trouble to save that German officer kid I’d want to at least see that he makes it to the (prison) infirmary.

Yeah, but the text says I drove them off quite successfully, so I don’t see why we can’t spend a couple more minutes to salvage some radio parts, nick a souvenir and blow up the rest of the wreck in that case.

The exception to my mc’s personal chivalry code would probably be the SS in most other situations he tries to do what he thinks is right, unless explicitly ordered not to by an officer.

What speed did you go at? I think you can get something if you go fast enough.

Ah, that’s probably it. I killed them as I didn’t want to risk my tank fighting their gun and I think I got 1 piece of salavage before the Italians arrived. So I also cant help on your next bit about the prisoners being taken off your hands

Oddly enough, I managed to do everything at the bomber. I went flat out towards the plane, then went straight in and blew up the bomber. Following that I could still capture the prisoners, tend to the pilot and scavenge from the plane, grabbing the padding and a souvenir before the Italians show up.

But yeah I don’t think there’s an option to return to the bomber to scavenge after the Italians have been dealt with, which feels strange.

There might be something off with the save system affecting it though - I tried to reload my save at the start of chapter 3 to check and somehow I can’t repeat my previous run with all the above.

I’ve just managed to repeat it again and do everything I mentioned above - but only after I closed my browser and re-opened it. Odd. But there has definitely been an update since I last played (though I still can’t get the Italian anti-tank team to show up). EDIT: I can get the Italian anti-tank team to show up if you let the assault gun fire at you first before firing, but not if you kill it before it spots you or with an opening shot.

Also, regarding the German prisoners, I get this comment in Chapter 4 now:

As for Krahl and your other prisoners, they’re doing well enough right now. Hopefully you can drop them off with someone else now.

But I haven’t seen anything else which mentions what happened to them. You can report into Driscoll now, and while he mentions Baume he doesn’t mention the prisoners.

I think that’s fair. I’d think that the PC should automatically mention that they have prisoners to Driscoll, with a potential option for them to oversee the prisoners’ transfer. Perhaps with Mendoza or whoever’s the gunner on the pintle machine gun watching Baume and the French if they’re really paranoid.

That said, given how the camp is a bit of a seedy den of iniquity thanks to Sergeant Ray’s comments, I don’t think there’s much the PC can do. There is also a bug where the options specific to Baume killing the prisoners don’t show up when talking to Driscoll. Even if he doesn’t kill them, Baume’s trigger-happy nature might be something to tell Driscoll about given how Driscoll seems to be a much more by-the-book officer. Currently, you can’t report the killing of the prisoners to him either.

Looking at the code

In Chapter 3, if Baume kills the prisoners, the following variable is set:

		*set prisoners_downed_bomber "killed_them"
		*set who_shot_the_prisoners_at_bomber "baume"
		*set krahl_condition "executed"

But in Chapter 4, the choice to tell Driscoll about Baume killing the prisoners is the following:

	*if prisoners_downed_bomber = "killed_by_baume"
		*if ruthless >0
			#"He's a man after my own heart."
				"Good," Lieutenant Driscoll says. "Then maybe things will run smoothly.
				*goto chapter_4_meet_your_commander_you_seek_out_5
	*if prisoners_downed_bomber = "killed_by_baume"
		*if ruthless =0
			#"He's as cold as they come."
				"Yeah?" Lieutenant Driscoll asks. "Well, I'm sure it won't matter after a while.
				*goto chapter_4_meet_your_commander_you_seek_out_5

As it checks for “killed_by_baume”, which isn’t set in Chapter 3, it doesn’t show up.


Might’ve been a bug that let you do everything bit it got fixed before you went to redo it

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Yeah, about that, see my mc doesn’t exactly trust Baume with the prisoners so he’d like to personally hand them over to the MP’s to prevent any possible unfortunate last minute “accidents”.
Dropping off the prisoners should, imho, be one of the actions we can take at the outpost. Like 1) Drop off prisoners, 2) Report in, 3) Maintenance, 4)Trade.


@AllenGies – The only major issue I feel you should take a second look at is the time-skip from just before Casa Blanca to the fighting after.

Perhaps the insert of an interlude would smooth the transition out, but I felt like the story ran over a huge crater (see what I did there? :wink: ) and then re-emerges “mysteriously” on the other side, leaving almost an amnesia-like feeling in its wake.

Before I can go into details of specific passages and choice-bodies, I feel I need a more complete game to understand several things. One impression i can leave, before this, is saying: I feel a disconnect between the silent choices and an understanding of their consequences.

I feel there is a tug-and-pull between these being used as the silent, but competent non-com (which is the majority of what I think is intended) and an author hesitance. I feel like at times you want to force other choices to be used, so that the player ends up not overusing this, but it does not work, the way it seems to be intended.

I dunno, this is just my gut speaking at this point, which is one reason among many that I want to see more of the game story before going into details.




This should be an Interesting one even if I invest everything I can into my tank It still feel like a Trash can that can drive. But that’s Good for the feeling in combat because everytime something hits me I knew I was not cautious enough.

All in all I’m eager to read the final Product

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@Thfphen110 - Nicely done with incorrect label on the variable for prisoners_downed_bomber. Fixed that. Should have cross checked that but it slipped through. First drafts are like that, but still…

@idonotlikeusernames - Added in a choice about turning over the prisoners. This costs the player time, but nets a career bonus. There is also the opportunity to meet a military police character who may have a recurring role.

@Eiwynn - An interlude between Casablanca and the railroad into Algeria should probably be fleshed out. My problem was not quite knowing what I wanted for an interlude, which eventually gelled in Chapter 4. Hmm. Probably a good subject of concerning development (There are several in my mind)

About your comment - “I feel a disconnect between the silent choices and an understanding of their consequences.” - Do the silent choices feel like too much of an enigma? Right now they do seem like something of a place-holder in my head when I write them. Since Verbosity is one of the character variables, it feels as though I need to include additional non-verbal replies in places… but it isn’t natural. Especially where leadership is concerned.

Would it be too much to ask for you to identify a specific snippet that you found to be unwelcome? That would help me see more clearly your concerns on the matter.

@Colshot - Yeah, the Stuart is a light tank in a war that likes to punch holes in things. Chapter 5 will highlight that where the Germans are concerned.

@Jackpot1776 - Glad you are enjoying it. And yes, there will be more interactions with crewmates when the last chapter is done and the time comes to rewrite things from the beginning. After all, the first draft is about making mistakes. The second draft is about making it seem like everything was planned out long in advance.


So, let’s talk about the interludes. In my notes concerning the interludes are listed:

  1. Cover a length of non-combat non-mission time. The army isn’t ultra efficient, especially in 1942, and units require down-time to acclimate.
  2. Chance to spend XP. (My notes indicate that, once a given skill reaches 5 there may be a chance to acquire special traits for the tank, such as (Verbatim - these names will have to change) ‘Can’t touch this’ for driving to directly reduce enemy accuracy, ‘Hit the spot’ for gunnery to increase the chance of armor penetration, or ‘Tender loving care’ to reduce losses to tank reliability (Which will become more important on extended missions or between certain chapters).
  3. Chance to talk to your crew in more depth. (Preferably with added complexity as time goes on)
  4. Chance to acquire and/or implement acquired parts. Especially radio parts.
  5. Background history for the war and war effort.
  6. Other stuff and fluff.

Let me know your thoughts and expectations for the interludes.


I really like talking to the tank crew.
Owens especially gives me vibes of this trope. And Mendoza is interesting too. Have connected less with Nelson thus far, but I am going to try my best to reach the end of the war with the original crew.

About that, can we now return to loot and blow up the bomber after having dealt with the Italians?

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Played this for the first time tonight. You’re making a game centered on operating my favorite tank in all of military history. Here’s a couple immediate reactions/catches. I’m going to bed and want to let the game gestate in my mind overnight.

First off, here’s a typo I found. Repeated dialogue. Highlighted.

Secondly, a couple things that confused me:

Made it to the encampment where gambling and trading opens up. Where do we get currency? Had none, don’t remember being told how to earn it. Couldn’t gamble for it and selling all of my gas seemed to do nothing.

Similarly, while attempting to browse what we can do to our tank, things like repainting and new parts were mentioned but never popped up. Don’t know if it was because I had no currency or if all of this simply wasn’t implemented yet, but there were no notes on such so I don’t know.

Speaking of tank paintjobs, I did get excited for some more personalization to spice things up. It’s obvious you’re going for extreme historical accuracy and realism, here, but what exactly will we be able to do, here? I’m unaware of such in real life, honestly. So, are you going to keep the options tame and believable or can I paint a giant scary face on it and tie enemy helmets to the front using barbwire? Yes, I’m serious about that last part. Scaring Nazis sounds fun.

Also on that front, will we be able to apply makeshift upgrades to it? Such as a plow made from scavenged light alloy to run over barricades or clear obstacles easier, keeping some molotov cocktails inside the tank in an enclosed compartment, or even just getting a hold of a sawn off shotgun for when we inevitably encounter a boarding party.

That’s all I have for now. More thoughts on the story will follow.

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@idonotlikeusernames - Yep, there should definitely be more talking with the tank crew. As for the starting crew, you are accurate with Owens. He is in fact a Gentleman ranker. Solidly so. Interesting how he developed in my mind that way despite me not having direct knowledge of the trope before now. Hopefully Nelson will grow on you, but even though he is the most talkative, he doesn’t really reveal much of himself… by choice.

As for the bomber… I’d always assumed that the bomber crew or the fire would destroy or consume what was in the bomber given the reprieve. However, if Baume’s men are there… yeah, you should still be able to loot something.

@Voldy - Good catch on the typo. Had the wrong variable in there, thus the duplication.

As for currency, I will change things to make certain the player always starts with some Army script. There is more script available if you press your men, or gamble… but don’t know why you didn’t get any for selling gasoline. Will check a few things to that end.

Your ideas for makeshift upgrades are interesting. The plow or an early rhino-type blade (ala Normandy… though not a lot of hedgerows in Algeria), for example, is an interesting one. The idea of molotovs is a good one too.

A sawed off shotgun? The army provides a tommygun, and there’s a chance to grab and AT rifle, but maybe a shotgun would be good. Soldiers do tend to collect weapons as they go. The question is, where would they get a sawed off shut gun from… A farmer with a fowl-piece? An enemy soldier? Won in a bet? That last one sounds particularly interesting.

Looking forward to your further thoughts.


Yeah, I thought I did start with some. That makes sense, because honestly, all I really wanted to do was paint my tank. I was really bummed out. :joy: It sounds like there should be more opportunities to earn it, in my opinion.

I would really enjoy a rhino blade on an M3. Things like that seem small but I feel they would allow us to care more about our tank and think deeper about what we are doing to it as the campaign moves along. On top of being cool and giving you some fun moments to write about and have.

Concerning the molotovs, I just know those still saw pretty widespread use in WW2; and they would give us more options during combat, assuredly. I can already list some moments when I wanted to pop out the “pit” and start tossing them as we advanced on some enemy forces. This would be especially viable and useful for when a player runs out of ammo. I almost did a couple times and felt I would be a little too defenseless given options like that existed.

That last part sounds fun and especially fitting. Consider my vote for that!

Black and yellow “hazard” camo paint. The Geneva Convention didn’t occur yet, given the molotovs, but I say it’s only fair to warn the Axis my crew and I are coming…

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