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As you can guess I am looking for tips and tricks to improve my writing. My main problem is that I tend to create short sentences that generally follow the same beat. Any help is welcome though.

[spoiler]BLURRY TEXT[/spoiler]



Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


Every single paragraph needs a separate set of spoiler tags around it.


Eh, I honestly don’t see anything horribly wrong with your writing, I would read a game like that.


@Wolfsra Since you’re looking specifically for writing tips for your own work, can I suggest changing the title of this thread? (Also all the spoiler tags do make things a little difficult to read). I’d also suggest having a read through the other forum topics asking for writing advice (you can do a search on that.)

I’m going to say, though, don’t worry about your writing. From the first few paragraphs it looks functional, which is what matters. Everyone has a writing style, just embrace yours, and write as much as you can. Don’t over-think the actual process of writing.

Since you said you quickly wrote up a story for the point of this, what I’d say is go back over it, rewrite it yourself, edit it, see how you can make your own improvements. Analyse it, try to work out what you’d like to be different about it, where you think it succeeds and fails.

I don’t think it’ll help too much us offering advice on something you quickly wrote. There’s quite a lot of mistakes in it. Mistakes I’m sure you’ll pick up on if you look over it yourself.

If you’re looking for more general advice google is going to be a far better place to look for tips than this forum. Most of us are in the same boat, we’re just amateurs who write for fun.


Your writing is pretty good, it’s better than mine at least :blush:


@ballmot and @P0RT3R Thanks for your kind words.

@FairyGodfeather Okay,Thank you for your suggestions. Can you close this thread?



If you’re sure.

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