Writing Asexual and Aromantic Characters

I actually got lucky with the ace discourse because I’d just gotten Tumblr and only followed Undertale fan blogs at the time, so I didn’t encounter the exclusionists until after people started pushing back. Still had some rough spats though.

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They’re not from CoG games. I was referring to Hendrik (of C14 Dating) and Alvin (of Backstage Pass).

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I know of those. :grinning:

Unfortunately, the last time I fired up Backstage Pass, I was unable to trigger Alvin’s romance, no matter what I did. Judging from the Steam forums, it seems to be a problem some players have with no solution in sight.

With Hendrik, I always thought it was a bit of a shame that his route ends in mandatory sex. But I really liked his punny personality. He was definitely my personal highlight of the game.

Finished watching Koisenu Futari today. It’s a sweet and thoughtful Japanese drama about two aro-aces who decide to live together. I really liked it and would recommend it to anyone who’s struggling with the concept of aro-ace characters. Or, really, anyone who’s looking for some ace-aro representation.

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The number one thing that bothers me is when in-game relationships have important content (either mechanical or lore) that gets locked out because you don’t romance or sex a character.


I remember not getting a romance achievement in a game when my ace MC romanced a character. Not sure if it was a bug. I complained about it back in the day but I never checked if it was ever changed for fear that it wasn’t and I’d feel bad all over again. :unamused:

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