Writing as a Hobby


Does anyone on here like to write? I personally do, and while I mainly write a bunch of poetry and some stories (which I’m not that great at), I find writing to be really effective in releasing my emotions. Even though it isn’t easy, I like doing it, and I was wondering if anyone else liked doing it.

I hope to share some of my stuff here and you all are welcomed to share as well.


Here, here!
I really like writing. Been doing it since elementary and I’m a uni student now. Though it’s mostly been an on-off thing. It’s one of my more productive hobbies.


That’s nice. I have to admit that my writing is rather scattered. Though I enjoy doing it, it’s hard for me to really put focus on one piece of work, so I just do a bit of work here and there. Basically, for every idea or so that I write on paper or type, there’s others that don’t meet the page.


I think that happens with many of us.
It’s happened to me, too. In a different sense, though. I’m not too keen on poetry (I like listening, but I’m not great at writing them), so I typically write a bunch of stories. And I don’t think I’ve ever actually finished one completely. A few chapters and then there’s a new idea that I write about.


I like to write poetry, but I’m not good at rhyming, so my poetry tends to rely on other things to convey its message.

This should give you an example of what a poem of mine would be like. It’s a PasteBin link. You’re welcome to open it and read it if you’d like.



The poem’s lovely. And poetry doesn’t need to rhyme. It’s definitely more about the flow and the feeling.
Also, I like the repetition you used with those lines. It really gave the poem structure, though I’m pretty sure those who’re more familiar with poems would be better critics.


That moment when you’re a jerk to your 'lil brother, and then you found this letter on his room.

[details=Letter]HE IS A LIAR!!
(the letter is actually capitalized)[/details]


Funny. Brusque yet hilarious.


Is there anything you like to write in particular? I showed you what it is I like to write and I definitely have been to,d I have a talent if sorts, though my own judgment on my writing wavers a lot. It’s either great or compeltely trite, with very little in the middle.


I love writing fantasy stories. Things that can’t exist or can’t happen. I love those.
Here’s something from high that I haven’t touched at all.
Most of my old stuff is pretty bad. I’ve only recently gotten really good at writing. Or at least, I think that my writing is good.


That was pretty good. I myself am fond of realistic fiction, where you have ciftional characters but events that could happen. For whatever reason, I’m just not overly fond of fantasy stories. I don’t hate them—I just don’t particularly like them. That said, I’ve been told that fiction writing isn’t my strong suit, though I still like doing it for some reason.

As for your story, I really liked how both segments cone cited to each other—how the past was linked to the present—and how well-developed the family dynamics worked. Overall, it was quite an enjoyable read, though not what I’d normally read.


Fiction writing doesn’t have to be a strong suit. I feel like it gets easier with practice. And for the realistic fiction, it’s nice once in a while, but I’d rather stick to my fantasy. I like that sense of “anything could happen” in their stories.

Thanks. It was a really interesting concept I had there. I would continue going with it, but I’d have no idea where to start up again.


Different strokes for different folks. For me, I find the day to day lives of other people really interesting.

Here’s a sample fictional text: http://pastebin.com/XfvRxzMc


It might be weird, but I think I’m more fond of the creative process in general, that whole sensation of having a world in your mind with its own life than I am of the actual physical writing process. I like writing in my head, scenes playing out over and over again with tiny variations until I find the perfect result. But actually putting it to the page seems to cheapen it for me somehow, like something vital is lost between my mind and the words on the screen. It’s a weird feeling, I want to write, but writing doesn’t feel as good as thinking about writing.

These days I daydream about writing more than I actually write, but I finished my longest novel yet last year and had a blast with it. It was a modern fantasy that didn’t take itself too seriously so it wasn’t overly taxing to write. I think fantasy is my favourite genre, but I try different things, fiction or poetry. I’ve done supernatural, super hero, modern fantasy and slice of life so far. I agree that writing gets better with practice, a lot of my earlier stuff makes me cringe.

Thanks for the interesting thread topic though, it’s great to hear how other writers tick.


I can kind of relate to what you mention. I have this alternate history where Japan is split in two, and I’ve managed to create an incredibly complicated narrative because the spoken word is easier. Apparently, it’s easier for me to come up with good characters when I speak as opposed to when I write. I do hope to write a novel someday, but the novel, I’ve been working on is only 17 pages into the first chapter. I’m just not in a rush to finish it so it kinda lingers on.


@Gregory_Pena That was an interesting read, though I only skimmed it.

@Sleepyowl I think that writing on the page sets the scene in stone. I think when you’re imagining it in your head, it’s a lot more vivid than words can describe. You can pick and choose all the details, but when you write it down, those details and images in your head is lost.


Thanks. I’m glad you at least found it interesting.


Has anyone ever told you guys that “you have a way with words?” If so, then what do you think that means? I myself am nonplussed by it. It makes me happy, but at the same time, I can’t see what about my writing is that great.

I also thought about writing in different languages. Though my main language is English, I also speak Spanish, and I have written some pieces in Spanish. When I translated Evanescent Dawn to Spanish, I noticed that there were some things that definitely were changed in translation. Some verses had to be slightly different due to the different language structures, and I found that really interesting.

It could just be me being kind of a nerd, but I’d like to know what you guys think.


Yeah, I’ve gotten that compliment a lot in various ways. I don’t really think too much about it though unless they get into something specific that they liked about the writing but I didn’t originally intend.

Then I’m usually like “Really? They got that from that?”

But even then I just figure it’s fine that they saw something else that entertained them even if I didn’t really plan it.


I’ve always thought ‘way with words’ didn’t necessary have anything to do with a particular quality of writing and was more of an observation towards the ease and perhaps speed with which an individual can string words together. It doesn’t solely apply to writers either, a good speaker can net the same comment, so I think it’s just a general aptitude for language. Similar to saying someone has ‘a way with computers’, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a programmer, just that they have general ability and ease with the machines. It is a sort of vague comment, but as you said, pleasant to hear. I tend to translate it to, ‘you can write’ and don’t read much more into it than that. Hope that helped with your thoughts, that’s just my ideas.