Writing an essay on Participatory Culture: Featuring CoG Forums


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Hello folks :]

I am taking a special topics course this semester, and the topic is video games. There are two short essays and a long essay. The first had to be about video games, the second about participatory culture, and the long essay is just taking one of the first ones and expanding on it.

Because of the unique nature of CoG games, I was able to write both papers about Choice of Games by highlighting different facets of the game world. The professor expressed interest in my second one about participatory culture and so I’ll be doing my longer, elaboratory essay on the culture of CoG forums.

I would love to hear some personal accounts of what your experiences have been, being a part of the CoG forums community. By no means do you have to answer each of these prompts if you don’t want to, but I’m looking to address things like:

– What sorts of conversations have you had?

– Do you recognize users by their icons / names (and relate that back to previous comments of theirs [thinking, “oh (such and such user) always has negative/funny/optimistic/useless/etc comments”)?

– Do you often have private messages with other users? Do these messages continue on in a chit-chat way or do you get the answer to your question and stop responding?
– -- Have you ever moved to a different media to converse? (Facebook, email, texting…)

– Have you ever gotten into an argument on the forums before? (This’ll be fun lol)
– -- What was the argument about?
– -- Did anyone step in to try and keep the peace?
– -- Did the moderators / admins say anything?

– When was a time when you feel you greatly helped another user?

– When was a time when you feel another user greatly helped you?

– What are some of the less positive experiences you’ve had on the forums?

– How often do you log on?

– Do you access the forums through your smartphone? (or work computer, whether or not it’s technically allowed at your work?)

– Why did you decide to change your icon (if you did) from the standard initials to a personalized image?
– -- Why did you choose the image you selected?

– Do you feel like the CoG forums is a community?
– -- Why are you glad to be a part of it (if you are. If you aren’t, what is it that’s causing you to stick around?)

These are the types of things I’d like to address in the final paper. If you feel you have an interesting answer for any of these, please let me know! Likewise if you’d like to mention something that you feel would be of use, but isn’t on my list, go for it :smile:

Thanks in advance for any help!


VERY INTERESTING ( you must be thinking does this guy always start replies with interesting , the awnser is no )

  • Of many sorts - about experiences , morality ( usually I tend to do stupid things, but then who doesn’t ), usually we all share our views on matters at the hand which sometimes lead to sharing real life experiences.( at the end it usually changes the direction of thread for some posts)

-by both - I don’t like to put people in categories usually I just see how they responded to the thread I am writing in . ( to tackle counter questions )


–latest one was about modding, cheating in CoG and Hosted games
–nope and yes there were some replies but I can’t place them in any category as they were related to both
–no one can be everywhere ( nothing offensive happened / appeared so no need for them to show up )

-morale boosts (sometimes) , errors (4 coding errors in one post ) , sometimes why the story/scene didn’t work out of me - they are in the order from most frequent to legendary rare ( overall nothing significant )

-morale boosts usually

-can’t remember any as nothing like that happened - still new to forums ( only 2 months )

-Once every night

-both ,currently studying

-for giving myself a icon to relate to , no for badge (lol) just kidding

– I thought it would be funny , it isn’t

  • yes

– free games (lol), I am glad to part of it these people here are providing me diverse knowledge , interesting personalities , fantastic topic which never bores me , the thing that I like most is helping people that’s why I visit game development and writing sections firstly when I log on


Thank you very much for a thorough response! :smiley:


If you want to thank awnser those questions :sunglasses:


You’re talking to the right person. I played my first RPG when I was 8 and have been playing various games since. These days it’s really MMORPGs (massively multiplayer Online role playing games) I’ll see if I can answer these in depth as possible, so sorry for the long post in advance.

1.)All sorts. The internet is a web of different cultures and people, a big melting pot that most people can fit into. I talk about everything from politics to what a persons dog did that day. I’ve learned about different places by talking about daily life of the people that live there, but I also meet people from places that I never want to go to because of the horrible things they have seen. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t talk about something interesting.

2.)I do associate such things. Its honestly hard to explain, but when you look at a persons icon you can kinda tell what they are like, mostly because it reflects their personal style. I don’t want to stereotype, but 8/10 times I meet someone with an “edgy” icon they are assholes or 3edgy5 me teenagers. People who have cute or funny icons are generally nicer or really funny people. But not all the time. Some people I remember by their names or the one time they made a rude comment to me in passing.

3.)I do share Dms with people. Unless it’s with my friends( which I’ll elaborate about later) we just shoot a hi or a heads up as to what I’m doing. See if they want to join me in a game or the like. Some of them are closer than others and we talk about daily life.

4.) I only give my personally social media to good friends. I use different platforms like discord or a whisper chat but other than that no, I refrain.

5.) I don’t like arguements, but when I do get into them either I shut them down with my “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” voice because it ain’t the time or place. Or I shoot so many facts that they can’t possibly make it an argument anymore. Don’t have a specific one, you encounter a lot of douches out there, and it’s really easier to pick your battles and not sweat the small stuff. Odds are you’ll never meet the person again and just blacklist them if all else fails.

6.) I wont give specifics on such a public forum, but a friend had doubts about a trip to Cuba for surgery, so me and another friend who is in nursing school reassured him, and things went smoothly. He says it’s he the decision he ever made.

7.) When they get their granny panties ina twist or get offended by nothing is a situation I encounter all too often. Yes, a horrible thing happened to your over this and that. I’m sorry but I don’t care, and I trying to have a reasonable conversation here. I’m not agreeing/condoning/accepting this and that, but for Cthulhu’s sake let me have an intelligent conversation. Yes this thing is horrible, but let me do as I wish and speak as I wish and stop blowing it out of proportion.

8.)Mostly on my phone for such things as forums, but games are mainly in the pc.

9.) My icon can tell a story about me. About who I am or what i like. It either draws people in or drives them away. I like to look at it sometimes because it has a personal connection to me. Or it shows an accomplishment I made. Right now my icon is of Erland, the official art I plan to use for my game if I get it published. It causes people to say,“Ah! That’s Ara! Look at the icon!” It’s hard to explain, but I simply like it.

9.) I do and I don’t. I said i would explain about my close friends. I have a group of gamers I’ve known for 4-5 years. They’ve seen me grow up into a woman, and I’ve seen them grow older and into their careers and their hardships in life. They are my second family, and yet I’ve not met a one of them in person.( we are planning to soon tho) And yet, they are my most special and closest friends. I would give the world for them. I don’t feel that way about CoG forums. I have people who I like their posts because, hey we’ve talked a bit. I have a few close acquaintances like say, @Gower , @Rogar, @poison_mara, or formerly, Laguz, whom we all clashed with at some point. Sure I like them, but I’ve never spoken with them on a personal level or actually heard their voice. Then there are the actual authors or others I’ve spoken to in only fantastical circumstances or those who seem larger than life like @Eric_Moser. Plus, I feel like my friends are the only second family i could ever have. Almost seems like a betrayal to feel different.

Anywho sorry again for the long post, but I hope this helps! :heart:


No need to apologize for a long post at all! :smiley:
Thank you for responding!


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I mostly participate in threads about games.

Oh, surely. Avatar/prof-pic is the “face” of the person we’re talking to.

I do send some PM to other users, although it’s not as often as when I reply to a thread.
And my PM are usually informal, simple chit-chat.

However, not every person is the same. When PM-ing to a sensitive subject, I’ve to be careful with my choice of words.
Aaanndd… No. I finish my PM in the forum. Never moved to another media to continue the conversation.[quote]
Have you ever gotten into an argument on the forums before? (This’ll be fun lol)
*take a deep breath
I think this one is such an experience, and I’ll drop it here so there won’t be other similar mistakes that happened.

It was about Non-Binary.
That time, I’m quite new to the forum and know literally nothing about NB. As I spent some time on the forum and became aware of it, I do some simple google search about it (especially when COG/HG titles are gender inclusive)

And then, there’s this random user asking about NB.
As a stupid person I was, I replied his thread, mentioning that NB is blablabla. And that’s where it’s begin.

A Non-Binary person stepped in, claimed that I made an erroneous statement being I’m not a Non-Binary myself. I was quite shocked that time, not knowing that Non-Binary is a sensitive issue. Ofc, I quickly back down, trying to apologize afterwards.

When there’s a thread about "how to?"
It feels awesome when us writers share our knowledge and experiences about coding in CScript.

'cuz… standard profpic sucks :slight_frown:
And my current profpic? It’s basically an achievement symbol combined with my initial + some recolor. Looks kool, tho.r


Oh, I’ll help! I lurk quite a bit on the forums, and if I don’t recognize an icon, I still usually remember their names (I think I’m vaguely recognizable? I’ve changed my icon once or twice but I’m working on a game). I’ve made quite a few friends on these forums! Most notable is Fawkes, who I talk to nearly daily on skype. I log in everyday to check my PMs (definitely rambly and ridiculous) and read interesting topics.

Something notable about these forums, I believe, is the culture surrounding WIPs! I’ve received so much feedback and help for my own. People check my grammar, review my code, offer ideas and inputs… They’re all so very helpful and kind! Tigris, for one, was super helpful in answering my noob code questions.

I think the community is notably accepting of new writers and game makers. As long as things aren’t genuinely offensive, things stay positive.

Good luck with your stuff!


– It honestly depends on the topic. It could range from serious topics like politics, gender and the likes to just silly fun like cat pictures and dank memes.

Why yes, yes I do.

– I usually message someone just to ask a question or wish them a happy forum birthday. And that’s about it.
– -- Nope.

– I have not been into an argument. However, I have witnessed several arguments.
– -- I’ve seem multiple arguments on this forum. However, the one that reoccurs to me the most was those arguments about that fucking Hedonist character over on the CCH thread. (Seriously, if you do so much as mention his them, people will start to argue about him)
– -- I remember the creator of the thread and game, Eric Moser, stepped in and said that, unless it’s for something related to the game, that no one argues about the Hedonist anymore.
– -- To be fair, the arguments are on topic (they’re about a character in the game) and they’re fairly civilized, so the mods aren’t needed to break it up.

I can remember times when I helped a forum user, but not _greatly._So I’ll say that I have yet to greatly help a forum member.

I remember when @poison_mara introduced me to roleplaying. Ever since, my experiences with CoG’s have improved dramatically. So thank you, Mara.

I haven’t had any negative experience in the forums. I like to carefully think about what I post so that I can avoid any confrontations.

I find myself logging in hourly onto the forums.

I prefer using my smartphone, but I’ll admit that the computer is superior.

– Because I didn’t want my symbol to be just another A. I wanted it to stand out.
– -- To be honest, I haven’t got a clue. I just found myself typing “8 bit sunglasses” into the Google Image search, and next thing you know it became my profile picture.

– I think we’re big enough to be considered a community.
– -- Being a frequent visitor of YouTube and 4chan, my initial stance on humanity was that everyone’s an asshole. Imagine the surprise on my face when I found a forum site where people are actually civilized. I feel grateful for scrolling through the posts and not seeing a single ‘kill yourself’ or a repetitive meme that just needs to die.

And I’m done.


That’s a long essay you’re writing, you have my sympathies. I’ll answer the questions and help you out.

Most of them are about the CoGs and HGs launched, but a few are about game developing. Even though I’m not a game developer.

Oh, definetly. But with some users it has reached the point where I can recognize them by writing, like @Havenstone and @idonotlikeusernames and others, but those are the people whom I’ve been talking for the last year or so. For most users, the face is a quick way to recognize who’s speaking.

Not really, and sometimes we talk about other things, but most of the time it ends pretty quickly. And it has never moved to anywhere other than the forums.

Call me naïve, but no, never.

Hah, that’s most of the people in the Guns of Infinity thread, for answering all my questions when I first joined, almost a year ago.

Once per day, at least.

I don’t work yet, so… no. I do use it sometimes on my phone, but not during class.

Because a lot of people had custom pictures… and I felt I’d stand out a bit more. And, y’know, I’m a part of the forum, I’d like to get a custom picture because I log in a lot.

I couldn’t think of anything at the time. I wanted something that wasn’t too serious but wasn’t too jokey.

Why, sure!

Because it’s such a nice corner of the internet, and because it’s full of all these interesting people doing different works and chatting and talking and… well, I think it’s a great place.


This is the best comment ever made on these forums. After reading this, I seriously had a conversation with my wife last night that started with me asking her, “Honey, I really do seem larger than life, don’t I?” And she obviously disagreed, so there was a lot of back and forth after that. Thanks a lot, @Arasia_Valentia!


Np! Pbbbbffttft I don’t idolize you at all… totally not… :persevere: :sweat_smile:


Every kind. There are very few topics I haven’t discussed in private conversations.

Mostly names.

I rarely do. I have a lot of them (dozens and even hundreds) with a user or two, but I don’t pm with much. Usually it is stricly business and it dies in one or two replies. Ocasionally something just ticks (due to the topics in discussion, the replies or just some old classic immediate “get along”) and I go on to have very long conversations with one or other person.

No never. I rarely trust people that much.

No, I haven’t. Sorry to spoil the fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Usually when I (private)beta test. I wouldn’t say greatly help, but I believe (lack of modesty aside) that I give helpful high-level feedback.

I have been (really) greatly helped by one users. A bunch of others have also helped out when needed. This community is great.

When my WIFi goes down and I can’t come here? That is very rough on me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Every day, at least once, much more if I can.

It depends, but it is one of my main ways to “come here”.

My standard initials are great. I think I have ever seen other user with this logo so it is as if I had a changed logo.

It is.[quote=“PumpkinPie, post:1, topic:25760”]
Why are you glad to be a part of it (if you are. If you aren’t, what is it that’s causing you to stick around?)

Because of the discussions, the games, the people and the great community vibe this forum has.


About my pic first , It is my pic of course , little brighter because of sun ,bit no edit …Lol
And the reason I chose it , no reason not to I guess …
Then about its members I like them all , I don’t keep bad thoughts about anyone , good I will remember ,bad I ignore ie
Then fight lol in real life also I like to fight and this forum is not much difference …Lol I fought in my own forum and which lead it to closing …:anguished::frowning:
And what the administration said is ,wait for 2days
What i feel is i don’t belong here , and i am going to close it soon anyway
And I do recognise a handful of them by their pic , even though the pic is quite funny sometimes
And I think I had logged in for 52days from December till now
Me I use smart phone as my system got fired and is sent for repair
I don’t feel like it is a community , because there is no much we can do … Until you became a leader .
About conversation I prefer friendly chat ,a d sometimes it lead to problems , while else it lead to making good friends …
Not for this game but yes I had used other media for conversation with game player’s especially the online games which I played earlier ,no more I think I am getting matured
And no I don’t go for much private chat and all , since I don’t have much time and later it appears I will have no time …For this forum …
Never had I helped someone , but someone has helped me when I had some real problem apart from game help

Hey if you want to know more say it ,I had filled my auto biography here and received my badge , just kidding , I don’t think there is any personal content here…


Oh, that’s such a broad question…
I guess the biggest topic has been talking about specific games and works in progress :thinking: I’ve also participated in a whole lot of discussions involving representation in games, or the media in general, especially in regards to LGBT issues… I proofread a fair bit… I like talking about cute guy characters :thinking:

Oh yeah. [quote=“PumpkinPie, post:1, topic:25760”]
– Do you often have private messages with other users? Do these messages continue on in a chit-chat way or do you get the answer to your question and stop responding?

Yes. In most cases briefer but I do have an ongoing conversation.


(More often, though, just minor disagreements in which everyone is civil, just expressing slightly different perspectives.)

I think the most argumentative argument was on the trans discussion thread, where this one person kept coming in and saying various things that were dismissive of trans people and the concept of being transgender itself.

Well, most (not all) of the other person’s posts in that argument were deleted and I think the person was banned…

I think I’ve been the greatest help when I’ve given feedback to works in progress :smile: I’m especially good with proofreading and catching bugs :mag_right: :ant:.

Hmm :thinking: my WiP is too short to have gotten much feedback yet. I think the biggest thing is having gotten lots of friendship feelings and emotionally happy feelings from a few users on the site :slight_smile:

Occasionally when someone talks about it being difficult writing a gay character or including gay romance in something they’re writing… that feels really disheartening… but usually this is a very warm and inviting place. :hugging:

Ah… :sweat_smile: well, technically, barely ever, because I’m set up so it keeps me logged in between sessions… but I’ve been getting on just about every day for several months, I guess :thinking: with some gaps where it’s more like I take a peek but am not really active that day.
(You can see that I’m on a lot just from the fact that I have “regular” status :stuck_out_tongue:)

Yes, but I prefer using my laptop, especially for lengthier replies. I’m more likely to use my phone just for viewing.

Well, as you can see, I haven’t… I guess this is a little weird for someone who’s such a frequent forum-goer, but I just really like the white T on a blue background. I don’t know why :stuck_out_tongue: it just feels like it suits me.

I think so :thinking: there’s a lot of people who are socializing with each other on a frequent basis, who share common interests, and get to know each other, at least a little… sounds like a community to me :smile:

Though, it’s not necessarily one monolithic community :thinking: people who are fans of certain specific games might spend most of their time on relevant threads and less elsewhere… like I follow what’s going on in the Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven thread quite regularly, but I have no idea what goes on in the enormous Guns of Infinity thread… so as a result there are some users who I see a lot of and some who I don’t run into that much.

It has people I like spending time with. :slight_smile:


Just wanted to pop in and say thanks to everyone who’s posted responses! There have been a lot more than I was anticipating and I’m excited to have all the extra data for my paper :smiley:

Thanks so much!


Yes, also i keep in mind who i need to be “tactful” around when talking.

Uh, not really. Most of my messages with people involve game development so no not really.

I have not personally gotten involved in an argument, i kind of find it pointless. However, i have witnessed several arguments on here. Anything from very simple stuff to very big social issues.
Sometimes people played nice, other times not so much. And being too emotional during a discussion can derail it easily. Hence why i intend to steer clear of them into the future! :slight_smile:

Nope. :smiley:

Yes, i enjoy the ideas that can be bounced around and the development aspect that many topics have. People will happily provide advice and since i dont think much of my own writing it helps me keep on track.
Though sometimes it does feel like a powder keg waiting to blow up… but hey thats people for you. :slight_smile: I stick around despite that because there are more good people then troublesome ones. lol


Interesting information. Thanks for sharing.