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Hi there fellow forum members,

As some of you may remember, a couple of months ago I had a project idea where members of the community can join me in creating a game which is collaboratively worked on by us.

Now I’m proud to say that this project did take off and it is in the works. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, some writers have had to drop out of this project and so naturally, I’ve created this thread to inform people that if they are interested in joining this project, we are looking for writers.

Feel free to ask any questions that you may have below,
And I hope to see some new writers soon. :slight_smile:


When you say writers you mean people that have already publish their work?
Also what is it expected of those that get aboard


What is the game about?


Intriguing concept but a general spoiler free description may be helpful in this regard.
What genre?
Are you looking for specific skills?
Pretty straight forward stuff.

That said consider my interest piqued


It’s a game where the MC has to travel through various books to try and save their uncle, who has gone missing. Basically everyone participating in the project (aside from those writing the ‘main’ story) writes one ‘book’. The ‘book’ is supposed to end up at around 10000 words, and there are some other guidelines as well. Since there are various books you can just pick a genre of your liking (though preferably one that hasn’t been chosen yet) and write a short story about that.


So basically this game has no genre or anything because the books can be about anything or everything


So worlds within worlds interesting.

  1. I have no free time at all
  2. I’m. Ery bad at working with deadlines
  3. My writing = potato

It does sound very interesting however, but then again, I also said that in the previous thread.


It does seem like a very interesting concept. My only problem would be coding; I can write decently (at least I like to believe so), but I am terrible at coding in choicescript. Is the coding done by someone else or would the writer do it?


The writer would also code, unless they could find someone to help with that for their section. If you could throw together as much of the code as you can figure out, I wouldn’t mind taking a look and filling in the blanks.

More like shifting genres. The “hub” is realistic fiction with a touch of urban fantasy, then everything changes to match when you go into a new book. Each book will have its own challenge to solve; you will be thrown into them as a character and will have to complete your goal with whatever you have on hand.

So far we have a spy thriller, a murder mystery, a sci-fi fantasy blend, and… whatever addicted is doing, I forget. I think those are all we have confirmed. We would love to get some more of the big ones out of the way like romance or horror, but there’s a lot of leeway about what new genres would fit.

Nah. Just people who want to type some words for this project.


I don’t mind helping out with that if you’re interested.

As for everyone else, @sashira perfectly answered all the questions.


A blend between sci-fi and horror.


It reminds me of Myst. :slight_smile: Sounds awesome. Wish I had more time. Is there somewhere where I could learn more? What other restrictions? What are the common stats? Will the books be read in a specific order? Can they be read more than once?


Copy-pasted from the message thread:

STATS (can have different names in different tales to fit genre):
Genre Savvy VS Trope Breaker (opposed stat; only relevant in figuring out who baddie is ie you can add to it, but don’t need to test it.)

Mind (aka intelligence, quick thinking, wisdom, willpower, magic, education)
Body (strength, agility, endurance, attractiveness, physical training, magic)
Soul (magic, heart, wit, faith)

Health - which is restored to 50 every time the MC goes back into the real world - but is a measure of “fail” within each world; if the MC runs out of Health, they pass out and wake up back in the real world, with no macguffin). But only if they do stupid stuff, or it’d be too annoying to play. (In non-violent games, this might be “Path to love” for romance or “wit” for satire). This is ALWAYS a temporary stat, that is restored fully by contact with the bookshop (except in the real-world section of the climax, because drama is good). Unlike all the other stats, DON’T use fairmath for this one (or it’ll be impossible to fail).

In each story, the MC has at least one chance to build stats (mind, body, soul, genre savvy, trope breaker), and has the ability to lose ALL their “health” (some along the way, with a final blow at the climactic mind/body/soul test).

The climactic challenge in each story needs to have a Body, Mind, and Soul array of solutions. Eg if you want to fight a wizard, you can:
-hit them with a quarterstaff
-run up stairs, so they trip on their long robes as they follow
-appeal to their better nature

So a “body” type character would win with a quarterstaff but fail with the others (unless they’d played enough other games to also have a strong Mind and/or Body stat).

The basic style is 2nd person present tense, (eg “You are worried…”), as per Sashira’s draft opening above (which we all rather liked) - it’s message 107 in this thread, btw. She or I will put it in a shared dropbox soon.

In terms of genre, stories rarely fit perfectly into one genre so instead of the MC picking up a scifi book, he/she/they will pick up a book with a title and/or cover as described by whoever is writing that tale (eg “Captain Gark and the Space-Rat Fiasco”). That way, we will automatically get a huge array of stories that will be recognised by a genre-savvy reader but won’t result in endless arguments about genre. I think we’ll need to know titles (use your game title) so Uncle Irwin and the MC can refer to them via radio.

I think 10 minutes/10,000 words is a nice amount to aim for, but stories find their own length. So if yours ends up at 2000 or 40,000 words that’s fine too (especially if the reason it’s longer is because of massive branching into meaningful choices, rather than blocks of text).

Coding: Try not to capitalise, and try to use underscore for spaces.
The simplest way to gender code (much as it’s annoying to default to male) is to use {he}, {him} and ${his} for pronouns. If all else fails, your trusty editors will fix it. (Options will be he/she/they.)

At the resolution of each story, a crucial NPC picks up an object that doesn’t fit their genre at all, and suddenly starts acting totally unlike themselves, and someone on or in them (their clothes/eyes/fingernails/lips/hair - it varies for genre) turns red. The MC must get the object off the NPC using their mind/body/soul stats (any of which work if the stat is above 70, meaning that it’s possible to win in one direction on the first story, but is also possible to unlock multiple winning endings on later games or different play-throughs).

As the MC grows more experienced, more info is revealed.

-The books are physically improved after the MC travels through them.
-The MC needs an object that doesn’t belong to the genre in order to get back into our world (or to lose all their health, but that’s a VERY unpleasant process regardless of genre).
-The macguffin is only revealed at each story’s resolution.
-The books are being scrawled on in red ink when the MC is absent.
-Uncle Irwin is trapped, but there are traces of him everywhere (and sometimes a “woman in red” who clearly hates him). The MC is searching for Uncle Irwin, and hears genre-appropriate mentions of him in each story, eg in crime the “Irwin case” is a cold case, in romance he’s that young man that married for love and moved away, in scifi he’s Doctor Irwin, etc. The MC realises there’s a lot more to their uncle than they knew, but he’s always a good man - and is still communicating through the radio.
-With enough macguffins, the MC is able to alter the radio so it now works in both directions.
-Uncle Irwin doesn’t seem to know what book he’s in. The MC knows that the book a person is in should be completely obvious. Something is messed up.
-Uncle Irwin is a fictional character; your (deceased) Aunt Iris brought him into the real world to live.


I would just like to bring this to people’s attention again as we are still looking for writers. If you are interested whatsoever or have any questions, just pm me.

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