Writer needed

I’m currently writing the Order of Valour and I need a writer to help me write it.

Please read

The person must have played the demo of the game and should have an understanding of the medieval period. The person should be able to write romance and be able to describe details about grief, despair, murder, assassination, battles and other things I’ll be depicting in it.

Send me a DM if you’re interested.

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can I ask if you are hiring for a percentage of the future royalties or you offer pay x money per 1k or even $/hour. That could help you to have more serious offerings. As I doubt anyone will participate in a story where there is not creative freedom for free.


I’m sure someone who meets their standards and yet has no projects of their own going on will eventually realize they’d enjoy simply being a part of this, and that no reward should be necessary no matter how many copies are sold. Good luck OP, and all the best! :heart:

(Or maybe they’ll clarify with some of the information you suggested, that might be good too.)


There isn’t a lot of information about what the story is actually about.


It says you are not accepting DM at the moment


Yeah I might pay the writer depending on how many words but per hour? It’s more like having an auxiliary writer to write maybe 10k to 50k words. I usually like to work alone but I need someone to write a few scenes. The writer will also be allowed to change some of the plot, some ROs backstory and other minor stuff that doesn’t affect the main plot. If anyone is interested please send a DM to me.

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Really, I’ll check it out

I recommend you put that in your first post that will help to attract writers. I can not be of assistance as I am not native so for you, I am not of use.

Maybe put also what English do you want to be written could be a helpful thing to add. ( a mix of Australian with American could crash etc…)


Not really specifically addressing the OP, but this thread make me wonder a lot about a larger issue. Why is it exactly that the time and effort of writers isn’t valued the way everyone else’s is, and how did this just become an accepted thing?

I’m just imagining asking for someone to spend 50 hours illustrating my story, or coding, or mowing my lawn, and only when pressed on it mentioning in a non-binding way that I MIGHT pay them…but not for their time, because that would be ridiculous. Anyone else and people would take immediate issue, but when it’s writers this doesn’t even raise any eyebrows.


I think it’s because most people see writing as the easiest job on a production level, since you can’t really fuck up typing something the same way you can fuck up a drawing. Plus, for most people, written stuff isn’t as visually appealing as artistic visual stuff, which is why, online, you’ll find far more opportunities for drawings/comics than pure writing and words.

As a writer whose art skills start and end at stick figures, it’s disheartening, but I learned to deal with it.

Still though, writing should be respected more on a production level.


That is sad as hell. How could be more important the Art image IN A GAMEBOOK than the story itself.

It is like say is more important the color of the car that the vehicle itself.

Sadly, The horrible apps that ask jewels and coin for choices and has no real text or literature has made people believe that anyone can write and is: " just, LOL I WILL TYPE… Everyone can do it bro."

I am not against you I agree with you that many people have that entitled view of writing. And all why are you being so slow you only have to type argument.

That solves really easy, tell that person to write only one chapter…



Yeah thanks for all your comments and it’s true people don’t really appreciate writers. Well the offer is still open and I don’t think it matters if the person is a non native English speaker. Speaking about writers one of my favorites is Morgan Rice. I’ve read almost all her series. Sorry I can’t paste a link I am not with my PC.

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