Demonstrate your literary credentials, move to Detroit, get a free house.

It is just to bad this is in Detroit. Otherwise it is a sweet idea.

Wow. It’s a good idea. In theory. If Detroit weren’t one of the most dangerous cities in the United States…

Then again, developing a large community of writers might do the city some good.

I predict a spike in the number of short stories about being mugged outside your local crack house.

But RoboCop though! Weren’t they making a statue of Detroit’s greatest hero there? I’d go just to see that, even if it costs me my life. Unfortunately, I can’t write. Boo-hoo!

I’d develop some literary credentials if it meant I didn’t have to move to Detroit.

Why do you think the house is in Detroit? Because no one moves there and they want to up their population. They have too much open property

I have to deliver there often, lets just say it is one of my least favorite place to go.

I predict that Detroit will be a thriving city again in about fifteen years.

Therefore, if you’re want to work towards building a community and life for yourself, and you have minimal capital, Detroit would be a financially sound move.

A friend of mine bought a condo on the Lower East Side of Manhattan for $500,000 in 2004ish. The woman he bought it from? She paid the State of New York $500 for the property, because she squatted in the apartment when the neighborhood was a mess in the 80s.

I would argue a similar thing will happen in Detroit. Not so dramatic (it’s not Manhattan), but analogous. And, in the meantime, you’d have no rent/mortgage. Which means you could actually live off of a writer’s income.

But call me crazy. If I were to move back to the Bay Area, I’d take up residence in Oakland. And I’ll take Brooklyn over Manhattan any day.

@jasonstevanhill Bold prediction. Could you set up a counter somewhere on the site, which ticks down from 14 years, 364 days, 23 hours, 52 minutes, and 15 seconds, until either the ‘Anti-Jason Alliance’ or the ‘Jason Development Initiative’ is able to say “I told you so” to the other?

It sounds interesting but I’m too young to get a house of my own and too poor to afford a flight over to the States.

I would like to predict just the opposite. The city is bankrupt and desperate. It is going to take a whole lot more then developing a sound group of writers to swing the city from its death spirial.

I am sure at some point the city will rebound, but I think 30 to 40 years before you see signs of a city worth even putting it on a list of possible good places to move to.

I see it on a rather regular basis , the crumbling roads and infrastructure, the depressed faces at every corner. This city once had a lively pulses, now the only thing keeping it going is it’s access to Canada.

Even the emergency managers that were forced to take over for the city do not see a clear path for the cities future. I applaud those brave enough to move there.

Should you make an investment towards its future? I think you need to be prepaired for a very long haul. It may pay off in the long run, for your children.

Given that I grew up, worked and lived in Detroit for over 30 years and can honestly tell you the place isn’t getting better any time soon. It’s probably the closest you can get to living in a third world country without leaving the U.S. I used to get to play Fallout in real life everyday.

The most salvageable part of Detroit is probably the southwest side since the communities there are actually trying to build it up with private businesses, but it’s still like living in the Wild West since there isn’t much in the way of police patrols anymore. Used to have two police stations in the area at one time, both got closed down though.

Some of the downtown area has been built up, but it’s only better around certain areas due to places like Wayne state and the hospital attempting to keep their areas a little less crime ridden.

I was visiting there recently and not much has changed, but despite it being a crime ridden city where the souls of the damned go to die, it’ll always be home.

And suddenly the relentless grimness of EndMaster’s oeuvre makes sense.

@EndMaster really the souls of the damned go to detroit? are there gangs and pure evil in detroit? and does detroit really let children have guns and play fallout in the streets? thats just messed up! sorry for so many ?'s ive never been to detroit

Too young, but this Detroit kind of sounds like East-London.

It would need a lot more decay, whole neighbourhoods abandoned, and guns in private hands. I’ve never been to a bit of East London that felt anything like Detroit.

That said, if I were young and single, I’d be sort of tempted. :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, my current city of residence was once mostly abandoned and running rampant with crime, and it managed to become one of the safest cities in the States.

After more than a century… :frowning:

I’m sure Detroit will maybe get there. Eventually.

I live a bit aways from Detroit but unless you’re from there or are passing through you don’t go near Detroit unless its in a supersonic jet to get through to safer pastures.

Put your hands up for Detroit