Wow just WOW


Looks like we have ANOTHER space story! And to add insult to injury they expect this game to be bought to play it. I don’t know if I should laugh or just face palm! That new one better be better than the older one if they think they can do this.


I think it’s good for what it is. A hard scifi story with a focus on the technical aspects of the genre. Was it dry to me? Yes, but I’m also not a fan of this genre.

Learn a little tact, and stop trolling for attention. It makes you look bad.


@bocoom I liked the demo for it and read a review on it I feel I would personally buy the game, but I’ll wait awhile. If your in to space kind of stuff, especially Battlestar Galatica, this may be a good one to buy.


I’m with @Farside on this one. It’s decent, better than some of the other offerings.


@farside what I cant speak my mind without being called a troll?


Maybe you just have a naturally blunt way of saying things.

But, anyway, back to the thread’s actual subject, I remember what was said in the thread about COG’s business model, and how COG is expanding their direction and audience to include many genres. I found the lack of customization of the main character interesting. Although fans love romance, I appreciate that COG is not pandering as other companies (whom shall not be named) do. Romance is nice, but the main story has to be good too, unless it’s a dating game. Romance is also not necessary for every game ever. If someone enjoys tactics and strategy, I feel like they’d get a lot out of this game.

I am very bad at strategy myself.


Hmm, strategy depends on your interpretion though. I find some very indigenous methods of tactics and strategy aren’t usually implemented because it really depends on what the writer ‘thinks’ will work and what won’t.

I’m a bit harsher on this aspect though because I’m one of those people who has a copy of the Art of War… heh.

I’ve played it a few more times, some interesting endings in there that are worth seeking out. But I do feel the endings aren’t satisfying because some of them feel like they could go on a bit further than they do =/


@farside That is right! I tend to give my opinions to people raw, hard, straight, and fast! most of the time people cant handle it.

Also whole business model thing is good and all but I do not give a damn what genre it is! I just want a story game that I wont have to buy again and be disappointed that I could get the same thing but better somewhere else for free! Im looking at you Heros rise.


Well, when I said strategy I meant strategy like strategy games. Most strategy games place you in the role of a leader, don’t have much customization for the protagonist, and give a various technical aspects that you can control and manipulate. I do feel like a lot of care went into this game. It’s not as rushed as Archaeologist.


Archaeologist? whats that!



I meant To the City of the Clouds. I forgot it’s not called Choice of the Archeologist.


@bocoom - Perhaps adjust that raw, hard, straight and fast attitude? There’s a time and place for it especially if you know when to dish it out, but if you’re doing it all the time you’re just doing it wrong.


@RVallant Im sorry but I need to do it. Just look at my avatar. Its an alligator/skunk. It has thick skin and can take anything but it will spray its stink in any direction if pissed off whether you like it or not. Like me!


@bocoom - eh, isn’t there more important things to be getting pissed off about? Whatever works though, I just figure its better to be listened to than just ‘heard’ and passed off y’know?


@RVallant I know there are more important stuff. Im just speaking my mind that’s all. And I do agree with you on that last statement.


I’m genuinely unclear of what specifically your issue is?

You say you don’t care about genre, but from what I can tell you’re objecting to it being another sci-fi game?


Wait a second, theres a new game out?


@duck if it was free it would not be a problem. But seeing as you have to pay for it and that there is another one like it that you also have to play to pay is what made me mad.


Apex Patrol, if you’re wanting a free space game.


I already did genius! same with every other game on here!