Would you play a game that is VERY conversation heavy?


Would you play a game that is VERY conversation heavy?


That wouldn’t stop me from playing it, no. Naturally, it would depend on the game, and whether the conversation-heaviness fits it.


In general, yeah.

You might find some more productive answers if you provide some information about the game. I’m not too interested in some popular genre’s, so rather than it being down to conversation heavy vs barely conversation, I would/would not play a game based on it’s premise and genre.


The game is Redemption Day(WiP), a Western themed RPG. Remember Red Dead Redemption? Well, it’s going to be like that, only with RPG elements.
I’ll be posting the proof of concept on Monday so that you can play and judge for yourself.


Do you just read the conversations, or can you make choices and pick what you say?

Does what you say matter?


Yes, it does. Depending on what you say, your standing with the person you’re taking to can change, as well as his behavior. He might grant you extra personal favors, grant you data about something/someone or even sell you out to someone.


If the conversations are important, and part of the gameplay, and they matter, then I’m certain your game will have an audience.


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It depends on the game for me. I wouldn’t mind a heavy conversation but I would love a lot of interactions too. Like more choices than talking too much.


I don’t mind, as long as the story and characters are interesting