Would you mind if a Romance Option were married?

And I love being a chicken! To each their own! :chicken:


No (meaning that it shouldn’t turn off as many players.) The situation you describe, in which the PC is a concubine, typically is still considered a marriage. Restrictions on a concubine’s freedom were the same as on a princess or empress because as a concubine, the woman in question was also one of the emperor’s wives. She was expected to bear his children, and any of a congubine’s children could inherit the position of emperor or empress. It’s why imperial harems were so cutthroat. In a situation like that, you’re essentially romancing your own spouse, even if you have neither the privileges nor the official responsibilities of the empress.


Me? Yes. If I bought the game, I’d be looking for a way to escape from being a concubine entirely, to be honest. But I may not be your target audience.

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