Would you like to help create countries for an RPG I'm working on?


The premise is there are Seven kingdoms that dissolved in the rebellions and civil war. This world has advanced technology and Magic. Wars are fought with Golems, Mech Suits, and armor blessed to make it stronger against bullets .

There’s one land cloaked in darkness whose residents become twisted warped versions of themselves some physically all mentally. And basically an evil Version of the Mecha Ace protagonist creating a rogue nation.

The first is the original capitol Terallia
History:Terallia was the Capitol of the Terralan Empire. Ruled by Empress Diana and her wife Margaret. During the Rebellions and Civil War it struggled to hold onto power but eventually agreed to the peace accords for the dissolution of the empire into the 7 kingdoms. Noctis assassins struck down the Empress at the peace accords leaving the Twins Prince(ess) Al(essa)astor and Princess Alanna to take over.

Culture: The Noble’s own tracts of land where serfs can live for a modest pay and fealty to the noble. Most nobles use this for employing farmers or factory workers. But some abuse their power for more insidious uses.

Military: The Military primarily consists of Mages and Golems to combat mech suits of other nations. However there are foot soldiers wearing blessed armor and weapons to make them stronger than normal arms and armor.

Geography: Terallia is a land of beautiful plains and lakes. It is home to the crystal towers that house the School of Mages. For those with the gift and disinclination to burning their house down


So what exactly do you want the community to help you with? The only thing that actually tells us anything about your intentions is the headline, which is self-explanatory but incredibly vague


Pretty much just copy and paste real ancient cultures then build up from there. A Roman Empire culture, feudal japan, ottoman Empire, eastern Europe Teutonic knights, Zulu nation, Tibet monks, Aztec empire. Choose one and build up.


Having fun with the Edict of Fire?


If they were originally one country dissolved by civil war, then their overall culture and structure would have a lot of similarities. They could diverge based on the local ethnic majority / dominant industry / un-reconcilable differences on a certain way of life (for exp North vs South on the topic of slavery).


According to the description, it was an empire so they can indeed have distinct cultures. Even then, it is possible for a country to have a distinct culture depending on where in it you live.

@GenecoInheritor As for what you’re requesting, it is a bit vague. Not much in the way of lore and history, or even the culture. Only thing we know of for sure is magic, mecha, blessings, darkness, and the empire allowed same-sex marriage due to the Empress and wife.

While that looks fun on paper, it is still terribly vague and can result in 1 dimensional countries with half-baked ideas and no real history to them.


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