Would you be interested in a martial arts story?


I’ve been thinking about this for a few months now and I really want to give it a shot. My goal is to write an Action Adventure about both the realistic and mythical aspects of Martial Arts around the world. Though the journey will be inspired by stories such as Kengan Asura,Hajime no Ippo,and Marvel’s Iron Fist i hope to create something that stand on its own while being entertaining for the reader. The last thing I want to do is rip off the hard work of real writers.
Honestly I just wanted to ask you all about your thoughts on the concept,warnings, and for any pointers you’d be willing to give. Thank you for your time


It would be interesting. What is the setting? Do you already have a overarching plot in mind?


Something like this, but with more styles?


It would take place in the modern day where mental and physical fitness are valued much more.
I have an idea of what the villains would be and how they would affect the world. However I still need to work out the logic behind said motivations in order to make sure their beliefs and actions makes sense.
I’m also still debating on having where you are born affect the style you will start out with


Kinda. The art of kung fu will be in the story(one of the Antagonists will be using it)but I plan on making the plot a bit more layered.


Well, I’d be interested, but I do have one request. Can you please add in Kenpo? It usually gets grouped together with Karate, but there are some subtle (and very important differences).


I would love to. If you wouldn’t mind providing more info through PM I’d appreciate that. I hope to be able to properly represent each Style in my story accurately by doing thorough research.


I would think it would be interesting based on the plot and all.


Interesting , i’m interested since i’m practicing one of the martial arts
But still it would be no fun if there is no antagonist/s right? So if it is an School Settings it is easy (well not technically) and it would be like “The Choice of the Kung Fu” …If it is an urban or City setting it would be hard im sure , so this is just my opinion why not add a bit of magic (not technically magic) for ecample “Ki?” or ws it “Qi?” for additional power for punch and kicks
Well it’s just a one man opinion , so you don’t have to add it if you don’t want to just want to help

I’ll be keeping an eye on this WIP …good luck :wink:


Would I be interested in martial arts? Ya don’t need to ask, buddy! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: I’m totally up for martial arts!

Although, I’m more interested in the antagonist you’ll be making. :slight_smile:


In my experience, there a few things more satisfying than punching people in the face in text-form. Catharsis, maybe?

And I too am curious about the story antagonist. Given the sort of setting, I kind of hope for a rather personal rivalry rather than a more global threat, but either could work, I think.


Sounds pretty interesting, i suggest you read a comic “The God of Highschool”, one of my favourite comics so far. Good luck!


Let me provide a clear answer to your question.


Also, I am curious to see how you differentiate your story from Choice of Kung Fu.


That’s actually part of my plan. I will be adding a Chi system into the story however it won’t overshadow the importance of skill,Experience, or combat competence. When and where it will pop up in the story is a secret :wink:


There will definitely be a personal rivalry in the story. Whether he/she will be a part of the main group of antagonists is still being debated

Oh I assure you I’ve read that comic and it was fun.

I made sure to read that that story a couple of times in order to avoid too many similarities


Always down for more martial arts. Always.


If you could make the MC have a “hothead” personality (you know: idiot, honest and impulsive), like the MC in the comics, that would be awesome! It’s my kind of character.


Every action story has to have one of those guys😀


Wait, is it gonna be kinda like the man of tai chi?

I would absolutely love a martial arts game with multiple real styles. What are some of the styles you were thinking of including?


I’m wondering if you’ve considered using some European martial arts? they often get overlooked in these types of fiction