Would "real life" relations be worth it?

I want the reader to be immersed into my book series I’m working on which is why I dove into Choices, I’m new to this so I haven’t quite figured out how to code it yet, which isn’t important just yet. I do want the reader to include some relationships such as parents, spouse/significant other, sibling, cousin, and idk possibly aunt or uncle or something or if it’s not too much of a headache (which it already seems like just one is going to be) I’ve released my first book in my series and it is about zombies, well with the interactive fiction I am including back story to some pivotal characters (main ones later in the series) in the actual book so the reader really feels included into this world.

Main story line point is going to be trying to get back in touch with your family member(s) but also telling a gripping story at the same time which leads to despair and if your family member is a SO if you end up moving on with a NPC it will cause even more problems. I want the reader to eventually find at least one of the family members so they actually have a real connection, but would it really be worth it? Any opinions. input, or even tips on how to go about this is more than welcomed.

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