Would it be easier for games to be translated?


I was just thinking for a bit, I remember an old thread about translating games and such and I realized how many people here are not native english speakers. It must be a pain to have to learn English to play CoGs. So, I was just wondering, would it be easier to translate games. Perhaps have a start screen where you pick your language. Eh, I don’t know, just me and my thoughts.


Probably. But, you need to speak a heckuva different languages. Besides, even if you have a translator - It could possibly mess up some of your wording. I dunno about coding though. You could just copy your story in your language, avoiding the codes - Translate and… Well, add a choice in the first section of your story to Pick your language.


I dont thing it will be cheap so probably wont be profitable a pitty for foreigners like me but i improve my english at least


I am planning on writing my game in french aswell


Then again, I’ve pasted my Seventy-Eighty Page Novella into Google Translate and it crashed the website while freezing my Computer for a minute… Yeah, I don’t think translating the whole story is worth it - Well, maybe if you post Chapters. Also, I’m bad translating my English to other languages by hand… Or get a Keyboard from different countries! … I also don’t want to use the On-Screen Keyboard with different languages on my Computer…


This cool wired i understand french but i cant talk or write fluently only learn two years at school i can help with spanish


@Marajade- try using Google Translate! :slight_smile: (But… Grammar may be a bad thing with a CERTAIN Google Translator…)


Google translate doesnt work


Google Translate can be pretty awful sometimes. :frowning:

I’m always an advocate for making games more accessible through translation, but it’s not always financially practical. I was forced to learn a good deal of English and Japanese through video games when I was younger, though, so it’s not the worst if it never gets translated. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes doest work you can offend people with it and who paid for a bad translated game?


Actually, I translated my English to Portugese, and it was mostly fine. Except for the occasional bad Grammar.


Well i use it to translate to english from spanish and is worst to understand than the original