Would anyone like to make a donation?


My kids have begun fundraising for the Heart and Stroke foundation with their school…

Jump Rope For Heart

Every 7 minutes someone dies from heart disease and stroke in Canada. That’s why we are fundraising for the Jump Rope for Heart.

Your support will help the Heart and Stroke Foundation to achieve its 2020 goal of reducing Canadians’ rate of death from heart disease and stroke by 25%.

Your donation will directly improve the lives of Canadians through preventing disease, saving lives and promoting recovery.

Please consider making a donation today! Thank You for your support.

Marissa and Ethan

Marissa is 8 and Ethan is 6. If anyone would like to make a donation through one of them, they would be very appreciative. It all goes to a good cause. Currently, Team Marissa is in the lead. :slight_smile:

Donate via Marissa:

Donate via Ethan:


Oh wow, I remember doing these fundraisers back when I was in elementary school. Best of luck to them. :slight_smile:


Marissa and Ethan have been thrilled with the generous donations so far. Extra big thanks to Choice of Games for their support. It’s a great cause!

I also remember Jump Rope for Heart as a kid. It was the first time I canvassed for a charity. I remember going door-to-door with my envelope and taking pledges. And I remember the big day of skipping with all the grades in the school yard. :slight_smile:


3 more days! Even the smallest donation is a great inspiration and goes to a great cause.

The event ends Thursday, May 5!


Thanks again, everyone. It was a beautiful sunny day for their event. :slight_smile: