Would anyone be interested in an urban fantasy game from 2 POVs?

I have had this urban fantasy idea in my head for a little while, and a lot of it is based off of my own interpretations of ancient Greek and Celtic mythology because a lot of my childhood was focused around it.
In particular, the story will focus on two protagonists. [Please note that these names are place holders for the description, and would be able to be changed in game.]

Waverly Anne is a nineteen year old mortal. He is the son of two very powerful women-- one of whom is a clever witch who sold her soul, and the other of whom is a royal trans woman. He was born with a very unhealthy and weak soul as a consequence of his mother’s magic, and when he was three he was meant to die because he was the “tragedy” in her story. I think his death was meant to push her to become a villain, but that didn’t work out because she found a clever way to save him. She bound his soul to the harbinger who came to make sure his death played out properly; over time more harbingers and creatures came to collect on his soul, and each time she managed to out maneuver him, but this resulted in him having a very complex curse.

Orianne Grace is the first harbinger that was bond to him, and it is also a type of doppelgänger; after being bound to Waverly it was ‘adopted’ into the family as his legal twin. This was because Orianne was technically an immortal creature, and Waverly was technically mortal-- this was a really complex situation, and both needed to be kept safe so that one would not die and doom the other. Prior to being bound to him Orianne was a powerful shape shifter with control over both luck and death, but now it has only a little control over its past magics.

The story is meant to follow the curse from both sides. Orianne was once immortal and powerful, but due to magic it is now . . . not quite either. It also may not want to punish Waverly, and has grown quite found of him despite their connection being a type of prison. It had as normal a human life as you can in an urban fantasy world. Waverly is bound to many strange creatures-- including two sapphic banshees; a trans boy headless horseman; and [still under construction.] He is not quite human because he sometimes accesses the powers of those he is connected to, and he can use both willpower and wit to force them to do his bidding.

Waverly has used his experience in the supernatural world to form a combination law and support agency for both mortals and immortals a like; he often drags his soul-bound partners on adventures, and they are usually accompanied by a non-binary witch {who starts off the game as his best friend and potential date-mate} and a therianthrope {were-fox} who should also be open to romance. Orianne also has some of their own side-quests as they try to get back in the grace of the Courts. In the end their goals align, and they quest to break the curse . . .

However, I’m not sure how well it would work out to follow both characters? I would want personalities; gender; and even appearance to be quite customizable, and that may mean quite a lot of work if just one character is followed, and I’m not sure I saw a game with two POVs. Would that work?


It does sound really interesting. However, i would love only 1 pov.


The only game I can think of that has more than one POV (gameplay-wise, for more than dramatic cuts) is 3Games. I’d love to see a game from multiple perspectives, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You need to keep the perspectives diverse and interesting. If every POV character you have is sarcastic and narcissistic, not only is it hard for readers to tell the difference between them, it makes for a very flat read.
  • If one POV character does something significant enough to affect the other, you need to be consistent in how they are affected.
  • Show too similar a story in each POV, and the use of multiple POVs is pointless. Make them too differing, however, and you risk the audience losing a grip on the plot.

Try something new you know people will be interested. We’re all here because of our love of games


I really like this idea I can see why you would be hesitant to do it though it sounds like a lot of work I would suggest working with someone on it.


I think this sounds interesting, and I have no problem with 2 POVs as long as they are different. I think as long as you keep @lovinglydull 's advice in mind, you would do well with it even if it means it will be a lot of work.

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Nuclear Powered Toaster is also a WiP which is similar (in 2PoVs ) by @hustlertwo

This sound really interesting! As well there would be two POV then one, I have play one demo with two POV (and it was super confusing) and I’m glad that there’s going to be another one with two POV.

Speak and I shall appear! NPT did have two separate MCs, although it sounds like the idea in this thread would be more playing both of them in one playthrough and bouncing between perspectives, while Nuclear Powered Toaster was two different characters who experience similar events. So more like, say, Resident Evil 2, while this thread is more like Halo 2 when it switches between Chief and the Arbiter. I think there is a lot of potential, but speaking from experience I can say that having multiple characters can make stat balance a concern, as is letting the story get too fragmented. It says to have 20-40% of words seen in a single playthrough, and I was just barely over the 20 mark. Like 21.3% or something when I submitted it.

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I’m really curious where did the royal trans woman idea come from? If I may ask

To be honest most characters I create are transgender because I am trans, and a lot of my long time friends came out as transgender before I ever did. It is also a nod to the trans woman a semi-distant relative linked me to when I came out on my nineteenth birthday; I was really confused because as soon as I came out everyone wanted to know my transition goals and how I knew it wasn’t a phase, but this woman approached it differently. She waited for me to ask questions, and reassured me that I wasn’t faking; she told me that I was just like her own kid who was also non-binary, and convinced me that I wasn’t following a trend and distracting from “actual” binary trans folk.

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