Would anyone be interested if


I love writing stories, it’s like my hobby. Recently I have been doing one about wolves and it is from a wolf’s point of veiw. I can’t promise anything about anything due to school and unforeseen future events, but I thought who better to ask about it than you? The wonderful inhabitants of this forum. If people really do get interested then I could post something from my story, but again no promises! :smiley:


I think such a concept would have a lot of good content available to make a very full game/story.


I bet if you try it you will get a lot of good feedback


You read my mind! I was thinking of doing something like that but haven’t found the time (or motivation)


Werewolves RULE!!!

Please write this @Kitty9, please!



I think she means regular wolves (grey hopefully) not a monster


T.T wolves are cool too


Yeah it would just be regular grey wolves. I have already started doing a story for myself about this but if I were to do this then there would be several things to change. But really before I can consider doing a game I need to figure out where it is going and that may take time because I will need to get it right. :slight_smile: but thank you for all the positive feedback, it’s helping me to think about this a little more seriously.


There are a few wolf sims in other forms (I’m not aware of any COG or text versions). They’re fun.

Marking territory, finding a mate, having a litter, defending against threats, storms, drought, famine, hunting, humans, making a den, becoming the alpha… Lots of stuff to write about, I think it would make a great COG.


A wolf game with a sim element could be fun.

@Lucid Hey do you know the names of those games? I have a friend who’s been looking for games where you can play an animal in a life-sim-type game. He’s played Wolfquest. The old 90s games Wolf and Lion won’t work for him though.


I was thinking Wolfquest and I stumbled over an app for iOS named Life of Wolf. I looked just now and saw Angrywolf as well. :slight_smile:


Okay I have come to a descision. :slight_smile: I am going to attempt to make a game! I have a friend who does this sort of thing so hopefully it will work out! *fingers crossed* Also I have played WolfQuest and really enjoy it.


What’s wolfquest about? I seen it before but was lost


@2Ton It’s an educational game about how wolves live, gain mates, and look after their pups from other stanger packs.


O.o IS THIS AN MMO!? @trollhunterthethird


@2Ton Yup, I know what you’re thinking…


Wolf Party?