Worst way to die in COG?!


Just thinking, would you think would be worse way to go in a COG? Set on fire? Drowned? Werewolf attack? Or shot in the face?


I sense a topic that could degrade into macabre fantasies very quickly.


I think the worst possible way to die is a meaningless, pointless death that amounts to nothing. It’s being given a choice between left or right with absolutely no context clues as to which is the right path to pick and dying.


@Fairygodfeather O I know!!! It drives me crazy, specially if it restarts the whole chapter again and you have the choice of going left, right or just stand there. And if you get it wrong again, guess what? You start over, again! Yayyyyyy [-(


I think that the game Marajade was working on probably has the worst possible way to die in a choice of game.

I think restarting the chapter is at least better than restarting the whole game right from the beginning.


I liked that in MaM you could restart from the last temporal tether at the cost of morale.


Its a pain


Uh… this thread would make more sense If you we’re comparing death scenes from actual published games.

Like getting killed by the gravediggers in Vicksburg in Vampire. That’s a stupid way to die.


Idk if what you meant was worst ways to die or worst ways for you to fail the game, and the worst way to fail a game is to have a completely sane option that makes the most sense ends the game with a fail for you when the dumber option is somehow the smarter move. There are cases of that alot in good CYOA and they somehow work sometimes somehow but incases where one is alot stupider than the other it’s upsetting.

I played one CYOA it’s not CoG but there was a dumb part where the success of your entire game was based off of if you took this one route halfway through the game 1 route out of possibly around 7 and that’s really confusing since I went through the last half of the game and tried every thing I could and failed repeatedly like I thought it was dumb to just let someone continue on half way through the game if you already deemed them a failure in the overall end, just based on not taking one path that seemed very dumb to take in the first place, my entire game was based off me not taking the most seemingly boring path, feels like a huge slap in the face.


I have three true endings so far, but they’re all obvious; one even blatantly warns, twice, to turn back.


Its just plain evil!!! o-+


The mind-wipe one in The Fleet maybe… I honestly can’t think of any horrid ways of dieing. I would have thought Zombie Exodus would have a few but I can’t recall any at the moment…

A lack of memorable death scenes! For shame! I love reading them, they’re a small reward in itself.


In Zombie Exodus, there is a scene where you can tie one end of a rope to a bridge and the other end around your waist, so you can leap over the bridge to avoid zombies. The theory is that the mindless zombies will chase you and fall to their death in the waters below while you swing harmlessly. Well you jump off the bridge, the rope goes taut and you break your back. At that point you are hanging in the air with no ability to save yourself and no one to come rescue you, staring up at zombies for however long it takes you to pass out.


Very nice @JimD


@jimD that is an awful way to go!


@JimD sounds like something I would do.

Also, I cant think of a horrible way to die in a CoG ive played though I may need to review alot of the games. I think people should start making deaths more memorable. like in my personal opinion CoG puts CYS to shame but on that site I kinda remember every game’s death scenes, everything from being violently murdered by a pikachu, to having a savage cannibal cave my skull in and devour my remains just for the sake of it, though it doesnt have to be violent to stick out or anything Eternal had memorable deaths, but a bit annoying for me.


So far in my game “Ghost in the Library” you can break your neck or be possessed and commit suicide. Of course I am hip deep into reworking the opening so unable to share right now. I do plan on adding many nasty death scenes. >:-)


@2ton I remember in this one CoG were you had the opinion to hide under the bed because you heard a knock on the door. Already played it so I knew what would happen if I went to the so I hid under the bed… and was eaten by monsters under my bed… I ve never been more mad at a death in a CoG game.


I’ve toned down most death scenes leaving just brief descriptions of the events. I think leaving it to the imagination to fill in gaps makes the scenes better.


Worst death on CoG so far :

Game name: Vendetta

Writer: Vendetta (no longer active)

I was just trying to help that little girl in the bomber’s house, but she stabbed me in the gut with a kitchen knife… I think she thought I was Bendetti, the bomber. Now that was a dumb death, especially since I had already eliminated the bomber.