World War II game idea with no stats or anything


Im planning on making a huge WWII game with multiple campaigns so you can basicly play with every country of the war trough all of the historical battles .
There will be no stats since you are just a trained soldier. Its just story based but you’ll have lots of different paths.
Each campaign will be a different wip so choices in other campaigns wont affect the mission in others.

Do you have some ideas, questions just ask them but do you like this game idea and with wich campaign should i begin?
(American, German, Russian, British)
Do you want me to add more countries just say so and maby ill do :slight_smile:

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You could add the united allies

will there be romance?


How are you going to be able to romance while your at war?


Yeah that’d be pretty forced to have romance while in war…not every story needs romance. This sounds like a cool idea to me, but I think you’d be better off adding stats, at least when you’re comfortable with it. It makes it have more depth, re playability and it makes it so that prior choices have effect on the future.


This project, im just focussing on my writing and a bit choicescript. But in the future i might remake it with stats and stuf, maby…
Choices cant really have impact on the future because it already happened and vant really be changed, atleast not yet :wink:


“choices can’t really impact the future”




They need to have some impact…you could go Forrest Gump style and have the character be responsible for some historical facts. I don’t see why romance can’t be implemented considering people did actually meet and fall in love in wars. It doesn’t have to be only battle and nothing else.


yeah but consider the time period: homosexuality was frowned upon, and women weren’t allowed in war. Hence, only men attracted to men could have romance, and it would have to be very discreet.


Most of them soldiers had a concerned wife at home so yeah. I might do that the choices will have impact but not that germany blows up the world or anything like that


British soldiers were given handbooks on how to deal with French prostitutes in both the World Wars. Soldiers have something of a knack for finding “romance” when away at war, without degenerating into buggery.


British soliders were also given leave to go home and go back to there village to see there girlfriend wife or go to party with friends from the army to try and find a girlfriend



You’d at least have to keep track of the “Job” of the soldiers. then you can do this…

You see the enemy soldier, you...
 *if (sniper)
  #Shoot him in the head from a distance.

 *if (explosive)
  #Use your rocket launcher.


I think there were a lot of babies born during WW2 that would argue that romance was very much a thing during WW2 :wink:

@Samuel_H_Young Not that it’s an aspect that needs to be included in the game, but there were a lot of women in WW2. 350,000 women served in the US Armed Services during WW2, including combat theaters. The Soviet Union had 800,000 women in their armed services, including combat roles like snipers and machine gunners. 89 even received the Soviet Union’s version of the Medal of Honor, and they included the only two female fighter aces ever.


Wow didn’t know that


Oh! Well I learned something today. I knew they were included somewhat, but not to that scale.


I like the ideas of different “jobs” so i might add that and i have been thinking that this might be much better and way more playable if ill add 3 stats but wich ones?
And what campaign should i begin with
(American, Brittish, French, German, Russian)???


Weapon, job and trauma


Ok there will be stats that will make you succeed or fail some of your choices
Role(rifle man, sniper etc.), weapon, combat skill.
And some that wont really affect your story
Name, rank, unit(52nd panzer devision or anything like that)

But wich campaign should i make first

  1. American
  2. Brittish
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Russian