World Institute for Superpowered People: Episode One


Super powered people are a speciality of mine. Looking forward to character interaction.


Great start for a superhero game, can definitely see the Grant Morrison era X-Men inspiration, especially with KC (currently my favorite character). The range of powers is also impressive - honestly you could add flight, size changing and shape shifting and you’d probably have all the core super power sets of comics. :slight_smile: Interested to see where things will go.

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The first three partial paragraphs make more sense as one page. They’re just too disjointed.


Great game, has a real X-men feel. :+1:Too bad it’s so short, though.

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Loved the demo so far but… do I have to have two powers ? I would like just being a pyromaniac


yes, pony. is part of the story. only a few have more than one.


Ok first of don’t call me pony secondly if it has story significance I understand


alright, Pon- I mean rouge.

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Mahatma with another project I see, I’ll be lurking…


I really liked this, but why does there have to be so many boys? :disappointed:


I’m liking this Game!


Ok, so I just reached the buss scene. Not gonna lie, it reminds me a LOT of Sky High! I kept laughing the whole time, even after the buss driver revealed he was just messing with them :joy:

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Me too! (20 characters)


The bus driver totally had me fooled… :smirk:


I wish there were more possibilities when it comes to combinations.

Like say having fire and ice, or super strength and telekinesis,even if those selections are a bit redundant practically speaking.







Thanks for the grammar corrections, everyone! As some might have noted, I have a bad time with the past tense sometimes. :sweat_smile:

All the errors mention should be fixed by now.

I wasn’t able to find the error you mentioned. Can you be more specific?


Thanks! I was wondering if anyone would pick up on that “easter egg”. That segment of the game is related to a major plot point of the first “world changing” important decision that will be made by the player at some future chapter.

Thanks for the report! It should be fixed now.

I confess I just googled “name for both genders” at the time, but there is no reason as to why I can’t give a different name for each.

The player will be able to intervene and either help Johan remain or get spelled. There are political repercussions for either, because the Island is an independent(and secret) state that wants to remain isolated from everything else, and North Korea’s foreign policy in that world is similar to the one in our own, but using Superhumans instead of nuclear bombs.

This whole affair was inspired by real life facts: The current Supreme Leader of North Korea studied abroad in a Swiss school under a fake name, is a big fan of basketball(to the point of hanging around with former player Dennis Rodman), and his brother once tried to visit Disneyland with a fake passport.

There might be one or two plot points related to it in the future, but for now it’s just for laughs. Thanks for the feedback!

I would argue that this is a bit of an overstatement. They were done that way purposefully, for the aesthetics of it, and I think they make narrative sense.

I understand what you mean. While having more than one power is indeed inserted into the plot, there is no reason why it couldn’t be conditional.

It actually fits with another idea I have for the future of the game, which I’ll expand on the reply below:

The powers were separated that way because I wanted to balance what someone would be able to do. There are powers who are clearly “better” than others, in my opinion.

That being said, I have been fiddling with an idea:

As the game currently stands, you can have:

  • One power that costs (1) and another that costs (2)

  • Two powers that cost (1) each

If you choose the second option, it will leave you with 1 point in your power pool. Currently you just leave it behind when you create your character.

But what if points you saved could be used later, in certain special conditions? Like, say, something related to hidden potential, something that came up during special training, or even in moments of desperation, when all hope is lost? I kinda like that idea, if I manage to balance it somehow.

Now, the reason why I’m saying this related to “ice and fire” powers, is that It’s related to another idea: When someone finishes the game for the first time, the player could gain some kind of “secret code” to add a Power Point to its points pool and, essentially, create a character with a more powerful combination of powers.

This fits with the whole idea that the start of the game isn’t the first time you’re there.


That would be cool perhaps the fire and ice manipulation could produce their element at certain times I don’t know?

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Just from the few moments I had playing this game, this one has earned the Jaxx seal of approval.



Pun intended? (20 characters )


Jesus Rouge! how many times a day do you change your avatar?

that would be a really interesting Idea.

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