Wordcount tool for Choicescript?


I’m coding Choicescript in Sublime Text 3 and I was wondering if there is a wordcount tool available somewhere? I installed something that gives me the number of words in the file, but it counts the code as well as the actual prose that the player would see. Unfortunately I’m not tech-savvy enough to figure out how to create such a tool myself. I’ve tried searching this forum and generally searching the web using Google, but had no luck; maybe I’m not using the right search terms. Any help appreciated.


This came up a few times before, but I’m not sure which thread it was.

  1. Ask randomtest to display full text.
  2. Tell it to run 3-5 times.
  3. Copy and paste this into something that has a word count function, like MS Word.
  4. Divide word count by number of times it ran.

This will give you a rough average of length of text per playthrough.

Edit: Oops, I don’t use randomtest that much. Yes, it has its own word count. Thanks @Left4Bed


If you run random test and check the first and third boxes, it gives you a word count at the end. Just divide this by the number of iterations you ran and you’ll get a general idea for how many words the player will see on one play through. In terms of overal count, I’m not really sure.


When CoG cites a wordcount, it’s including code.


I’d advice against running multiple instances and dividing the result. Unnatural could differ between 45k and 90k on playthroughs there can be a lot of difference.


The new version of CSIDE will feature separate word counts, one with and one without code.


When will we get to see the new version of CSIDE ?


Might be a while. @CJW wants it to be as perfect as possible before general release, and he’s working hard to make it so. Believe me, it’ll be worth the wait.

PS: Strictly speaking, it’s called CS-IDE.


Below the word count after random test is done, there is a thing that says Time: and then numbers…what is that??? an estimated time it takes to play through it? I just wasn’t sure.


I assume that’s how long it took to run the test.


It’s how long it takes for the test to finish


I’d like to say sometime this Summer… But I can’t remember the last time I met a self-set goal, so no promises. But as Fantom said, I’m trying to make it worth the wait.


Trying and succeeding. CS-IDE is awesome :slight_smile:


But that makes it less likely to be pronounced “seaside,” and thus less awesome.



If you’re diverging too wildly between playthroughs, you could always give a range, i.e. “Between x and y thousand words.”


I actually pronounce it “CSI-IDE” or “CSI-eyed” because for some reason the letters make me think of the show CSI.


How about: “sea side”? :wink:


A wordcount, yes. But an “average playthrough,” no.

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