Word Count Discussion

That probably is a personal taste thing. Especially if you’re on the time poor side, I LIKE having the choice to sit down and read something in a lunch break, particularly if it gets me thinking or has some replayablity so you can come back to it.

Are you sure? I’ve written several and most of them have not been lighthearted. (Albeit none are actually published through HG as of this date so perhaps they’re easily missed.) Some are quite dark. I can’t imagine I’m the only one writing them though. Forum example (I’ll get to the others when I compile the list I was talking about) is Raishall. I’m adding an alternate path to it at the moment, but the game open to play at present is under 30k words and dark fantasy. Is it experimental? I don’t think so, unless you class the short story structure as experimental (or the flipped perspective I’m currently writing.)

Short form can be hard in some ways. One of those things is getting the balance right with the pacing vs storyline depth and breadth.

Well we are comparing one of the “classics” of literature to generally indie writers here. If we could all write classics we’d be doing extremely well for ourselves yes? (Although it might be noted that Lovecraft wasn’t a very popular author during his time and his work would be considered experimental since he deviated from gothic horror to the new system of often watery unknown terrors we know as lovecraftian horror today. Food for thought that sometimes when new ground is broken, it is not seen as popular until later. Can see that in a lot of “cult” status movies as well but I’m getting off topic.