Wolves of War [WIP] (9/25/21)

a very good game i will be waiting

It took me a couple of hours scrolling through the forums to figure out how to do it. Most of the examples required me to download a mod and insert it into an html for java script to make it work on a browser. Only on person mentioned that all you have to do is to enable the mod on dashingdon and insert a simple line of code. I’ll just say I managed to implement it instead of going on a further tangent.

I like it so far, but I’m confused about the POV’s cause first I was reading in 2nd pov and the next its 1st, breaking my immersion. Hope you can fix it😃.

I need to hire or find volunteers who are willing to proofread the game.

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¿What kind of volunteers?

I just need a couple of people who will have access to the alpha version of the game for free, who can help me with proofreading and suggestions. I could create a private discord server so we work on making the game better. I am also open to the possibility of them helping me write the story as well. Of course, they would also have their names in the credits as people who have helped make the game.


Do you recall where in the story it changed from 2nd to first person?

This parts

I didn’t even realize I did that, and even on the same pages!! I need to pay more attention.

I’ll fix this in the current version I’m working on, which will be released next month. Just be aware that these issues will still be in the next update, but will be fixed after that.


You have discord?

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New update tomorrow.


Oh, thats great. Have a good day today :slight_smile:

Version 1.6 is now available for everyone. v1.7 will have chapter 1 finished with minor improvements in the next few updates. v1.7 will also have minor improvements to the stat screen.


Thank you for uploading a new update, im loving this if, and btw, i think theres a problem with the saves.

What seems to be the problem with the saves?

in the sm_init line theres a " * " probably missing

Give me a second.