Wolves of War [WIP] (12/09/22)

I understand the lack of many werewolf games out there, it just so happens that I want to see more of them and decided to try and write my own.


You wake up with no recollection of your past life, and find out that you have been turned into a werewolf. Do you wish to find out about your past? Want to join a cult? Burn down the world around you? Help the humans? Or just find your romantic partner? However you want to live, there are forces out there that will threaten your way of life.

The choice is yours to make, however you decide to live, can you live with the consequences?

Updates are roughly every two months.

Things to do
Add more romance options.
More choices and choice variation for more replayability.

Current word count for the free version 68k.
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This sounds interesting

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sounds very interesting… ill wait till a few chapters are out.

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The premises sound interesting, but since amnesia is something that makes me extremely unconfortable, and depending how it’s handled I may or may not be able to handle it myself, may I ask how easy or hard (and how fast) will it be possible for the MC to remember their past? I hope that’s not too spoilery, but I need to know before I start.


Very interesting story! It’s going to be fun to see how the stats (strength, agility, intelligence etc.) will work in game too.

I only found a few little typos:

I think this would be or.

This may be a coding error.

Just curious, will there be the option of having a non-binary MC for readers who would want that? I was wondering as there’s a ‘male’, ‘female’ and ‘unsure’ choice when choosing gender.

Congratulations and well done on posting your first demo! Good luck with the rest of your writing journey. :blush:


Lol. The lack of Werewolf games? Obviously you haven’t been paying attention to this forum.:joy::joy::joy::joy:


The Unsure option uses none binary pronouns. Of course, I expect some grammar issues that come with having them.

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Welcome to the forum, personally i was wondering when you show up with your protect, I saw your draw a while ago, I’ll be lookin how this develops, is always interesting the story around an amnesiac protagonist.

Also I found a small typo I believe.
Wolves Of War

Not sure if this one is an error, but…
Wolves Of War (1)

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I mean’t the games that have already been published. You are right, I haven’t been keeping up with the forums.

Lol. There are quite a few Werewolf games that are WIP one of which is a favorite of mine called Blood Moon. Check it out if you haven’t already.


Pretty sure I fixed the second one you pointed out in the alpha version. I’m not sure about the first one, but I will take a look at it.

As a suggestion, you could change ‘unsure’ to ‘non-binary’ as non-binary can also mean a person who is between male and female, or someone who does not exclusively identify as either - that doesn’t necessarily mean unsure.


Also as another suggestion you should have a “charm” ability

Werewolf game ? I’m already excited for it !

That’s weird, to me still appear that odd sentence, I mean if this happens on the 1600’s, why the MC is mention ‘channels’, like TV channels, but you know, no pressure.

Out of topic, kinda shame, there’s several wip of weres that never go forward, either cancelled or the author never appear again in here, even some wips than never showed up in the forum, but still exist their wips on dashingdon.


There’s never enough werewolf games, I’ll keep my eye on this one


I also want more werewolf games, but having the nonbinary option as “unsure” is a little insulting. I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, I’m guessing not, but I still wouldn’t play it until it was changed ^-^’


Yes that’s something I forgot to edit after changing it from modern day to the 1600’s.

I will change it when I get the chance. I did not mean any disrespect to people who identify as non-binary.


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