Wolf set free WIP (Prologue published)

Nice update. I can wait to see what happens next between my timid but lonely gamma and the pack


I loved the game, mainly Bela! I can’t wait for more :heart::heart::heart:


Ooo I love this. I really like how customization influences the way our MC behaves, like my Omega being self conscious about her size, the poor traumatized thing haha. Needless to say, I can’t wait for more!


While I had hoped we would be able to make the choice to shift into our human form once we got to our pack’s home but it make sense that a werewolf who has been kept in their wolf form while in captivity would either not want to shift into their human form because they’re partly used to their wolf form & partly because they’re more vulnerable in their human form or because they’ve been in one form for so long they may struggle with shifting between the two. Or perhaps a combination of the two depending on how our MC feels about the whole thing


Hah HAH. I LOVE this! Maybe it got updated and I just missed it or something, but hoo wee am I glad I came back. This story is super tragic so far, and I actually really liked the option to be saddened by our release, at least subconsciously. Stockholm syndrome type thing, like wanting to put the collar back on later. Or that our hair could have greyed prematurely. And I also really like that we stay in our shifted form for so long because we feel safer like that. Like it totally makes sense and works character wise, at least in my opinion. Keep it comin!


I like this a lot so far.

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Love it :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, need more. Thanks alot author.