Witchery- feedback wanted for the novel I'm writing


Hello! I’m Rebelgirl, you may know me from the wip I’m writing, Supernatural in New York. I’m also working on a novel, the first in a trilogy, and I’m looking for feedback. Two of my friends have been reading and helping me so far, but we’re all busy with school and English isn’t our native language so I’d like to ask for other people’s opinions as well.

I’ve been thinking of posting the book on a site like Wattpad, but the feedback I’m looking for is grammar mistakes, helpful critisism, honest opinions, what should be revised, and the comments I’ve received on the game so far have been really helpful, so I thought I could ask the forum for help for my novel, which is almost finished.

If any of you would be interested and has the time to offer their help, please pm me with your email and I’ll send you the first few chapters of the book.

It’s a young adult urban fantasy which follows two teenage sisters, Tess and Jamie Reynolds who are sent to a small, sleepy Maine town, Greenville, as their parents are too busy travelling around the States with business. At least that’s what they say, but both sisters know the truth about their move, and swore not to speak of it again.

Tess is the sensible, nice, history buff, obsessed with the Salem Witch Trials and Puritan colonies, and Jamie is the rebellious, reckless troublemaker.

Things are not that normal in Greenville, though- Jamie insists that their hostess is a witch, Tess finds herself drawn to her American History teacher, and the town has its own witch story, even if it’s not Salem. When Tess starts dreaming of a strange girl, could it be the same supposed legendary witch?