Witcher 3(Have you played it)


How many people own it, play it. I wish some of these stories were more like moral choice in Witcher series. Based on choices you make, different outcomes. It reminds me of goose bumps I used to read as a kid. It was a sorta choose your own adventure tell. You could make different choices, based on those choices different things would happen. I think a major thing in this compan’y success will be the stories that you can interact with. There’s not a huge market right now for choices you can make in video game, besides these stories, and a few other games.


The main reason behind the lack of choice in modern video game industry is the high cost of animating and coding all the outcomes. I once tried developing a 3D choice-based game, but after a few choices it became impossible for my small team to handle all of it.

Perhaps in the near future, with these huge budgets, it will be possible to develop games with meaningful choices :smile:

I really liked the way they handled it on Dishonored, where killing a lot of people resulted in a darker ending.

The choices in Witcher 3 are also pretty interesting, I feel like next gen games are starting to notice that people like the ability to change things.


Solid 7 to 8 for withcer 3

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Good game though


I actually just finished playing it last night, and it was probably the most fun I’ve had in a game in a while. And when I say I “finished” it, I mean I completed the main plot to the end, whereas I probably only did about 10% of the side quests along the way. It’s crazy what all they put in it.

And @player I think that only happens when you pursue both of them.


Yes yes it does…

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Tried playing Witcher 2 once, stopped after 5 minutes because the main character makes me want to punch a brick wall. If I had any control over the dude’s personality or got to play a woman, I might have played it. But no. Just no. (And yes, I know it’s based on a book and that’s why the main dude has a fixed personality.)


That is so true…

I hated being unable to shape the personality of the main character on witcher 2, he was simply not someone who I could sympathize with.


I wish I could play it. But my laptop is just about the same as a potato with some electronics shoved into it.


yes and I enjoyed it but not as much as DA:I


By all means feel free to express your disappointment with the game but if you could hold back on the excessive use of expletives that would be appreciated. Thank you.


i have it, but I haven’t been able to play it as much as I wanted to this past weekend, my nephew came to visit & he has been on my systems almost non stop , but he goes home tonight & i’ll definatly wreck some stuff then.


I preordered it because CDProjekt Red have a great track record… but I haven’t actually managed to finish The Witcher 1 yet thanks to my HDD crashing multiple times mid playthrough. I got a bit fed up, I started trying it again on the day of Witcher 3’s release. :stuck_out_tongue: CDPR have great writers for the Witcher games. Of course the Witcher is rather Niche. It can’t really appeal to those who can’t get behind playing as Geralt of Rivia Professional Monster Slayer and Freelance Gigolo. I do hope that Cyberpunk has a bit more player customization. It’s kind of worrying that someone asked a dev specifically if it’d be possible to play a female character and the dev carefully evaded the question. I wonder if CDPR are just really uncomfortable with the idea of writing for a female protagonist.


No time, no money, but it’s the reason I’m going to buy a next-gen console. Probably sometime next month. (I was hoping it was going to be out for Mac, but no such luck; considering the requirements, it looks like only $3000 gaming PCs could manage it anyway. I’ll spring for a $200 used console.)

I played the hell out of the Witcher 2 but only fit in 1 1/2 playthroughs of the Witcher 1 so far, so I’m not as desperate to play it as I would be if I’d finished all of Witcher 1. I also have other games, including a bunch of WIP demos, sitting around waiting to be played.


I’m more of a mass effect kind of guy, but may play witcher if I ever get it


About the only place you could even find a computer for $3000 is the notoriously overpriced Alienware. This vastly exceeds the recommended specs, and if you were willing to put the parts together yourself it’d be cheaper: http://www.amazon.com/Asus-G10AJ-US010S-ASUS-Gaming-Desktop/dp/B00SXRQ3IK/ref=lp_8588813011_1_2?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1432610929&sr=1-2


$1400 is actually pretty overpriced. I only spent about $800 on my gaming PC, and it is already better than any next-gen console.

And let’s not forget about steam and humble bundle, those places are amazing if you want to save money on games.


As long as it can play the game, I can’t justify spending four times as much for a PC when I have a Mac that can do everything I need. I guess it would be different if you already had a PC you could upgrade.


Some day you will join the PC Master Race, and it will be good.