[WIP] Wolves of War (Rewritten 9k words) (06/22/23)

Nothing wrong per se, just that a human as a head of mythical/supernatural/paranormal creatures/monsters organisation is a bit odd if you think of it in that direction.


Who knows, it could be that the world governments are trying to hide supernatural beings from the rest of the population. If that is the case, (The backstory is not set in stone yet.) it would make sense to select one of their own to lead this particular branch. However, that does not mean that Etu is the right person for the job. His wealth and influence have certainly won him favor among his peers.

No worries :smiley: it just was one of the things I was waiting on mentioning again since you said you had fixes coming in the most recent update which happened as of now correct?

Oi @Phantmwolf

every second… Not Everyone second

Wrong pronoun, Lucia is a her.

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You whisper

Lol I love how assholish Fenrir behaves…

It seems that I have missed a lot as Empress is pointing out. I don’t know when I will be able to get them all fixed, hopefully in the next update or two.

Oh damn am I making it too agressive and annoying again? :smiling_imp::smirk_cat::kissing_cat:

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Hey @Phantmwolf when MC is arguing with Fenrir for letting Raven go and Lucia interrupts the two of them they all hear a scream and it says it was Lucia’s scream but Lucia was with MC and Fenrir all along and she too runs along MC after Fenrir to help… Lucia? how is that even possible? Lol it’s giving me a major headache.

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@Empress_Nightmare @Phantmwolf I suspect that scream part because I encountered it too was the etu being thrown off the balcony? Or was it someone else all together?

It crossed my mind too @Phantmwolf but it ACTUALLY says Lucia is the one screaming… Even in that dream like state where MC meets the first Werewolf/Werewolf mother’ soul fragment MC thinks that Fenrir can save Lucia if you choose to stay to chat with the werewolf soul…

Oi @Phantmwolf (and @Valixon too) see it says that Lucia got hurt, but Lucia was with MC and Fenrir when the shout was heard…

Also Fenrir said that his son got hurt, I think the scream should be of Fenrir’s son’s…

Lucia confusion...


I appreciate all of the feedback on the mistakes I made. It looks like I’ll have plenty of work to do this week.

I solved the screaming paradox. Turns out, it was a simple coding error.


Not completely, you only fixed the end part of the mess…

see this when they heard the scream?

MC still thinks that they heard Lucia’s scream but she’s with MC and Fenrir all along.

Also in green it says that Elenor is with Lucia but Lucia is with MC and Fenrir and Elenor went with Skoll.

Also when MC is in that dream thing with the werewolf mother soul

MC says that Fenrir is on the way to save Lucia

Now everything should be fixed, unless there are more issues that you can find @Empress_Nightmare. I forgot if uploaded it already, or if it’s going to be in the update coming next week. Nevertheless, I wanted to add another poll and ask everyone if they want me to add an option to go back to the previous choice? For instance, let’s say you accidentally made a wrong choice or wanted to see what the other choices have to offer without restarting the game.

Make an option to go back to the previous choice?

  • Yes.
  • No.

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while that’s interesting I would be more on favor of such options with each chapter or just using the save feature while the game is in development helps with immersion and the like for me.


If I do it for each chapter, it wouldn’t take much effort do it for each choice since the structure is already there. However, I’ll leave it alone for now.

Also, it’s been made clear that most people want larger updates even if it means waiting longer for them. This will definitely put less stress on me to rush out new updates on a set schedule.


Addition to the save slots, I agree with maybe once a chapter, so it doesn’t ruin the immersion too much! It’s about having to make (hard) choices, so having the ability to redo every one kinda makes it pointless, imo


Just released a small update to the story which adds almost 3k words. There is currently no date set for the next one since I plan to do larger updates from now on.


Is it normal that my data aka Dave vanished?

I don’t know why it happens, but I’ve been told that it is normal for this to happen with games that are still in development. When an author creates new variables that did not exist in previous chapters, it is likely to cause some errors and or bugs.