(WIP) Wilhelmina (Update 24/03 Chapter 5) complete Demo


I just drop to say how much i enjoyed your game.

  1. One of the few female gender-locked games. Just for that I applaud you.

  2. I probably am one of those few who was never exposed to the original Dracula story and frankly was curious about your premise. More used with Movies/Anime’s Dracula and yours is a very surprising take to someone like me. …More grounded.

  3. I love how comfortable and easy is your story is for me to read. It flows, never too long for any pages, and there will be choices to keep the user feel somewhat alerted and feel like they are affecting the direction of the story, which to honest is very true. (Helping Lucy vs not Helping her makes such a big difference in the experience. )

I enjoyed your game so much more than watching Netflix’s Dracula last episode.

Thank you so much for this demo. :grin:


Ah! Thank you so much! I’m really, really happy to hear that. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


‘After being woken up rather unpleasantly by one of the Maids knocking on the door’ might be a better word than staff member. ma


Just found this demo and I love it! Who’s everyone picturing as Dracula? Luke Evans for me.

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Things were getting so interesting that I didn’t want this chapter to end, but alas. I very much look forward to the full game! I’m hooked.


Hi, I’ve been following your story for a while now and wanted to let you know that I absolutely love it!

Female protagonist? Yes!
Vampires? Big yes!
Multiple romance options? Count me in!
Option to pick Dracula’s gender? I’m crying (good tears)!

I’ve loved vampire novels/stories for years now but I’m also a rather picky reader and most stories just didn’t do it for me.

Then I found this little gem and immediately loved it.
At first I was planning a Mina/Lucy vs the world sort of playthrough.
Then came the option to turn Dracula into a woman and my mind went haywire.
So now my brain is giving me wild ideas about a Dracula/Mina/Lucy love triangle or even a poly option.

But honestly, aside from the romance I just really like your writing and the eerie mood of the story. I once heard the phrase ‘terror with a bit of delight’ as the perfect balance for a good story or work of art. I think your story does just that and I’m excited to read the rest.

Keep up the good work and best of luck!:grin:


I keep getting this error message and can’t progress any farther :frowning:

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Hmm I didn’t get that notice before, but I’m sure it’s because I used the percentile value, I’m having trouble with those :thinking: They act up when the variable is negative bc mathematically that is a problem :confused: Thank you for letting me know!

Thank you @Claymore @joe_g7 and @lokidemon007 !!! :sob: :purple_heart:

@HerrEulenspiegel thank you as well! You’re awesome :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I got that as well but I just started from the start and that fixed it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m really glad that Lucy isn’t portrayed here like how most Dracula movies did wherein she was this promiscuous young woman who loves leading on her male suitors. I know that the novel might have misled them to believing Lucy was that kind of woman because of how she lament on having feelings for all of her three suitors but it doesn’t mean that she still can’t be the pure, innocent and sweet woman she’s supposed to be. She was barely an adult and she had this free spirit personality, someone who was just trying to find her place in the world and it was all disregarded from how she was portrayed in the movies, she was shown as your typical modern party girl who loves to flirt and sleep around. I hope Lucy gets a happy ending with or without Mina, I never liked how she ended up on any of the movies like she was some sort of a punishment. Anyway, I hope she gets a happy life with Mina, I mean if that’s possible in this game then I’ll make sure to make it happen. I hope you keep the sweetness in Lucy. Btw, loved this game.


:bat: Small Update :bat:
I fixed some spelling and grammatical errors, added an interlude at the very end (wink wink) and changed once again a stat for Mina (compliance was again replaced by bravery). I’m still having problems with fair add stats bc why not :unamused: Anyways, I’m back on working on Mina. The big branches are planned (and I gotta say there are big differences between the routes), now I “only” have to write it :grin:
Expect weekly writing updates about the status of the closed alpha once I’m actively writing Mina.


Thank you so much! I absolutely agree about Lucy usually being portrait as “seductress” in the adaptions. The bbc’s version of her character was …not good.
Not to give away too much, but there are a few options to find a happy ending with or for Lucy. (Yet there is also the option to mess up). :relaxed:


Haven’t been on this forum for a bit but once I saw there was an update I logged in so fast. Amazing as always! I haven’t been this invested or excited for a WIP for a bit. I like the little tweaks and the branching begins. :eyes: Easy to see where your path lies depending on so.

Also, I’m so weak for Dracula. Can’t wait for the rest. :relieved: :ok_hand:

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