(WIP) Wilhelmina (Update 11/17)

Yes and yes :innocent:


I can’t believe it took me so long to read this beautiful wip shame on me folks! Also thanks to the great portrait of Mina (no Dracula’s reincarnated wife bulshit oh god).
I can’t believe I finally get to realize my dream of LucyxMina and you make me want Jonathan instead, no Lucy, no both XD. Anyway looking forward to this wip :heart:


Aaah! Thank you so much! :relaxed:
Also, I have to agree, bc the thing with Mina being the reincarnated wife of Dracula always bugged me :see_no_evil:


I’m liking what you have so far but I noticed a couple of things about the relationship points with Lucy I thought were a little strange. Like at the very beginning if I pick the options:

  • Think about the last time I’d seen Lucy + Yes I’m glad to see her + A picture of her in my locket = 28 points and a somewhat awkward greeting.

  • Think about Johnathan/dream + A picture of her in my locket + I’m glad to see her again = 30 points and she runs up to hug me.

Shouldn’t I get more relationship points and a better greeting if I was thinking about only her instead of thinking of her last?

The second thing was in chapter 4 where you partner up for the labyrinth. People with 50 or less relationship points with her have the option of going with her, but I couldn’t since I had max possible points with her. I looked in the scenes and saw they were somewhat romantic in nature. You hold hands with her, cuddle up with her, and she inadvertently confesses she would rather marry you instead of any of her suitors. Wouldn’t it make more sense for people with higher relationship points to go with her and be able to spend more time with her?


Wait what. We can pick to go into the labyrinth with Lucy? That’s awesome, hilarious, and I want it.


Oh yeah, you are totally right! I fear, that I messed up with some of the numbers and variables :see_no_evil: It should be the opposite of what it is now :woman_facepalming: Thank you so much for telling me! I’m gonna fix that asap and let y’all know when I’m done.


Okay, I fixed the damn thing! Gosh, that was awkward :see_no_evil:


You can go into the labyrinth with Lucy? I didn’t know that either!

In the labyrinth with Lucy:

“Alright,“ you try to sound carefree, but you’re actually quite nervous to ask this. But here goes nothing. “Do want to marry?”

Do you want

In the labyrinth with John:

I’ll answer as thruthfully as possible," John smiles, showing his teeth.


But you don’t really notice that, since you’ve finally came up with question a for John.

a question

Later on:

You did promise to meet him at the beach tonight. And if you’re not mistaken it is about time to go when you want still to meet him.


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I’m very excited for this one.

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I just wanted to let all of you know, that I am taking a small break from writing bc my dog died earlier this week and I’m just not feeling like writing or doing anything. I hope I’ll be back next week. I just need a break and some time to think about stuff…


Take your time, losing a pet is horrible :slightly_frowning_face: Lots of hugs and take care of yourself.


My condolences for your loss! The loss of a pet is always hard and we understand the need to take time off!


Thank all of you for understanding and supporting me! :heart:
I still miss her, but I am getting better with every day passing.


Take all the time you need. When my cat passed away last year I had no appetite nor was I able to do anything really for a couple weeks. Pets are family members and it’s never easy to lose them. Take care of yourself and I’m sorry for your loss.