(WIP) Wilhelmina (Update 08/30 1/4th of chapter 4)

That’s not how they felt towards the Jewish people, or towards the Roma, or any number of people who were from various other groups. Back then there were a lot of attitudes concerning “anxiety over the collapse of British Imperialism and racial mixing”. Since we only see the biased points of view of those supposedly of the good we’re never given a chance to see his.

Of the only foreigner whose account is ever given a kind account is Helsing’s is my point. In Victorian Society, those who were not from Western Europe again were pretty much always looked down upon treated with suspicion, and scorn because, to say nothing of the a lot of other issues back then that were there. Again we only have a certain point of view to look at. We never have the Count’s which I always felt was a disservice.

Also, how do we know that the multiple blood transfusions from different sources isn’t what killed Lucy? Medicine back in that was very slipshod, I mean four men each of whom the good doctor had no understanding of bloodtypes at all? Any of them could’ve carried any types of diseases that could’ve been transferred and Van Helsing could’ve never have been the wiser. Were the tools even used sanitized? That’s never made clear in the book either.


Oooh…this is very promising indeed! :heart: a few years ago I was in VLAD DRACULA (the musical). I played “Lead Vampiress” (aka there were 3 feminine vampires that followed Vlad around and got to be super sexy and sing all of the good songs and sort or narrate the story) BUT I had to play Mina for a weekend (a role I wouldn’t normally expect to enjoy…especially since I had gotten the role I had wanted) ANYWAY it gave me a.lot of perspective on that character, that I hadn’t had previously. Soooo after having stepped into those shoes…I really.do enjoy your interpretation of her story/personality so far. I like how you’ve inserted the reader…I am very much looking forward to seeing which choices we get to make for her and where it will take us. Such an interesting story to take on…good for you! And great job so far, it really is very immersive already. :slight_smile: cheerS!

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@Jender @hiro_starchild
Thank you two for the kind words ^^

also, wow o.o

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The best I can manage is having seen Nicholas Briggs (who voices the Daleks and Cybermen on Doctor Who amidst many other mad things) play Dracula on the stage… :sweat_smile:

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What an interesting concept! :slight_smile:

I tend to stray away from gender locked games, but the Dracula theme intrigued me. So far the only character interactions we really get are from the flashback and Lucy, but what is currently showcased is great. I hope to see this develop further, perhaps taking on more of the gothic horror themes seen in the originator of this book :slight_smile:


Fun demo so far, can’t wait to see more :smile:

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@SirEdmund @LeoXII
Thank you! :heart_eyes:

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Also, there was an update!

I uploaded one third of the 3rd chapter. It might not seem much, but there are quite a lot of different branches. I hope you like it thus far ^^ I just felt bad for not posting anything the last week…

Thoughts and critique are very welcome and appreciated :blush:

There will hopefully be more updates the next weeks since I am free of work :grin:


You don’t have to feel bad for not posting, everybody works at their own pace!

I definitely loved the update though Lucy is probably my favorite ro (I know we haven’t seen much of the boys yet but still) so that really isn’t surprising lol. If you’d let me I’d probably gush about this story all day, thank you for sharing it, I’m super psyched for more!

Can Lucy be convinced to get along with John? Even if Mina doesn’t end up with him I think my Mina would at least be friends with him. That’s I currently imagine she sees him, at least.

I combed through the game and only really found a couple of things

Both of giggle, suddenly able to forget about the nightmare you two just had.

Should be “both of you

While you think you’re on top, Lucy made sure to get open access to your weak spots

Made should be makes

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Great new content! Getting the impression that Dracula is a bit of a perv. :laughing:

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Oh!!! Thank you!!! :relaxed:

Hm, in some way she gets along with him. Lucy and Jonathan are both really kind and friendly people, yet they had some troubles in the past - which is why they are not friends. And then there is Mina… To answer your question, Lucy is friendly towards him (and vice versa) and they do get along to some extent, yet there will be no real friendship between the two.
Mina can, of course, break things with Jonathan and still be friends with him!

Also, thanks for the error spotting! I fixed them :slight_smile:


Let’s say he has a strange aura:wink:

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As long as Mina can tell him he’s a perv he can call it whatever he wants… :grin:

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Ha! I don’t even need all the Dracula stuff. I’m having enough fun just with my relationship with Lucy! Braiding each other’s hair in bed, coming so close to that kiss. It gave me tingles.

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Another Update!
There had been a change of plan. Chapter 3 changed a bit, which is why I can already post it. I cut a huuuge scene - or rather pushed it one chapter back. The chapter consists of 7.7k words.

I am going to work on chapter four right after I post this.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the chapter and, well, siiiiiigh that guy .:vampire:‍♂ :yum:


Well at least he’s more civil when he’s human, I’ll give him that. :laughing: Nice new content with the three characters.

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Played it! Really liked it too. I’m looking forward to more interactions with Dracula, and I’m really, really looking forward to the vampire reveal and the realization that he’s been targeting Lucy. And/or maybe Mina? Assuming the game goes the same direction as the book. It should be very dramatic.

In the garden scene Lucy seems to think a more reluctant Mina refused to help her completely. The scene skips straight to Lucy being disappointed and saying she won’t ask again


Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I plan to do that, given that it produces higher stakes, especially in a developing romance with Dracula :smiley:
About the garden scene: I played through it, but the bug did not occur? Either I took the wrong turn, or the bug solved itself?? If that is possible? If this happens to anyone else, could someone send me some screenshots so I know what I have to change?

Ok I double checked and it did solve itself, it probably had to do with my save. When a game updates it can either break the save completely so it won’t load or the gameplay itself (i.e missing or incorrect variables). I really should have checked that before posting, sorry for the confusion!

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Genderlocked is something that usually makes me dismiss something without trying it. On deciding to give it the benefit of the doubt, I actually had fun. Classical gothic themes. We don’t have enough of them.

Just out of curiosity though, is Dracula copyrighted? I see tons of shows and movies use his name and likeliness so I would have to assume that isn’t the case. Anyone know how that works?