(WIP) Wilhelmina (Update 02/10)

Update 10/02
It took me some while, but I have finished another big chunk of Mina. Chapter four is now complete the devil is finally defeated omg :tada:

Next up will be chapter five and then book one is complete :muscle:

I will also very soon put up an FAQ with questions from the survey and questions I have been asked several times :blush:

I will look into any troubleshoots tomorrow, being the optimist that I am, I have only run some tests… Also word count. Word count will be done tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy this new portion!

I’m going to crash now, have a great day/night :heart::blush:


The whole book is going to have 5 chapters total? And you’re uploading them all here?
If that’s the case then you may want to hold off on that. If you allow people to play the entire game before it’s even out, some may decide they don’t need to buy it anymore. This is why most demos around here only showcase up to a portion of the actual game. :stuck_out_tongue:


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: I understand what you mean, but it’s actually not the case! Don’t worry. Thank you, though, for the tip :smiley: I really appreciate the worry :hugs:
I realized that many like you think that ‘book’ is equivalent to ‘game’ like it is with some other WIPs on here. I tried to explain the confusion in the FAQ in the first post of this topic, which I just added earlier. But what I mean with “book” is actually an “act” (like those of a play if you will). Mina will be one big game. No series. Just the one game, thus, “Book One” is just Act One of a total of five. I hope this cleared the confusion.


Ooooh I love the beach scene! Nice work :heart:

Also, I understand what you mean by not putting the whole thing out in your WIP - but we were able to play all of SORDWIN before it was published and I still bought it the day it came out…and I beta tested the crap out of Wayhaven Book 2 and I am counting down the days until I can buy it and play it another 50 times :smiley: so I dont think it is totally discouraging to put a lot of the book into a wip. Just my opinion though…I tend to fangirl over these stories and MUST. OWN. THEM. hahaha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ahhh, the beach scene! I was so excited when you finally updated and I was not disappointed! I cannot wait for the full release. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I know there was an issue before with Lucy not having max relationship even if you select all the good options with her, and that it was fixed. But I think there is still a bit of an issue in one scene?

So I selected: think about the last time I had seen Lucy, and that I was happy. the locket has a picture of the two of us. I return the hug, craving the contact. "I missed you”. I don’t think much of the dog. I don’t want to help because I love her, so I will try to foil the plan. Me and Jonathan are okay, and I love my pupils. I take her arm as we go inside.

And yet, I don’t get the scene with Lucy at night? I end up having to go outside. I think it is messing up because I select that Jonathan and I are okay. Even though, to me, this seems like a neutral answer?

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It should be fixed now :thinking: I changed a bit and tried to reduplicate your decisions and I got to the scene with Lucy :relaxed: Thank you for letting me know!


Great beach scene!

Andrei chuckles, brushing his blonde hair back. “So you’re trying to beat me with my own weapons? How delightful.”


“I’m… well, how to explain. I’m what you would call the odd-job man.” The American grins at Arthus, revealing his teeth.


“I mean, that I am too hate every day of my life. It is dull, it is boring, it is everything I never wanted. I miss living here - in Whitby. I miss you, Lucy. Every day.” Tears fill your eyes, but you refuse to let them fall. You look up at the ceiling, blinking to force the tears away.

I too hate