(WIP) Vampire’s Kiss: Dance of the Night (Heart's Choice) - progress: 50k

Though, if my beaver is named Mr. Beaver than there’s a world where C.S Lewis was inspired by me and my beaver. And I 100% want to live in that world

Well, the vampire will have the power to influence a ‘great work’ and one of them is a book - though not the Chronicles of Narnia as it’s not out of copyright and Greta Gerwig would
come at me.

I might name the beaver Tumnus, though.


The more you share about this game, the more ravenously excited I get.



Week 2, and we’re almost complete with the bare bones of Chapter 1, with 35,000 words down. The rough aim for this chapter was 40,000 words, as it’s really a character generator, bridge for exposition, and a relatively small and compact adventure around New York that can have some surprising results (both for the game and for history). While the path does converge in the same place, a decision toward the end of the chapter will dramatically recontexualise the rest of the game depending on which choice you pick: not so much a change of what happens, as why you understand it happens.

All of the reasons are true, of course. From a certain point of view.

Progress will be slow for the rest of the month, and that’s by design. This is because I have been writing the first draft in something I find friendly and easy to write in, and am going to transcribe it into something ChoiceScript-friendly on the second pass (I hate writing in Notepad+). One of the main challenges with this chapter is that, as pretty much every choice is about building depth to your character (who are you, what your powers are) or exposition (setting up this world I want you to play in), there aren’t enough sidequests and silly things, yet. Those come in the second draft; I look for opportunities to introduce a bit of lighthearted frivolity, add some conversations that draw you away from the story, or create tasks that are beyond pointless - silly little minigames or conversations - that reward characters and players who aren’t going all-out to min-max their stats. You want to waste a night just getting drunk and having a good time? Well, let’s be silly, then!

All in all, there are five ‘zones’ (not of equal weight or size) in the first chapter. And I have finished three of them.

Zone 1: the present-day prologue

Zone 2: your last day as a mortal

Zone 3: Vampire 101 with your new allies

Zone 4: your first task as a vampire

Zone 5: a huge, game-changing decision, and its aftermath.

It’s coming along.


Loved vampire kiss! A question: and poly options in this one?

Yes, there is a poly option (not with all RO combinations).

Do the poly routes include the beaver? I’m asking for a friend.

Uhm… maybe I should change the beaver to an otter.


Maybe you otter.


:rofl: :sunglasses: Yes.

I vote otter. They’re adorable.

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Can you get all pets or only one?

Gotta catch ‘em all. There is one in each era, and an achievement for doing so.

The pets are…

Otter, dog, monkey (skeleton), Galapagos tortoise (not a thrall, just hella old), cat, parrot, hamster.


I thought there were supposed to be eight?

I still haven’t figured out what the last one will be.

A pet snake or lizard of some sort maybe?

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I vote ferret, since they are criminally underrepresented as pets in media.


Ok, I was looking forward to the beaver. Where did he go?

May I suggest the most vampiric pet of them all the bat :bat:!


Beaver was switched to otter. I had chosen beaver as it was a major industry in New York in 1777, but people just have smutty minds! So I went with the otter, which was also prominent in Battery Park (or where it is today) in the late 18th century, and continued to be populous in the east river until the early 19th century.