[WIP] The Rogue Saga (On Hiatus)

Hi y’all. So, I’ve begun work on my new game The Rogue Saga

What is it?

You play as a medieval rogue trying to carve your chunk in the continent. become a spy, or an assassin, or both!


Game contains mild language, explicit violence and consensual sex scenes.


*I am planning to go for an immersive and interactive open ended world.

  • Its a sort of RPG in the long run.

*ROs are also in my mind.

Progress so far
Currently, I want to lay out the basic skeleton. So, It’s gender locked at the time.

I’ve just started out, but I plan on updating it every week or so.

The current gameplay is limited to straight male MC.

Also, every suggestion and constructive criticism is welcome.

On Hiatus

To play the demo, go here: http://dashingdon.com/play/xvr96williams/the-rogue-saga/mygame/


Pretty good so far, keep at it.

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Looks good so far I’ll definitely be watching this one! :grin:

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It’s ok. You can only play as a guy though, which instantly puts it low on my list. I see that you have to be attracted to the waitress too. As soon as I was called a “young lad,” I stopped playing. But then I went back and gave it a chance. So straight male only?

I will say that when you talk to the waitress, there is no polite or stoic way to turn her down and “get the hell out of my mouth” makes no sense. Also, it seems pretty linear, but it’s very short so far.

Seems to me like you might want to consider putting more choices in there, even if you keep it male only (though it might be good to let people be female and nb). Having a choice of how we go through the game would help, and I’m not just talking fight style. Not everyone would want to be a jackass, nor does it make sense as being that way would get you noticed and remembered. Not something you would want if you played the assassin route, yes? So perhaps add some personality flavor to it. Some people like playing stoic, or sarcastic, or diplomatic as well as aggressive.

But keep at it. It seems like you are off on an adventure.


i mean, they did mention it’s only for the moment so you can’t really like hold that against them lol

Like spunk said, the “Get out of my mouth” part was confusing.
Other then that… I’m interested to see where this goes :smiley:

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No, I got that. But what about gay players? They have to ogle the waitress too?

I just think that if you are going to create something like this, then you should include the others from the get-go. Otherwise, it’ll probably feel really tacked on. There’s not much to this to actually give feedback on.

My suggestion: include all options from the beginning. It’ll flesh out what the author has, and then update it when there is something substantial done like a first chapter.


Maybe @xvr96williams is trying to make the game mc similar to how Persona series did their game mc(in if form) (you get choose your character name and choices but not the characters appearance or sexuality or gender) (but I’m not the author so i don’t know.)

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Im really liking the story

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Ahhh yes my favorite class gets a game solely dedicated to it XD

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As I said, Its currently gender locked. So, yeah you can’t play it as NB too for the time being.

As for the MC’s persona, I will make it more user-defined and less static as it is now.

Also, I am aiming for a more detailed and realistic storyline which means MC will most likely (but not always) be crass and crude, mimicking the time period.

Anyways, thanks for the feedback.

No, I am not doing anything of that sort. You can customize the MC, it’s appearance and other stuff (in near future).

I haven’t tried Persona series, so I can’t really say much about it.

I’m not sure I understand, how does the time period relate to the way the MC acts? What’s “realistic” about it? People of very diverse personalities exist everywhere in every time period.

Like you said above, I suggest you leave the way the MC acts to be user-defined. Just provide options to be flirty and options to not be flirty and let the player dictate what they want their MC to do.


The initial phase demo is limited in its options, which is why it feels so linear and it is the last thing I want.

About the MC, he or she is a Character from the medieval world, a world which is harsh and unforgiving through and through in its actuality. I want to portray it as such.

MC too is influenced by this. However, it will not arbitrary. As I said earlier, it will not be pre defined, and much more user-defined (which unfortunately it’s not in the current demo).


This wouldn’t necessarily translate to harsh and rude, though. If anything it would be the opposite; in a world where pissing someone off is liable to get you killed, it behooves everyone to be very polite until that’s no longer an option. I think most ancient and medieval societies took etiquette very seriously, even their idea of it didn’t match ours.


Definitely will be watching for this!

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Could you put in something like your stuff to do list? Because as of now it’s still unclear about the way the story could go.

Edit : Because it’s placed on medieval time I think the world building is going to be based on some of the european kingdom at the time. But which one would you choose?


Really good so far, I’ll keep an eye out :eye:

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Seems interesting can’t wait for more

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Hi guys, It been a while since I posted an update or news on The Rogue Saga. Life became cluttered up and I didn’t get time for this WIP. Seemingly I have decided I’ll be putting this project on hiatus for now.

But that’s not all. Nope.

I have another quirky game idea and hopefully I have made quite some progress on it. I’ll just put it in the interest check :wink:

Here’s the link- (Interest Check Thread - #1182 by xvr96williams)

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Since this particular game is on hiatus, I’ll close the thread for now. Feel free to create a new one for your new WIP–and good luck!