[WIP] The Passenger (Full Alpha Demo is Out 8/8/2019)

Hey gang, so CH9 is now 23k words long and looking pretty good; it’ll be a fun ride–for me at least, not so much for my characters.

So close to that last chapter n_n

Keep yourselves safe, wash your hands, hugs!


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(Just wanted to say that I love the story, I follow the tumblr for it and I FINALLY have the time to play it and I’m excited to be a part of the process :smiley:) Just a heads up, this exchange reads very awkwardly, but can easily be fixed by just taking out the ‘Yes’ and having the sentence start with ‘Want’. (I do a lot of editing like this irl so it just caught my eye)
Keep up the good work! Loving it so far


Welcome to the forums :blush: thanks, will change it.


Hey gang, I have really good news today: I’ve finished CH9 :partying_face: Right now The Passenger is 272k words long and around 80k words per playthrough.

Next is plotting CH10 in detail (there’s a bunch of odd plot points that haven’t stricken me the right way yet), and then starting to work on what’s the last chapter of the game (plus coming up with the epilogues, but I’m not planning to make those super long, so)

Wish me luck :grin:

Wash your hands, keep yourselves safe, hugs!


Super excited , though afraid of what’s in store…time for Newman and roach to build and stock a panic room…anyway thanks for your hard work


Hey gang :upside_down_face: This week I finished plotting the first half of CH10, then wrote 3k words. This is officially the beginning of the end and I’m super excited :grin:

As always, starting a new chapter is hard for me, but I know I just need to pick up the pace.

Be safe, wash your hands, wear facemasks. Hugs!