[WIP] The Passenger (Full Alpha Demo is Out 8/8/2019)

The perks of loving horror while also being a sweetheart; sometimes I forget I’m supposed to scare people.

Neat, that’s my favorite part of writing it too.

:blush: Thanks.

Ah yeah, that’s sort of their thing.

Roach is a lot of things :wink:

Ah yeah, I’ll probably write different flavor text depending on how bold vs shy Newman is, but I’m not too worried about it to be honest :sweat_smile: I’m more interested in writing other kinds of flavor text like high humanity vs low humanity, or magnetic vs stoic, that sort of thing.

I’m currently working on CH6, 22k words in :muscle: the beta stage hasn’t started yet (the story will be either 9 or 10 chapters long).

Thanks for your comments :hugs: you can check the game’s tumblr if you haven’t already.


I love this story, it’s fun and I love roach. I can’t seem to stay away from him. I wanna know on truth or dare what was Newman’s fantasy ? Inquiring minds need to know. Cant wait till this comes out, thank you for the hard work!


Based on what we know about Newman’s true nature, I’m guessing something involving extreme eating.


You aren’t the only one :laughing: Headcanon territory.




December 1st already? This is terrifying. Hey gang, last week was pretty productive if I say so myself: CH6 is now 27k words long and Fiama’s scene has been written. She didn’t want to let Newman go so it ended up being longer than I expected, but hey, that’s a good thing.

Next week I want to have Horizon’s scene written, and I don’t know what I’m going to do with Roach; maybe I put their part at the end, or maybe somewhere in CH7. Who knows.

Also The Passenger reached 610 likes :partying_face: how awesome is that? Once I have a moment to rest, I’ll think about something to celebrate it (I sort of have an idea of what I want to do, something with polls maybe).



I’m so excited bb!!! Go go go!!! You can do it! I know you can! We’re all here supporting you!


Hi guys :slight_smile: CH6 is now 30k words long and still not finished. Lots of chats with our favorite hippie cult leader but I have yet to write the plot point (the last one in CH6). I think I’ll move Roach’s scene to CH7 (I really want to write it; it’s going to be so good). I’m hoping to be done with CH6 by next week. So excited :3


I am really happy to see your progress @pimenita – this is one of the few Lovecraft-type of stories I like from beginning to end.

I think your version brings this style of story to more people then others do.

Keep up the great work.



Just played through everything that’s available so far- love all the characters, currently romancing Jonny. (Velour wins points for my favorite side character, tbh. What a sweetheart.)


I have great news: I’ve finished CH6 (almost 34k words :partying_face:) That chapter has a lot, and I mean a lot of Horizon.

I’m feeling all giddy now because CH7 will probably be the most interesting one; I don’t know if you guys will feel the same once you get to read it, but I know it will be a favorite for me *pets cat as if she was a Bond villain*

So! Now that CH6 is done for and I won’t be coming back to it in a looong time, what do you say you give me a hand deciding what to do next. I was thinking of doing something to celebrate that The Passenger reached 616 likes (it’ll have to do with all the asks I have yet to answer), opening Ko-fi requests (which is sort of like writing prompts but tailored to your Newman), or starting to work on CH7.

Here’s the choose your own answer poll. You have until next Sunday to vote.

Hugs and have an awesome week :grin:


@Percevale hey, welcome to the forum :upside_down_face:

Thanks and yeah, Velour is a true sweetheart.

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Can I do a write-in option of making the entire beta public? :pleading_face: (Just kidding… mostly… kind of… maybe…)




you’d have to get through me first. my greedy eyes are first in line :smiling_imp:

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shark, I would never kill you. pime loves you too much, and when The Passenger gets published, I need someone to test all my games. :slight_smile:


your problem is you’re too much of a sweetheart, trever

i see you begging over there :laughing: perhaps i’ll make a note to look at your stuff


I would consider it me granting mercy to a potential ally. But sure, begging. Let’s go with that. :wink:


And so the winner of the poll is starting CH7 (143 votes), followed by doing something to celebrate the 600 likes (129 votes), and opening ko-fi requests with 25 votes. This doesn’t mean I won’t be answering the 50+ asks I have in my inbox or that I won’t open ko-fi requests in the future; it just means that CH7 takes priority and I’ll be focusing all my energy on it for as long as I’m able to.

Since I’ve been keeping an eye on the poll I’m 800 words into CH7. Completely unrelated thought: what do you think is worse? Being pissed at a game or being heartbroken because of it? Do comment, please. I’m not going to use any of it against you. I promise.


Exciting news! Thank you for letting us know and congrats!!
Regarding the question, I’ve already experienced both at the same game/story lol. Even though the reason why the game pissed me of may change the answer, I would say I prefer being heartbroken. This way, at least it’s guaranteed that the game touched me somehow. Because to broken my heart, the story had to creaty a path to it.
Uh, are you planning to broken our hearts, perhaps? :pleading_face: Because I can feel touched with happy ends as well… just in case

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