[WIP] The Passenger (Full Alpha Demo is Out 8/8/2019)

Thanks, A :upside_down_face: google was giving me confusing answers.


I don’t want to put this under a cut because this forum always butchers my italics. Did you see what happened to my shrug emoji? Madness.


okay I think I see what happened. if you’re asking in that order, the first “her” should be “hers”, and “the other her” doesn’t make sense because it should be a slightly different word. This also means the example Livvy uses “Like in ‘Her ice-cream is melting.’” doesn’t work for the first one, but would for the last “her”.

Though this doesn’t get to the question of whether changing the order around makes things too confusing. I would ask nb testers.

за здоро́вье :beers:

I’m sure by that point I’d think I was a genius

ah yes the three emotions: fear, anger, horny

i bet our sidesteps are uncannily similar

might I also suggest otherworldly options that aren’t so explosively emotional?

I guess it has to look professional or whatever

you know, not everyone appreciates that, I’ve found. I get in trouble a lot.

In cities you’ll have more than one, but St George is a small town surrounded by woods on one side and nothing? on the others, and in those areas it’s usually one public school for everyone and then one or two private schools (either catholic or just so the rich kids don’t have to go to the underfunded overcrowded public school). the American school system is a nightmare in many ways.

I don’t actually think it’s confusing as it is, it was just the wrong tense. “Yeah, I was.” works great. But if you wanted to change it, you’d probably need to restructure Roach’s question from “Were you taking notes, Jonny?” to “Are you taking notes, Jonny” and then Jonny’s response could be “Yeah, so far I am.” But tbh, the first way works just as well.

Oh. Hmmm. the way it’s written right now, they are talking while Roach is dropping the bag and burying it. If this conversation is supposed to take place before they do this, I think you’ll need to rewrite it.

All the more reason for Roach to do it, I say! I want to see Horizon get angry.

well, you do say “Sometimes I still do.” after this.

oh is Luna Ridge not within the boundary of St George? I’m not sure if that was ever made clear.

Well we can’t have that. Guess they have to die now.

Especially is Specially’s more dramatic spanish cousin. Always one upping them. They can’t even eat dinner together without getting into an arm wresting match over the chicken.

we are aware. we do hate ourselves.

I heartily laughed at this

tupper is not a word used in the US. if you are referring to individual pieces of a tupperware set it would just be “container”, but you do need to call them tupperware at least once so we know they are plastic. I apologize on english’s behalf again.

Oh as in slang? Hmmm I’m trying to think about how you make it clear it’s supposed to be butchered and not just a typo. I’d say either have Livvy comment in her thoughts about how Ara uses slang OR you could change it to “Who dis?” to be exaggerated, but boy, do I want to shoot her then.

totally fair, just pointing it out to make sure it was intentional and not accidental.

I think, at least for me, how it is now is a bit like whiplash where every new line takes a second to figure out where we are. The italics would be so we had a visual clue to guide our brains to know what’s happening. I like the idea behind this, Livvy in a quiet moment at the same time as Ara is speaking. I think if you aren’t going to add context for each time you switch, for example turning

“Uh. Uh-huh. Hey Leo, I’m kinda in the middle of something, you know?”

into something like: She heard Ara sigh, “Uh. Uh-huh. Hey Leo, I’m kinda in the middle of something, you know?”

then italics would sort of do that job for you.

here’s the key. could you get lost in it and die before ever finding your way out?
Woods: no. Forest: hell yes.

maybe add that the action looks something like disbelief?

fair enough

As a character quirk that’s great, but I think it’s confusing to the reader what’s happening. I think removing the question mark at the end of “what” helps, but it also might be good to add that they cut themself off at the end there.

it has been known to happen :shushing_face:


However if I ask the player to input the “hers” equivalent they would write “theirs” instead of “their” so in text it woud read: “This is my sibling, theirs name is Blahblah.” See what I’m talking about?

No, what I’ll do is changing the part where I wrote “the other her” to another example such as “her ice-cream is melting”. Something like “What should I say instead of look at her?” I’ll think about something.

You speaking russian to me is doing things to my person. Stop it.

Also known as the holy trinity.

Two pieces of shit that can’t feel and never cry? Probably.

I’ll see what I can do, but Newman is a petulant little shit.

I see, artistic license it is then :wink:

Mine or the one you proposed? :dizzy_face:

Think the Hollywood hills vs. the city you can see from over there. Would you describe them as being in or out? Huh, I think I sort of answered my own question there. Nevermind.

Good luck with that :laughing:

Thanks for this.

ngl now I kind of want to write it like that just for that reaction alone :laughing:

I love this example.


How come when you write in italics under the cut it looks perfect but when I do it it looks like I fell down the stairs while typing?


the equivalent would be “theirs”. He/him/his, She/her/hers, They/them/theirs. But for the sentence above, the correct pronouns for each would be his, her, their. If you said “That ice cream is [his/hers/theirs]” that would work for the other question. I think we’re talking around each other, and there’s some overlap in how different pronouns are used, so I pulled this little card that looked helpful from here:

you are so easy, and I love you for it

alright, I’ll take the hint. I cede to the creator.

ah I was referring to the way it currently is written with the exception of changing it to “Yeah, I was.”

I mean, aren’t the Hollywood Hills in LA?

I went back and looked for you, here’s one of a couple times where you talk about it:

This is pretty heavily implying that Luna Ridge is part of St George. If not, you’d probably have to be clearer.

well, you do like to provoke my anger

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That first bit is something I got confused about when I played, and I did end up putting in they/them/their, which obviously sounded weird when it actually was used in the game.


“Sorry to tell you this but your left eye, well, left .”

I feel like this whole left eye business was really just a set up for this pun. Well done. The second this comes out, I’m buying. If it needs a Playtester, I’m volunteering. I will do it all for this pun.