[WIP] The Passenger (Full Alpha Demo is Out 8/8/2019)

4 ROs are Fiama, Jonny, Roach, and Horizon.


A trick to that somehow, if the game ask you to set the RO’s gender now or later, let the game know you would like to solve that problem once you meet the said RO, then you’ll find the answer to the ultimate question of life and it also works when the game just simply let you pick between genders(nb inclusive) for someone you encountered…but there also some games would let you decide your families’ gender too, yeah that would be confusing sometimes.:joy_cat:


I just wanted to know if she was a real romance lol since the flirt was added in the new update . She could’ve been just a tease and nothing more . :kissing_closed_eyes:

also it’s fiama not fatima :thinking:

@everything-in-ordis I always use that option…set them both to Females . Then press the other button ‘‘Set my mc to slobbering dog’’ :joy:


This was awesome! I loved it and cannot wait till it is released. Just awesome.



This is a bit of a jumble. Also I ran out of time to get to everything (like literally any of the new stuff, boy howdy did I overestimate my speed), so there will be a part 2 soon where I actually give comments on relevant chapters.

Roach bc I can't help myself

I like to start at the beginning when I read the new stuff, so first this:

is always this in my head (Portal infinite loop):

Second and more importantly, now that I know a bit more about Roach, some things are popping up in the earlier stuff and I feel like I’m slowly losing my mind about this, but damn if Roach doesn’t keep my attention.

This should actually go in the Conspiracy List subsection Roach Powers, but I think I’ll just copy paste this whole hot mess into the old one. Anyway, the above? Pretty suspicious wording that at first I thought was just Pime’s lovely prose, but I now think is a decent chance that we actually witness Roach shift genders right in front of us. I think I partially never noticed this because I always choose Pick Genders When Meeting Them (hi-five bisexuals) but this time I wasn’t paying as close attention and set everyone to male BUT THE REVEAL IS THE SAME

ALSO this is more evidence to my theory that Roach can read/fuck with our minds to an extent but perhaps there’s a certain proximity involved.
AND ANOTHER THING THAT COMES TO MIND WITH THIS. Could the monster in the cave have been a hallucination (visual, auditory and olfactory) Roach conjured? As a test? It never actually touched them and for some reason did not chase them even though it had ample time to eat Roach. It would also make more sense as to why it only attacks when the mc doesn’t follow, as perhaps Roach got the answer they were looking for anyway. Am I starting to ascribe infinite power and unmatchable cunning to a tiny nervous critter just trying to get their rocks off? Who knows anymore, certainly not me, friends. Kudos to Pime for being a fucking legend at triggering my paranoia. I swear this is unusual for me, I am usually the unwaveringly steady friend that cannot be fazed.

Another interesting thing of note. In the latest chapter we have the option of diving into Horizon’s head (more evidence this is a thing our otherworldly beings can do, so why not Roach as well?) This is our first attempt way back in chapter whatever-this-is and we are unsuccessful. Because we are too weak here? Or because Roach can block us?

Diving more into my quest to figure out what reactions and emotions are true for Roach and which are playing a personality, this seems to me to be a genuine reaction before the mask goes back up. What makes this interesting is that we know Roach has no actual romantic or sexual interest in us here and yet they seem quite thrown for a second before getting back on track. WHY does this specifically upset them so much? Because their plan goes off the rails and they have to improvise? Because it just made their job a lot harder if the mc is not interested? I DUNNO. I’M NOTING IT THOUGH.

Awkward things, grammar, etc

This next bit is more logistical. If you choose the option during down time to try to harvest more essence, the stats bounce from 30% to 55% and then fall back to 30 when the migraine hits. I’m assuming it falls because the Hunter interrupts us. Does this mean it is impossible to gain anything in this scene? I do see that there’s a flag for tracking it.

This was forever ago, and I can’t quite remember what you said, Pime, besides that Livvy is eavesdropping here, which is how she knows Roach’s name. I do still think it’s a bit confusing as it is and the scene might benefit from her eavesdropping being directly said in text, either in dialogue or just mentioned, as it’s not heavily implied enough currently (or at the least, I didn’t understand that that was what was happening, though I begrudgingly admit I am fallible). Also I can’t remember if I’ve already said all this and am beating a dead horse, I apologize if I am, I fully respect your right to tell me to lay off and move on. :upside_down_face:

I think ‘breath’ might fit a bit better here.

this is a bit of an awkward transition if you pick the angry option. Adding something like that you stare at her for another second before conceding or some sort of slightly defiant but eventually accepting kind of reaction would help transition to the slow exhausted feel of the next couple lines.

another Tzr’nekre mention when I haven’t told Roach its name.

My mind reading theory is now making this exchange feel like Roach took this right out of my mc’s head.

this and the first exchange where Roach’s smile is forced make me very curious as to why they dislike Tamara so much.

takes in a deep breath

i’m more just curious about this. why does the beauty of the landscape correlate with energy levels?


there’s nothing there, is there?

until you reach

remove ‘to’


remove ‘do’

they had





In conclusion, I just spent multiple hours talking about Roach again and made no progress into new stuff whatsoever.

All the answers

So I’m here smiling like a fool at the things you catch about Roach; they wouldn’t stand a chance trying their little tricks on you, Shark xD

Yeah, the essence scene back in CH2 is a red herring; mostly there for people who don’t feel like visiting all three NPCs but don’t want the chapter to end too soon. Mostly.

I went back to the scene at the bakery because I was sure there was an instance of Livvy’s eavesdropping being addressed in text, and found out it is… if MC has flirted with Jonny and they are bold :woman_facepalming: I’ll see how to tweak that part without making it weird for the people picking the “Already missing me, Jonny?” option.

Roach thinks Tamara is an idiot. Kudos to Tamara I guess because Roach tends to like everyone.

Vegetation benefits a lot from energy, and there’s a different feel to those places that are ‘places of energy’; for a normal human it’s a feeling of beauty and that’s what MC (who is new to this ‘physical places of energy’ nonsense) is experiencing. Also chickens. Healthy, happy chickens are natural sources of energy for some reason. Not that Roach or MC would know about that.

Thanks a lot for the corrections :writing_hand: I’ll add them to the beta.

Ah yeah, I lied; I reuploaded CH5 because an anon pointed out a continuity error and those must be destroyed (the continuity errors, not the anons, the anons are precious)


“You don’t think you’ve ever met someone quite like him before; setting the whole interdimensional beast thing aside, Roach is unabashedly free, he’s his own person, and he isn’t scared of taking whatever he wants—or at least he isn’t scared of teasing you until you finally give up.”

Meanwhile Roach is like :
“I like the mc, i don’t like the mc”



Hey detective, a little bit pieces for supplement, here’s some lines seem like, Roach is, reading our mind٩(๑`^´๑)۶ somewhere Newman just doing their monologues in their head, guessing what Roach will do or something, and Roach, they are just saying and doing what Newman want them say and do.•̀.̫•́✧


I love this too much.


A-ha! If I surprise you with my singular sleuthing you will be too distracted to respond with that friggin cat face that haunts my waking hours. I’ve figured it out.

Getting you to smile foolishly makes my whole dang day, pime :wink::+1:

If I’m serious for only a moment, the amount of detail you’ve put into Roach behind the scenes is next level and it’s the exact kind of thing I latch onto. I love when writers have stuff going on in the background with a character even when it’s not highlighted. It’s a level of love and dedication I always respect and I’m a moth to a blazing fire when I find it. (It’s also making me twitchy to draw more. I need to get Elena down. She would eat me alive and I love her.)

forgot these are spoilers

Oh boy and here I am always choosing it because I want POWER. Also my mc is too apathetic to go all the way to the video store. Excited for what “mostly” means.

Cue Roach talking their way onto a dedicated free range chicken farm in 3… 2…

Also… I’m gonna have to add an addendum to the list that Chickens are otherworldly in origin. (Not A Joke)

@everything-in-ordis if you give me details on where these times are I would love to add them. We need evidence!


Conspiracy theory about Roach? Please, sign me in! :grin:

I had the same feeling! But if Roach defined their look/gender just in this scene (after reading the MC’s mind), how had they dealt with Jonny, Tamara and Nico? Because we interact with them and Roach at the same time and no one seems surprised by Roach’s gender, right? :thinking:


Change. Their. Minds. A mystery twist of perception. No, I’m joking.


I love you too much! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Quick post to let you know I’ve started working on the beta, so I won’t be answering asks on tumblr for a while (I have a few). Have a great day :grin:


(alright someone please help me. is there no way to quote blurred text?)


Ooh! Nice point. I think this does undercut some of that argument. The wording feels like there’s something happening in front of us, but I agree that it couldn’t be the first time Roach dug for that information. Seeing as we know via Pime that Roach’s gender during the story is based on the mc’s preference, I think we can also conclude that they did their recon before they announced themself to Jonny. (Unless they could mess with Jonny’s head and rewrite what he found normal for Roach after the fact.) My running other theory is that Roach can shapeshift easily and if so maybe they do reconnaissance in a different form (like maybe say watching the mc from across the street, I dunno.)

Anyway, I think we need way more information to suggest anything more than broad vague statements. This was a really good point, though, thank you for catching it. Lovely to meet a fellow detective, I love having people to bounce ideas off of :face_with_monocle::hugs:


As far as I know, no…I just quote random…then type and blur them myself.



The Passenger, otherwise entitled


CH4 stuff

So the other thing I’ve started doing is collecting info on the cult. I have no idea if it’s important, but since Horizon is sticking around, I figure there’s enough of a chance that I should pay attention. So some general notes.

Orgy Cult is right. I guess now we know where the original cult leaders (Horizon’s parents?) got their idea from. BUT it gets more interesting as to how it relates to their new Deity Made Manifest:


So Sadalsuud is also referred to as The Void and seems to be from outside our galaxy (I don’t think this has anything to do with anything, but it’s cool, so there).

This caught my attention because it’s a timetable. What is this next step Horizon is imposing on themself? What seven signs of power were they going to fake before our monster-duo crashed the party? Being a cult leader without powers sounds exhausting, really.

Roach earned about 50 extra points with this line. The only thing Elena likes more than ordering people around is someone doing it on her behalf and for her benefit.
Couple things about this. First of all, I just really love this sequence, I could immediately hear the radio and a baritone voice like a southern baptist preacher coming through the static. Pime, I realize I’m repeating myself, but you are really good at building tension in these scenes.

Secondly, from a Roach Powers perspective, the first part sounds like Roach basically scrolling through channels. That last one almost sounds like a police radio channel. I guess the question is, did Roach actually find a preacher channel at exactly the right moment or is this an auditory hallucination? Something else?

I don’t believe youuuuuuuuuuuu

there’s obviously some kind of symbiosis going on with generating and consuming energy on earth. so far we know humans can produce energy through certain actions/thoughts (and chickens? other animals?) and vegetation and our cosmic horrors consume it (you could technically say humans indirectly consume it too, since beautiful places can stimulate production of endorphines and reduce stress?). vegetation sustains our humans/animals. is there something our cosmic horrors do/give off that benefits humans?

also this shows earth is very energy-friendly, and tbh, seems like a pretty good deal for Roach. Lots of energy and stimuli (eating, sex, social interaction) and no otherworldly predators (until now). Roach found a place where they are sort of top of the food chain. Do they actually want to leave? Are they bored with how easy life is? Is that why they’re recklessly getting involved with one of the most apex predators around?

ah yes, the option I’ve been waiting for ~ kisses fingers ~

mmmmmmhmmmm interesting interesting

AHEM did they just drop the act that they hadn’t really ever paid attention to this energy stuff before and it doesn’t do all that much for them and that earth isn’t all that friendly to their skills? Did they forget because Intense Moment or did they figure the mc already knew they were lying?

i can absolutely see how Roach could fall in love with someone like this

nnnnnng I loved this whole thing so much. no coherent thoughts, just feeeeelings

ch4 grammar, awkward stuff etc


middle-aged; breathe

I found it really hard to be able to choose the last option here. I’d been picking otherworldly/apathetic options through the game and still only got the stat up to 63%. I’m sure there’s a way to do it, but heck if I know without cheating to look at the code. Nothing particularly wrong with it how it is now, but here’s a humble request to reduce the stat check to 60 instead of 65.

or do you





either “glad it isn’t me delivering that news” or “glad i’m not the one delivering that news”

“or did you decide to quit too?”

“I couldn’t care less about?”

I’m probably just a dolt but I’m not entirely sure what Jonny is trying to say in this bit. Is he worried for us? Is he lonely? Is he feeling left out? Does our mc actually know or are they just humoring him? I feel like I’m kind of on the outside of a moment here instead of in the mc’s head, if that makes sense.

on to your


either “we looked nothing alike” or “I looked nothing like [her]”
you and me
one hundred steps ahead of
same here
if this is supposed to mean that they wanted to go to a specific place, then “to go to Z”

this part feels awkward if you’ve already slept with Roach way back. Perhaps putting it back then for players who go that route and for those who waited until now, to keep it here?


not technically wrong, but just want to make sure you don’t mean “definitely”, which would be the more common word here.

flows better to remove ‘down’

This sentence just feels a bit odd. The “pest” option feels like it’s the more aggressive of the two “monogamous” options, but this sentence doesn’t really fit that vibe. The first line at the top, “Why do you have to do that?” works well because you explain right after that it wasn’t meant to be spoken (and also is a great way to show vulnerability for a character that tries to be stoic and untouchable if we are playing them that way). The second line after Roach responds is a more deliberate confrontation, though, with time for the mc to recompose themself.

The first part “Eating that [boy] with your eyes.” works fine with the tone, just change “Eating” to “Eat”.

The second sentence feels too… vulnerable maybe? For an aggressive response. Maybe something more like “Don’t do that.” Some type of order works well for how Roach responds as well, asking what gives us the right to police them.

lastly, I didn’t get a screenshot of it, but in this same scene there’s a response where you can say “I don’t want to keep talking about this.” and then Roach starts to leave. There’s an option to grab them, but then the dialogue is “this conversation isn’t over” which doesn’t really make sense if we’ve just said we don’t want to talk about it.

answers answers answers

Been calling all of you lord of semen and nobody noticed till now :whale:

Horizon is exhausted.

:relaxed: The CB radio scene is one of my favorites.



Shark, I’ve fallen in love with them and the only thing I know about them is what Roach said.

That scene exists because of comments like yours and the ones from the other players (I think @flocktrops was the one wondering how an eldritch abomination would interpret having romantic feelings for the first time?) Stuff I don’t think about and I’m grateful you ask.

You’re being too nice! @wanamingo managed something like -80 xD

Yes, yes, no. Jonny won’t ever say those things aloud; he’s worse at speaking feelings than he’s at speaking spanish. I like how MC talks about Jonny being honest here because he is unable to mask his feelings, so that’s your clue. A friendly/romanced Jonny cares a lot about Roach and MC, and he wants to say it but he can’t.

Thanks for the corrections as always :hugs: I really appreciate all your work.


that makes me very happy

well damn i stand challenged. next time i’ll try out some of the less obvious choices and see how i do

this one's slightly spoilery

Okay, I do see that. I guess my confusion is that we answer him before we get the information that he can’t fake fondness. It’s specifically the sequence of events that’s tripping me up. I feel like we need the thought about his honesty before we answer so the reader understands why we are saying that?


I saw it more like piecing together everything Jonny says/how he’s acting from the moment he asks you to walk him to the car to right until that point. The way he keeps saying staying in Luna Ridge is a bad idea, asking if you’re sure, then (depending on what you choose to ask him) saying something which is basically Roach and you are my only friends. So yeah, MC is taking everything in, watching Jonny squirm when Jonny only squirms when embarrassed, and taking a guess. That’s how my mind put it together xD