[WIP] The Passenger (Full Alpha Demo is Out 8/8/2019)

I am sick with a cold and super drugged up and thinking more about Roach, the bane of my existence these days.

Why do they alter their smell and visage but not their personality or interests (or maybe they do but it’s the same for every mc? but the mc can also find them annoying iirc, which would suggest Roach is making these decisions separate from whether the mc would like it or not)? Or clothing from what I can tell? Laziness? Social experiment? That they actually DO have a certain amount of identity they want to hold on to? (CRYING) This seems counter to their goal of ingratiation and in so doing makes me simply curious and, finally, not suspicious, as it suggests genuine personality.


You mean there’s someone out there that doesn’t find them captivating? Roach would be shocked, shocked I tell you.

They are also super lazy.

I hope you get well soon :shark:

In other news, I’ve reached 15k words :partying_face: we’re so close, guys.


7/24/19: CH5 is finally here wooo!

I’ve updated all chapters so starting from the beginning would be a good idea (sorry), good news is this is the last time I’ll do that, since this is it for the alpha.

Next step is polishing the the first half of the WIP for beta stage, and writing the last half. I’ll post updates of how everything’s going here and on tumblr.

TW: descriptions of corpses rotting away; violent imagery.



How do you write so fast??? I’ll have what you’re having


Mostly by giving up on my social life so hard that The Passenger feels more real than real life. Also cheap ass wine.


me circa 2 seconds after finishing reading the update first time around :
beautiful job as always Pime ;;


Excellent as always, Pime. The whole rift sequence was really cool, and I like that you let me make Tzn’ekre kill itself just by talking to it. I like that I can actually use my charm as a weapon.


wooo!! new stuff! thanks pime!

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@pimenita you write some of the most intense writing ive ever read like what kind of power! gosh the update was incredible! and all i can say about roach is i love him. i cannot express that enough! and quick question who’s leo? is it maybe gonna tzn’ekre’s new form (body?) seens we kinda destroyed the first one? they made livvy fight with ava? what was all that about? :frowning_face: :heart_eyes:


I wasn’t aware I needed a H. P. Lovecraft like game, but you showed me otherwise.

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This demo has come so far from just being prologue + chapter one. Next stop: full release!! Best of luck on the Beta testing and writing <3!!


oh yeah, so… what’s the eventual plan for beta-testing? :eyes:


@pastel Leo is part of Ara’s group of friends; he has all the opinions and Ara has little patience for that kind of thing. Livvy was in a foul mood and the dishes were the final straw; she’s worried about her sibling going AWOL like this. It isn’t just that this is the first time MC goes on a vacation of sorts alone, but also that she doesn’t have the best opinion about Luna Ridge (because of something that happened to Ara there).

@joe_g7 thank you so much :grin:

@dontcallmekoko you know, I still don’t know for sure; chances are I’ll really think about it once I start CH10. If I do a public one, I’ll just submit it on this thread; if I go private I’ll ask anyone interested in beta testing it to PM me and I’ll send them a link or something. But again, problem for future Pime.

Thanks to everyone for the nice words and the support :heart: Today I’m going to catch up with tumblr, so expect some posts popping up.


I’ll lend both of my hands whenever future Pime needs help!:kissing_heart:



I read it once through but I won’t have time to comment for a couple days.



OMG, I’m at work right now so I don’t have time to scream about this yet, but soon…soon I will savor this update :sob:


Oh, found a pronounce error, here my Roach is a he.

You grunt to let them know you’re listening. The stench has become almost unbearable, prompting you to cover your mouth and nose with the crook of your elbow.

Pime, uh, so were you already working on a nb!Roach? That would explain the they pronounce.:crazy_face:


Roach and Horizon are always they in my head, so I sometimes forget to write the code in :sweat_smile: Adding the NB option for those 2 is first on my list of things to do for the beta tho.


And another one here…:rofl:

Behind Horizon, Roach covers his mouth and closes his eyes shut, fighting to maintain his composure. You send them a pointed glare, and he mouths a ‘sorry’ through quivering lips.

Not quite sure whether here should be can or can’t… @pimenita

The fisherman doesn’t even flinch; it can’t hear him, it can see him. It only sees you.

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so that Flirt with Horizon , does that make her a real romance or just a fling ?

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