[WIP] The Passenger (Complete Alpha Demo)

Closer and closer to the official publication, eeeee!!! :smiley:


Congrats definitely looking forward to this story’s publication :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


not really my taste but my god is it still very good. i enjoyed what i played and it was blast to read. roach may not be my fav ro but man do he be very funky. roach definitely going to be such a fun person to hang out with.

also @Lyle_Schiefer happy cake day!


I recently played this and I really enjoyed it. I definitely liked playing as a being getting comfortable to life on Earth. However I wish their was maybe a bit more to our mundane childhood/teenage years, a bit more to help establish a sense of normalcy and personality before we jump into the strangeness that starts happening in the story.

I also wish the cult thing was done better, since choosing to ignore it, just loops straight into being made the leader of the cult anyway and while I understand it may be for story reasons, it just feels a little too railroaded.


Hey there, thanks and i’m glad you enjoyed the game :grin:

Oh jesus, the game is so long without adding Newman’s childhood and teen years. I also suck at writing teenagers. I think i blocked out that stage of my life :thinking:

Oh yeah, it’s for story reasons: Luna Ridge (and the ranch and cult) correspond to the second part of the game. Think of it as the “taking the ring to Mordor” part. If I take out the cult there’s no story :laughing: You can however choose how your Newman feels about it and there’s different endings depending on your choices.


fair enough on both points, my MC despises the cult but ultimately plays along due to having no choice

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Good job! Can’t wait to read full version!


Yep, that’s completely valid, and your Newman’s take on the cult (and Horizon) will affect the ending. Also the way they feel about Earth and humans. All of that influences which ending you’ll get.


played the demo way back when, awesome to see you’re still working on this!!