[WIP] The Passenger (CH4 is here 5/27/2019)

I am sick with a cold and super drugged up and thinking more about Roach, the bane of my existence these days.

Why do they alter their smell and visage but not their personality or interests (or maybe they do but it’s the same for every mc? but the mc can also find them annoying iirc, which would suggest Roach is making these decisions separate from whether the mc would like it or not)? Or clothing from what I can tell? Laziness? Social experiment? That they actually DO have a certain amount of identity they want to hold on to? (CRYING) This seems counter to their goal of ingratiation and in so doing makes me simply curious and, finally, not suspicious, as it suggests genuine personality.


You mean there’s someone out there that doesn’t find them captivating? Roach would be shocked, shocked I tell you.

They are also super lazy.

I hope you get well soon :shark:

In other news, I’ve reached 15k words :partying_face: we’re so close, guys.