(WIP) The Noble's Legacy (UPDATED | 05/27/2023)

Hello! I’ve been hard at working writing The Noble’s Legacy, my first story with ChoiceScript.
I look forward to any and all feedback, suggestions, and comments.

Explore a realm shaped by ancient legends and a vanquished demonic invasion. In the Golden Age, the ruling nobility holds power, and your choices will shape the fate of kingdoms. Will you protect your people or seek personal glory? Uncover secrets, face moral dilemmas, and shape your own destiny in this immersive interactive experience.


  • Engage in political intrigue in a low-fantasy world
  • Current overall wordcount: ~10k

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/play/hebertcv/the-nobles-legacy/mygame/


I don’t know is this the game end or simply bug because the loading not end

but i love the premise

hi, it’s not a bug, it’s the ending of the wip, u’ll have to wait for an update to continue the story, i’m glad you liked!


Looks pretty cool, I’m excited to see where this goes. By the way, is our family something akin to Barons?

The writing is good and shows good potential, I can’t say more for having so little for now. I will follow up, good luck and keep up the good work.

Love the ldea

I was wondering if there will be a cheat option in the future

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Sounds interesting

Hi! I’m not decided yet but they’ll be barons or counts

Thanks, keep watching!

I’m almost sure that yes but i have to think about it a little more, thanks.

Glad you liked it sir!

Heads up, the save system doesn’t work.

It’s interesting—I’m also guessing that this Golden Age is not going to end with an Eclipse. However I’d strongly encourage allowing us to name our nobleman protagonist and the fief he will inherit. And I’m guessing the eye colors are hints of mystic heritage (hence specifically silver/gold)?

I’d suggest putting in some sample names (names that would fit in with the world of your story) and a choice to input our own name. Also will the sibling be nameable?


(post deleted by author)

Hi! I’ll try to fix the save system in the next update.

Hello, Thanks for your reply! I’ll take your suggestion to allow the name change of the MC and his Fief, It’ll be implemented in next week update. Keep Watching!

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@HerbertCV saves are off.