(WIP) The Fate of the Empire [UPDATED: 7/7/21]

Remember, steam engines are still bad

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From a pause between questions, there are many questions without any impact. In addition to overloading the author, it causes “spam” in the comments.


Bruh yall are asking way too many questions. Let @RedEmperor breath without tryna overwhelm them. Yo author you really dont have to be so exacting in your story, yes its awesome to have all these complexities, terms, and things that make sense. However youll just end up with way too much fluff and hurt the ENJOYABILITY of the game. Remember that it is a game to be consumed and enjoyed, that it has to keep the audience’s attention. With all of these questions people bombarded you with it would seem like theyre tryna make you create a historical fiction novel. Thats different from an Interactive Fiction game. Please dont think you owe us anything. Your mental and physical health matters more. Your personal time matters more.

Also finally: Many of these questions arent really helping the author. It seems more like nitpicking and trying to get spoilers where you could just wait for an update and be answered there.

Hope to see more in the future author, have good luck into your studies and come out on top!


A lot of these questions should be answered in the story. You can’t expect the author to give you detailed information about the world, the plot and characters. Wait to find out in the story, for heaven’s sake, lol. That’s the whole point of a story. :slight_smile: