(WIP) The Fate of the Empire [UPDATED: 29/8/21]

Who are the members of the Imperial Court?

What specific information does the intelligence department collect and what activities does the secret police deal with?
What legal authority does the Ministry of Intelligence have in addition to the jurisdiction for treason?


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The Court of the Empire or the Imperial Court, in short (not to be confused with the unofficial imperial court of advisors, for more details see post 32) is the Emperor and his appointed representatives which are.

  1. The Empress.

  2. The Permanent Secretary of Dept. of Intelligence (as there is no minister yet)

  3. Minister of the Dept. of Justice.

  4. Minister of the Dept. of Treasury.

Workings of the Dept. of Intelligence (DoI)

DoI collects all sorts of information regarding everything which is sorted into relevant information and irrelevant information.

The relevant information is then sent to concerned departments and if an action is needed by the DoI then it is taken.

For example, if there is a coin clipping operation going on then the DoI will send some secret police or some soliders to shut it down and send the information of the estimated damaged Rupiks in circulation to the Dept. of Treasury.

Side note: Coin clipping has now evolved from clipping the sides of the coins to removing small details from the face of the coin.
The reason for this are the reeded edges of the coin, their absence shows that someone has clipped the sides of the currency which helps immensely in determining defaced coins and arresting the culprit, so the cunning criminals only remove small details of the coin which are not noticeable at first sight.

Ministerial Authority

The ministers have completed authority over the working of their departments and as such are responsible for everything that goes on in the department.

Ministers can transfer any official within the department and order them to do whatever is required however, they can’t promote, demote or fire any official, only the head of the civil service and the Sovereign can.

Any person can be appointed as a minister.


So given the time period I gotta ask, are they still countries the practice slavery or serfdom?:chains:

Alternatively other means like indentured servitude, penal labour, child labour or any other type of forced labour.


What kind of educational institutions exist and what kind of classes do you offer? What is the content of the bureaucratic recruitment exam?

 A new Ministry of Justice has appeared, but have you added other ministries that have not been mentioned so far? What kind of work does the Ministry of Justice do?


Slavery as most of us know it (e.g. Trans-atlantic slave trade, Arab slave trade etc.) doesn’t exist in this world.
The reason for this is that there are no nations or group of people who are weak enough to be made slaves.
Slavery however, did exist in the past as the ancient civilizations of Urda and Lakin used to enslave their neighbours.

In Riyasan and all other states, penal labour and indentured servitude are legal.

Child labour exists from our perspective, but from the view of this world, it doesn’t.
When a boy of a rural area is strong enough to help his father, he starts to till the soil.
Boys of cities usually become involved in the family business or become apprentices of various trades while other continue their schooling.
Girls of villages also help with farming or learn some handicrafts while in the cities they study in schools specifically for girls and help their families by learning some skill such as sewing etc.

Only the children of well-off families can afford not to work.

Primary and secondary schools are wide spread all across Riyasan which provides education to all students free of fees (which costs a lot of money)

Primary school are the same for boys and girls where both learn together. Basic maths, sciences, history and language are taught.

Secondary schools for boys teach advanced maths, science, history, language, social studies and physical education.
Secondary schools for girls teach economics and home management.

Religious schools also exist.

Wealthy families usually hire tutors for their children.

Riyasan has five universities, one in Karcia and the others in the regal capitals.
Universities offer higher education in various fields for male students.

As of yet, I haven’t thought of new ministries.
The Minister of DoJ manages issues regarding the judiciary and other profession associated with law. (e. g. salaries, promotions, transfers etc.)

Entrance Test

The entrance test consists of two portions

  1. Intelligence
  2. Academic

Intelligence portion consists of mathematical problems and logic puzzles while academic portion consists of general questions regarding science, history and language.

I haven’t thought about it yet, so you will have to endure suspense!


If possible, tell me more about the Justice Ministry’s work. What is your relationship with the court?


Very interesting! when will we have the next update?


Will we be able to have children?


How advanced is mathematics?

And how scientific is history? (For example, is there positivism, literatureism, criticism of historical materials, and to what extent is it possible to elucidate past history?)

Is there a way for women to receive higher education?

How well is physics developed? (For example, have you discovered the three laws of motion? How far have you discovered the energy conservation law and the principle of combustion? Have you discovered the variational principle and the Euler-Lagrange equation? Experiment of light interference Has it been carried out? Is there a theory of light diffraction and polarization? How far has fluid dynamics progressed?)


When my exams are over! Then I would be able to start writing again. see post 75 for details

Yup! You can also adopt kids.

That is something which I can’t answer in a satisfactory way. I am a medical student who hasn’t studied mathematics in 2 years :smiley: (it isn’t a part of curriculum if you choose biology as a major)

I, only know the basic mathematics of algebra, fractions, matrices, theorems etc.
So in the game you won’t see much about mathematics.

No. Wealthy families can hire tutors but no way to have a formal education as a woman (something you could change!)


Work in progress!

If you mean the double slit experiment then no. There is a big debate regarding the nature of light.

I am ignorant about this too :laughing:. So it isn’t going to be a part. Our physics as med students is also dumbed down (so no calculus!)

However, I doubt such intricate details will matter much even if you were a scientifically enlightened Sovereign.


What kind of punishment exists in the world of this game? Also, what are the specific methods for implementing each punishment? What kind of work does the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Defense do?


The most common punishments are

  • Fines
  • Seizure of property
  • Exile
  • Demotions (in case of officers)
  • Stripping titles (in case of nobility)
  • House arrests
  • Ordinary prisons
  • Hole in the ground prisons (literally)
  • Forced labour
  • Executions

Executions are mostly done by hanging and beheading for most commoners while firing squads are reserved for officers, soldiers and the nobility.
If someone attempts to kill the Sovereign, successfully or unsuccessfully, then they would be drawn and quartered by horses.

I am still figuring stuff out about it, so not much to tell at the moment.


Could you add more nations to the story or maybe make the map a lot bigger and also can we conquer over nations to expand our empire


I really wanted to add more nations in a bigger map but I can’t find a good map making resource. (that is why the map doesn’t even have borders)
Hopefully, I will find something nice in the future.

And you can conquer nations!


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What is the typical punishment for a typical crime? (For example, normal punishment for theft, normal punishment for robbery, normal punishment for murder, normal punishment for rape, normal punishment for treason, normal punishment for forgery of currency and documents, normal punishment for embezzlement and fraud. Punishment etc.)

Both are execution laws that apply to the common people. By what criteria are death row prisoners divided into decapitation and hanging?

Is there a public execution? Also, are there any reforms to punishment? (For example, introduction of modern execution laws such as long drop hanging and guillotine, improvement of prison environment, etc.)

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What is the state of colonialism in the game? Are we pre any colonialism, early, fully colonized new world equivalent, rape of Africa, parceling of China equivalent?


A prison sentence. The duration depends on the magnitude of the crime

A swift execution.

If the forged documents cheat or damage the Empire in a significant way then it is considered treason and an execution is the fate.
If the damage is insignificant or done to some other party other than the Empire then a prison sentence is assigned to the guilty.
Same rule is followed for embezzlement and fraud.

If someone can’t pay their debts to the Empire or someone else then they have the option to either repay the debts by labour or go to prison.

If you aren’t a noble, officer or a current or former soldier then you will either be beheaded or hanged. It depends on the mood of the judges.


Riyasan will have much bigger problems so you won’t have the time for that.

Nope! No form of colonialism in this game.

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Do any of the naval forces in this world hires privateers or resorts to impressment to satisfy their qoutas? :passenger_ship::anchor:

Can we build new warships? and expand our navy, maybe even construct a mighty and imposing new flagship.:ship:

( hopefully we don’t mess the construction so much, otherwise it’ll probably sink after leaving the harbor like the Vasa.)


Are there going to be any foreign RO’s?